Mere Sai 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Collects Wheat Grain

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Mere Sai 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai sits under meditation and calls his ailing disciple in Epidemic Rehabilitation Camp to return back to Shirdi. Disciple gets happy hearing Sai’s words and says he is coming. Indian doctor hears that and thinks even Ranoji discussed about Sai. All other patients also say even they want to go to Shirdi as someone is calling them. Doctor thinks how can they all go to Shirdi as they are very well and cannot even stand up. Sai plays bansuri. Its voice spreads till Epidemic Rehabilitation Camp. Patients wake up hearing basuri sound and start walking. Doctor thinks where is this bansuri sound coming from and how can these people walk even after being so weak. British officer orders constables to stop them. They push constables and walk away. Doctor thinks if he is dreaming, how is it possible,

is it Sai’s leela/magic.

Next morning, Sai walks to Ranoji’s house begging. Kaveri greets him and goes to get food. Sai stops her and says he need a single grain of wheat. Ranoji says he has a full bag of wheat and will drop it at Dwarkamayi. Sai says he only needs a single grain. Ranoji asks reason. Sai says the world needs it and it significe victory over bad, even Ranoji won over his bad habit of overeating. Kaveri offers him wheat grain and he walks away happily. Bhima with another man sees that and Sai is going to do some magic and they need to witness it. Bheema asks Sai why he needs only 1 grain of wheat. Sai says he needs their help and explains them. Kaveri and Ranoji inform people about Sai asking single wheat grain and looking very happy. Baiza maa says Sai may do some leela and they need to witness it.

Epidemic hit patients walk towards Shirdi main door and British constables try to stop them. Constables stop them. They say they need to meet Sai as Epidemic Rehabilitation Camp is of no use. Constable says they cannot enter Shird, especially if they are coming from Epidemic Rehabilitation Camp. Patients start falling down. Disciple prays Sai for help. Sai takes wheat grain from Saba and says this is last one. Saba asks how is Rehana bhabi. Sai walks away saying she will be fine soon. Saba’s husband says Sai will do some leela and they need to witness it.

Kulkarni is busy preparing medicine while Keshav writhes in severe pain and calls Sai for help. Rukmini says he should have some patience as Sai has promise to cure him. Kulkarni hearing that yells at Rukmini and throwing her out of room locks it. He then feeds herbal medicine to Keshav and says he will be fine soon. Keshav continues chanting Sai. Kulkarni gets more angry. Rukmini prays Sai for help. Sai walks towards Dwarkamayi and people follow him.

Precap: Voiceover says they will see how Sai became Sai baba.

Update Credit to: MA

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