Vidya 27th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Avtaar helps Vidya

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Vidya 27th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vidya telling Avtaar about the childs’ rights on education. She tells him that everyone should study, its their right, their parents can’t afford it, govt is sending money for them. Avtaar says if I distribute money to the kids, won’t the people doubt. She says I didn’t think of it, I just want the kids to get educated. He says I m surprised that you are tolerating a lot. She says I don’t know what’s written in my fate.

Jagat and Nanku question Tiwari, Tripathi and Santosh about the theft. Tiwari says Tripathi and Santosh can’t do this. Nanku thinks who did this. Santosh says spare my life, I will tell the truth. Santosh says Ranjana had come here to meet a guy Prem. Nanku gets angry. Jagat holds her neck and gets angry on her. He says I will bury you alive,

how dare you stain our family.

She says I can prove it. She shows Ranjana’s anklet. Jagat asks how dare you name Ranjana, you are blaming her. Santosh says I m not lying, trust me. Nanku asks him to leave her, she will die, she can’t lie.

Nanku says this matter should end here, else I will bury you all, none has heard anything, I will decide it. He thinks of Prem and thinks you have come across my family and prey.

Prem talks to Dharma. Bablu asks Prem to take him to his team. Prem asks him to join him. Amma asks who will assist me in household work. She sends Bablu to work. Vidya comes home. Dharma says Vidya has come. Prem greets her. Dharma says Prem was saying that people agreed for admissions by hearing his Pravachan. Prem says I like women who are independent, she is doing a good thing, the kids will make their parents proud when she teaches them. Dharma says yes, I will just come. Amma also goes. Vidya thinks of Ranjana and Prem. Prem says sometimes, what you see isn’t truth, like person finds water in a desert, you are thinking about Ranjana and me, its nothing like that, I had seen you there. She worries. He says you were hiding there.

He says I helped you a lot, what if Ranjana saw you, I didn’t understand, why did you see us, did you come for something else, when you were running, I saw an envelope in your hand, what was in that envelope. She gets shocked. He asks her to meet him tomorrow at the ghat and tell the matter. He leaves.

Ministers come to talk to Nanku. Nanku says the ten lakhs rupees got stolen from the school. Avtaar comes home. He asks Amma and others to go and die in Ganga. He says you three are the main trouble. He says Vidya was going for this job because of you. He tells about ten lakhs. They ask Vidya where are ten lakhs. Avtaar shouts shut up, I will beat you. Dharma asks why. Avtaar says that money belongs to Nanku, when he knows this, you all are gone. Minister says your key, your lock and your school, even then ten lakhs are stolen, you think we are fools. Jagat scolds him. A man looks on. The minister threatens him.

He says there is no theft here, Nanku is cheap. Jagat slaps him. Minister gets angry. Jagat threatens him. Nanku asks Jagat to stop it. Minister says you slapped me, I will ruin you. Nanku apologizes and says its first time this is happening, you think I m a thief, I m taking everyone along with me, I do cheat with sincerity. Minister says you can dupe anyone for money, give me my share else… Nanku laughs and says I was thinking to give share from my side, but you are threatening me. He catches the minister. He scolds him.

He says I won’t give you money, do anything, everyone will get money when thief gets caught. Minister says I will show you the real status, we will inspect the school tomorrow and prove the scams, all teachers will give the test, we will expose you, get ready to go to jail. Vidya and her family is worried. Avtaar says I don’t know what will Nanku do, maybe Vidya gets inspected when she teaches the kids. Vidya cries.

Minister asks Vidya to teach the kids. Vidya writes Apil. The kids clap. Minister asks them not to get happy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Liking the show. Namish Taneja has improved his acting skills. It’s much better than his role as Laksh. I like his facial expressions.

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