Meri Hanikarak Biwi 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Devina brings back Mirchi from Dr. Pillai

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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ira asks Akhilesh if this is their Mishri. She has started lying. I fail to understand why she is behaving like this! She was clapping happily a while ago and is lying confidently now. Mishri insists she isn’t lying. I just came here. Mishri covers her cheek. Devina tells Ira to let it be. Mishri has become stubborn, ill mannered. Punish her well. Lock her in a room and don’t give her food. Pushpa is against it but Devina says you used to tell me this always when it came to Adi. Why are you forgetting it now? Pushpa reasons that their age difference is too much. Ira seconds Devina’s thought. Devina says it is good that someone is talking sensibly. She tries taking Mishri with her but Akhilesh stops her. I will talk to Mishri. She leaves. He asks Mishri to apologize to Vansh but she says I dint do anything like that. He tells her he saw it with his own eyes. You must apologize! Mishri repeats that Vansh is lying. Ira tells him to let it be. She tells Mishri to have breakfast and be in her room entire day. Mishri refuses to eat anything till the time she believes her. Ira and Mishri argue on the same points. Devina again takes charge of the situation. I also believe you must not have food! Ira tells Mishri to accept her mistake. This is what I taught you. Mishri says you also taught me not to accept it if I am not wrong. Devina takes her upstairs with her. Mishri shouts at her parents to believe them but Devina does not let her go.

Pushpa is in a fix. Why is she behaving like this? She was so caring. Why isn’t she willing to accept her mistake? What has happened to her? Akhilesh feels helpless. I wish I could tell that it is because of those medicines. Ira is in tears. She will remain hungry but wont admit she is wrong. He sends her to hospital. I will talk to Mishri. He also sends Pushpa to her room to take her medicines.

Devina pushes Mishri on the floor. This serves you right! You punished my Vansh! Mishri requests her to believe her. I dint do anything to Vansh. Devina pushes her away again. You will learn some manners when you wont get food. She locks her in the room. Mishri bangs at the door. Please open the door. I dint harm Vansh.

Devina and Mirchi stand next to each other. Devina calls her her most favourite in the house. Keep it up!

Akhilesh comes to Mishri’s room. She requests him to trust her. I am not lying. I dint harm Vansh. Akhilesh asks Vansh to come in but he is afraid of Mishri. Akhilesh assures him he is right here. Mishri asks him why he is afraid of his best friend cum sister. Akhilesh says this is what I was trying to explain to Vansh. Mishri is doing the wrong thing but it is because of Mishri’s medicines. Vansh understands his point. Akhilesh explains about the heavy dosage which Mishri is taking and its side effects. She dint do anything intentionally. Mishri says I dint do it though. I dint step out of my room at all. Vansh is my brother and my best friend. I know you are afraid of crackers. Why will I do so? He speaks of what he witnessed downstairs. She swears upon Akhilesh. I wont lie. She suddenly realises something. You all saw me clapping happily when Vansh was in fear. It wasn’t me but was it Mirchi? Akhilesh says we have dismantled her already. Mishri says she has turned evil. She wants to harm us. She is the smartest robot. Maybe she can assemble her parts. Please send her away from here. She will kill our family! I dint do anything to Vansh. It was all Mirchi’s doing. I really dint do anything. Devina overhears their convo from outside. I created this monster named Mirchi after much difficulty. I wont let you ruin this plan so easily!

Pushpa is watching TV. Devina comes there and makes random talk. Pushpa says I know you have come to ask for money. Devina says I know you wont say no for Vansh ever. Pushpa agrees on one condition. They promote the new serial Jaat Na Poocho Ishq Ki.

Devina rushes to storeroom. She tells Mirchi to dismantle for now. Mirchi questions her action but Devina tells her to follow her order.

Akhilesh is unsure if Mirchi can assemble herself. There is no one else who knows about Mirchi. Mishri asks him to send her away. There wont be any trouble then. Vansh says Mirchi has to leave the house one day. There is no harm in fulfilling Mishri’s request. Akhilesh gives in. I will call Dr. Pillai and ask him to take Mirchi back. He calls doc.

Devina tells Mirchi to behave properly when Akhilesh will reassemble her. He should never find out that you are doing all this in the house upon my askance. Mirchi accepts her command. Devina packs Mirchi in the bag and hides and she hears the sound of approaching footsteps. Akhilesh tells Mishri he will switch on Mirchi in front of her. You can see it for yourself then. Mirchi greets him nicely. He tells her that it is time to hand her back to the scientist. She willingly accepts it. Akhilesh switches her off and closes the bag. He asks Mishri if she saw it with her own eyes now. Mishri requests him to still send Mirchi away for her sake. He agrees. Devina comes out of her hiding place as soon as they get out of the room.

Akhilesh hands over Mirchi to Dr. Pillai. Akhilesh asks Mishri if she is happy now. Now Mirchi is gone. Mishri assures him that there will be peace in the house now. Akhilesh leaves with the kids. Devina peeks at them from far. She stops Dr. Pillai. I am the owner of Devina Mansion and Bhavik if my SIL. He asks her how she knows about Mirchi. Akhilesh said he does not need Mirchi anymore. Devina lies that Bhavik has told her to bring Mirchi back with her. He is the one who funded for Mirchi after all. He is hesitant but she threatens him on his weak point. Dr. Pillai hands over Mirchi to her. I cannot go against Bhavik. She assures him that Mirchi will reach him once her work is done. He leaves.

Devina plans to throw Mishri out of the house using Mirchi’s help. You made Akhilesh throw Adi out of the house after all!

Precap: Mirchi dances to make everyone happy. Police comes to arrest Ira on the charge of beating her 6 year old. They ask her who filed the complaint. Mirchi says I did.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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