Dil Hi Toh Hai 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ananya and Ritvik’s wedding is fixed

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Palak and Ritvik sit in different cars. They glance at each other. Everything that happened from the moment she was shot flashes in their minds. Both the cars head in different directions.

Palak’s mother asks her how she got hurt. Palak lies that she met with a small accident. Her father says she will recover. It wasn’t the right idea to elope and marry. You both did the right thing. She thanks him.

Rishabh asks Ritvik if he is fine. How did you get hurt? Ritvik dismisses it. Mamta says it could have been avoided if you had told us. Vijay says you took the right step.

Setu’s parents discuss about the step taken by Setu and Rohit. Setu’s father is happy that Setu and Rohit’s love is pure. Setu’s mother reasons that Puri’s are only after the land. I don’t think they want Setu. We have to talk to her. Where is Palak? Palak’s father shares that she is inside.

Palak’s mother notices Palak sad.

Rishabh is drying his mother’s hairs. We should do what we decided to do. Mamta suggests Vijay to talk but he wants her to talk to Ritvik. He thinks me to be cool. Rishabh asks them to hurry up. Melodrama will start if Puri’s come. They all share a happy moment together.

Ritvik is sitting lost when Mamta joins him. You seem worried. He declines. Just spoke to Puri Uncle. Aman asks about his charger. He finds it there just then. Ritvik tells his mother that Puri uncle was scolding him for going after Rohit. Rohit was telling me that Uncle was against Rohit and Setu’s marriage. It makes me feel awful as their relation broke because of me only. If I hadn’t fallen for what Kabir had said then they would have been married by now. She is a really nice girl. She loves Rohit very much. Those who love each other should be together. I want them to be together. Puri Uncle is so against it. How do I handle this? She advises him to marry Ananya right away if he wants to really marry her. It will clear away the hatred. Papa and I spoke about this and we thought this will be the best solution. Servant informs that Puri’s are here.

Aman asks Ritvik if he will marry Ananya. Ritvik nods. Aman says I saw you that day. I saw what you guys share. Ritvik calls Ananya his childhood friend but Aman corrects him saying that he was talking about Palak. I saw that it was more than friendship.

Palak’s mother tells her that Bhalla family is coming to see her. Meet him once and decide. Talk to him, know him well. Don’t say yes in the beginning itself. Think about me. She gives a dress to her to change and goes.

Bhalla’s son ends up making the tea and serves everyone. Palak joins them. Manjeet ji rues that she dint even change clothes. She too takes tea from Bhalla’s son.

Mr. Puri says I don’t like what is done stealthily. This is why I dint like what Ritvik did. Mrs. Puri also says the same. We are modern people. We wont sit quietly thinking we are the parents of a girl. Mamta assures her that they too don’t think like that.

Palak is sitting with the guy but is lost in her thoughts. She stands up all of a sudden wanting to meet Ritvik. I am sorry. Please don’t wait for me. I hope you understand. He nods.

Reeva, Ananya, Rishabh are discussing how bad Ritvik is feeling since when Rohit’s marriage broke.

Palak is on her way. She tries his number but he isn’t picking up. She thinks of their convo about love (Ritvik’s love for Ananya).

Mr. Puri questions Rohit on his actions. Was that the right thing to do? Ritvik says I said this to Rohit too and I am also telling you this. Setu is a good girl. Mr. Puri asks for a solution. Vijay suggests getting both the kdis married within the next 6 days.

Palak reaches Noon House. Ritvik is thinking about Palak. I will marry but only if you will let Rohit marry Setu. Everyone wanted my and Ananya’s wedding to happen quickly the moment we got engaged. I am ready to marry her in the coming 6 days. Mr. Puri calls it blackmail. Mrs. Puri also refuses to let Rohit marry Setu. Ritvik assures her that Setu is a very nice girl. I broke the wedding but she is the best choice. She dint let the wedding happen stealthily. Rohit has also never been happier before. Ananya also requests her parents to agree. Mr. Puri gives in. Ananya and Reeva share a hug. Rohit also hugs Ritvik and then his sister. Ananya tells Ritvik she is thrilled. We will get married after 6 days! She hugs him. Palak hears it too.

Ananya asks Ritvik to come with her. I want to talk to you about something important. He says you don’t wish to change your surname after marriage. She says I was never going to change it anyways. It is something else though. Come. Rishabh congratulates them.

Palak sits down in the garden. She looks at her mom’s incoming call and finally picks it. Her mother asks her where she went to. The guy was so nice. You should have said something. Palak asks her why girls are so stupid. We take things to another level while the men just don’t care. Her mother is puzzled. Palak agrees to talk once home. She disconnects the call. She is about to go when Ananya notices her. She shares that they are getting married in 6 days. Palak congratulates both of them. Ananya invites her but Palak says she wont be able to come. I have to head back to Mumbai. Ananya requests her to go little later. Mamta also joins them. Ananya suggests letting Manjeet aunty plan the wedding. Palak tries to divert them but Mamta says things couldn’t be completed twice in the past but it will happen this time. Palak offers to talk to her but Mamta dials her number. Ananya pulls Ritvik aside. He asks her why she had to bring him here. She says it may or may not be something special but I can pull you aside anytime to say anything. Thank you for fixing everything for Rohit. Ritvik says I realised how it feels when you love someone and are about to lose them. She asks him about it but he covers up saying he was talking about Setu and Rohit. She tells him that something seems to be bothering him since he has returned. You always look so lost. You can tell me if there is something. He looks at her. She says you look restless. You can tell me if there is something that bothering you. We are childhood friends. You can tell me now too. Epi ends on Ritvik’s face.

Precap: Reeva says everyone is so mean. They could have said yes to me just for the sake of it. Aman says those who love you will never lie to you. Rohit calls Setu to tell her that everything has been fixed finally. Everyone has agreed. She is surprised. Really?

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Iam very disappointed with rithwik..he simply says sorry to palak for that moment and it clearly shows she feels very much hurted of normal behaviour of rithwik……ye kya hogaya this is not fair yaar…..iam nt expected this from rithwik……palak wants to tell something but again missunderstanding I wish palak returns Mumbai it is gud for her…warna rithwik ke saath ananya ko dekhkar bechari ka bura haal hoga……

    1. Yes u r right

  2. Yvonne Codner

    Poor Palak, her first time falling in love, and it has to be with someone who is already taken. Plus being misled by Ritwik of all people. He kissed you dammit!!! He should really explain himself. Palak, your next move should be Mumbai, far away from him.

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