Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Warden does not recognize Chuttan

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chuttan looks outside. It is night. Mayi must be waiting for me. I should leave asap. Everyone is in the living room. He tries to escape stealthily using a plant as his bait but Mishri catches him. This move is too old! I told you to stay in the room until Mapu comes but you don’t understand. He shrugs her hand away. Chuttan requests Pushpa to let him go. You recovered when I had pushed you. Can you not do this much for me? Pushpa allows him but Mishri does not let him go. Mapu said we should keep him at home till the time someone comes from the orphanage to pick him up. You will see you yourself whether he is naughty or not. Devina seconds her and so does Pushpa. Mishri sends Chuttan upstairs. Chuttan refuses to lose out to Mishri. I must get out of here at any cost.

Chuttan finds

crackers in the room. He keeps the crackers on a small table and picks incense sticks from the house temple. He pretends to pray when Pushpa looks at him but then places the incense sticks in front of the crackers. He tells everyone that God will hear his prayers. Let me go or it will cost you badly! Devina asks him if he made a direct contact with God by lighting incense sticks. Show me proof of your curse! He calls her Atrangi aunty. I have the blessing of Visfotak Baba. You will soon be in trouble. Mishri tells him to stop his nonsense and go upstairs. He smiles seeing the incense stick almost coming to an end. You will now see the result of not believing me! He points at the crackers. Everyone panics as the crackers burst. Chuttan laughs seeing them scared. Smoke fills up. Chuttan collides with Ira on his way out of the house. Few crackers fall from his hand. He tries to cook a story but Ira takes him back inside. Pushpa tells her to be careful. He is a big devotee of Visfotak Baba. Ira denies. He did this himself. She questions Chuttan as to why he acts so naughty. He agrees to tell her everything. I want to be with my Mayi but these people aren’t letting me go home. You are a nice woman. Please let me go to my Mayi. She becomes emotional. He thinks his mother must be waiting to take him back but he does not know that she has left him in the orphanage for forever. He asks her what she is thinking. She replies that he should rest as he isn’t well. Someone from the orphanage will come to pick you tomorrow. Mishri worries. Bapu will not like it. Pushpa and Mishri ask about Akhilesh. Ira lies that he went out of town for a few days for work. He has found the kid we will adopt. He has gone to meet the parents of that kid. Pushpa and Mishri get excited. Mishri asks her questions about the kid. They start talking about it. Mishri does her happy dance. Chuttan calls them strange. They aren’t letting me leave and are also planning to bring someone here. I must find a phone somehow so Mayi can come pick me up. He heads upstairs.

Chuttan notices landline and thinks to call his Mayi but her number is switched off. It puzzles him as this has never happened before. Is she in some trouble? He hides hearing the sound of approaching footsteps. Ira calls the lawyer. Akhilesh has been transferred to Mumbai police station. He hasn’t killed anyone. Someone is trapping him. Please make the papers ready by tomorrow so we can bail him out. Don’t tell this to anyone at home. Chuttan overhears her conversation. Akhilesh uncle is in jail? It means Mayi is right. People do pay for their sins. He blamed me for theft and troubled Bapu and he himself is in jail now! Thank you God for solving this riddle. This is the perfect time for me to flee from the house! Only the nice Kaki knows this. She does not want anyone else to know this. If they find out then they will be diverted. I can escape from the house then. I must make sure everyone hears about it somehow.

Next morning, Chuttan is brushing his teeth. He speaks to Akhilesh’s photo. You wanted to send me to jail but you ended up in jail yourself! I will go to my Mayi now. Ira asks him what he is doing. Why are you brushing from your finger and looking at Akhilesh’s photo? She gives him brush. You look Santa Claus in this avatar. He goes to brush. He comes back after cleaning his face. She shares that warden is coming to pick him up. He gets glad thinking he will go home. She speaks of the orphanage but he thinks he cannot tell her that his Mayi will come to pick him up from the orphanage. I will finally meet her and eat the food prepared by her. Warden enters. Ira points at Chuttan. Here is the 5th kid. Warden says he isn’t from our orphanage. Who is he? I am working there since last 10 years. I know everyone but I haven’t seen him there before. Mishri asks Ira why she seems so upset. Ira repeats warden’s words. Ira next asks Chuttan about it. Chuttan gets tensed.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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