1st Epi – Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sonakshi and Rohit’s different worlds

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Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with an emotional scene going on between a mum and a son. A girl comes in a filmi way and says nothing will happen to your sin. The lady says Parvati ji, you here. Parvati says you are lucky to have a son like Varun, who is ready to give life for country, you should be proud of him, he is ready to protect Bharat Maa, you all also join Indian army, Vande Mataram. The director says excelling shot. The lady says Sonakshi ji, we are big fan of your show. The director thanks her for coming on short notice and gives money for the shoot. Sonakshi says I don’t take charges for anything related to army and hospital, they do a lot for us, may I go now, let me know if you need any help, thanks everyone. He leaves.

Sonakshi asks her staff to take money from her mum. Her staff refuses to take money and go. Sonakshi stops when she meets Divyanka. They hug and have a talk. Divyanka asks what happened, look at your eyes. Sonakshi says I had back to back shoots, I will go home now. Divyanka says I have seen your show episode, I loved it, you perform so good, you will win an award this time. Sonakshi says competing you isn’t easy. Sunita runs to them and says I selfie with you two. Divyanka takes the selfie with them. She asks who is your fav, Parvati or Ishimaa. Sunita says you both and runs. Divyanka and Sonakshi admire each other’s work and go.

Sonakshi cleans her face by removing the makeup. She talks to the audience, and says this is my life, a life of a tv actress, my name is Sonakshi Rastogi, people know me as Parvati, our show is going on since 3 years, we share a relation now, I will talk to you while asleep, this car becomes a house of wheel for me, I get some sleep this way, can I sleep for sometime now, just owls would be awake at this time.

A guy Rohit is seen playing football with his friends. He misses the goal. His friends say doctor should be perfect in everything, you missed the goal. The guy says Rohit is a surgeon, but needs more practice. The other guy says its a great way to spend time. They all talk and plan a party. The guy asks Rohit to have a GF, so that their group completes. Rohit says I m happy the way I m, my GF is waiting for me, I have to complete the group, right. They laugh. Sonakshi sleeps in the car. Rohit gets a lift from his friend. The driver sees the pit and drives other side. Rohit’s friend passes by. They fall down the bike. Sonakshi wakes up by the sound and asks driver the matter. She asks driver to see if those guys are hurt. Driver apologizes.

Sonakshi and Rohit don’t see each other’s face. Rohit reaches his house. He lives in a lavish house. Servant says grandman asked for champagne. Rohit goes there and sees everyone celebrating Rohit’s success. Nani reads Rohit’s news. Everyone is happy for Rohit. Rohit misses his parents Veena and Naren. Nani says I m so proud of you, my golden boy. Rohit says thanks, I can’t have this right now, I will have a drink with all of you, I love you. Nani asks him to sit and talk until she finishes the drink. They discuss the inauguration about the new ring. Rohit says I already spoke to Dr. Ventakesh about it. They discuss about Venky. Rohit gives his advice and asks her not to call Bachchans. YK says we will get a tv celebrity in the inauguration, Sonakshi, her show is running since three years, she is known as Parvati.

Sonakshi’s mum argues with a producer on call to fix the work deal. She pampers Sonakshi. Sonakshi shows a fan message and says my fans made me a star. Her mum says don’t forget, I have made you a star. Rohit sees the news and asks will we get media coverage YK says yes she has many followers on social sites. Maid says Sonakshi is like Devi. Rohit says I don’t know, tv actress? Our level can’t fall so low, what if she doesn’t come on time and gets rude. Sonakshi reads the fan message, two people who are destined to meet would meet, time should be right. Her mum laughs off.

Sonakshi says maybe there is someone already connected to me, and waiting for the right time. Her mum asks her to go back for shooting. Sonakshi doesn’t feel well. She says I can’t get late, there is much work. Her mum says okay, go safely. Sonakshi’s sister Pari comes home drink. Her mum hugs Pari. Pari says I came early, its just 8.30 am, I m going to sleep, no one should disturb me. Pari goes. Sonakshi asks what’s this. Her mum says its good if Pari gets a break, Pari was with Payal at the party. Sonakshi says parties won’t get her a career in films. Her mum says you would have got a career in films then. She asks Sonakshi to go. She says Pari will become a top film star one day. Sonakshi’s brother comes and greets them. Sonakshi says I will come back home and talk about Pari. She leaves. She gets inside the lift. She says my mom is such, money is imp for her, she loves us a lot, she loves money equally, its okay, to be honest, you saw the condition of Pari, I don’t know what will happen, Pulki is good, sorted and responsible, I m not worried for him, he is just like my dad, he was positive, that message was so nice, full of hope, someone is connected to me.

Sonakshi’s car breaks down. Driver checks and says the engine is locked. She asks how, didn’t we get the car serviced. He says we didn’t get time. She says fine, call a cab for me. He says its showing 15 mins away. She says no, call an auto. Fans wave to her. She takes an auto. She asks driver to repair the car and come to the sets. She leaves in the auto. Auto driver smiles. She says you didn’t start the meter. He asks shall I ask you something, you are Parvati ji right. She smiles and says so you follow the show. He says yes, we all don’t have dinner without watching your show, I m feeling so lucky. She reaches the set.

Auto driver asks for a selfie with her, else his wife won’t believe that he met her. Sonakshi says fine, you may take one. She clicks selfie with the auto driver and thanks him. She goes for the shoot. Sonakshi sees the puja happening at the set and hugs the producer. The lady says I m tensed about the TRPs, I wish our show sustains the TRPs. Sonakshi says I will get ready and come, I need many rehearsals today. She feels dizzy. Rohit gets ready. He sees the news and recalls everyone’s words. He recalls someone slapping him. He says that night, four years ago….. Sonakshi has a mark under her ear. The make up artist asks Sonakshi about the mark. Sonakshi mentions the same night and the incident. She doesn’t like to talk about it. Rohit crosses 100% and writes 99% beside.

Sonakshi dances and faints down. A doctor is called for the emergency. Rohit comes there and checks Sonakshi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Riana

    I watched it on tv after 2 repeats on hotstar. I am addicted to the show now .. Cool show, cool episode, great storyline, awesome casting and stunning chemistry amid Rohakshi… What to say i never saw a show like this on tv in 5-6 years where family chats are sooo realistic and career is not an option but requirement. Looking forward for the next ep. Divyanka’s cameo added cherry on top. ❤

  2. Luthfa

    Finally,something to look forward other than chudail,dayan,naagin etc.
    A welcome change by the way.
    Story is looking fascinating while dipecting the Real world of two workaholics.Successful people have their own ups and downs.There are certain things which give a common ground for everyone be it anyone by profession.Stress,expectations,personal feelings and a lot more things are there to count.No matter how big height a person climbs,when he/she looks down from that point,he/she finds himself/herself lonely,depressed,feels or faces something which is not right.
    They struggle very hard to cope up and life goes on as usual.This is the simple story of every successful person,more or less.
    That “Already Connected” theory is amazing.Perhaps that’s the way two destined people meet each other.Nice.
    Karan V Grover is looking good as well as Dipika Kakkar.Don’t know how their chemistry will ripe.Good choice anyway.
    Will wait for the next episode.
    @Amena di,Thank you so very much for the quick update.Hope you are doing fine.Lots of love.

  3. Nice story
    Ishimaa entry was also awesome scence
    It’s first time they are showing success story of two different person belonging to two different world
    Hope so story will progress in the positive way and cv’s don’t make it like any other shows like yrkkh kkb etc
    It’s different story give it different touch
    Best acting @depika @karan

  4. DannyComments

    Oooh new show! Finally something different..I hope so..off to a great start..and the leads are one of my Favourites..Rekha from Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo and Karan!!!?

  5. Thank you so much for the update, absolutely amazing show, looking forward to more updates.

  6. Nice storyline , and episode was nice

  7. Good Episode
    Different from others

    Waiting for another episode

  8. Wow amazing storyline after a break from usual saas-bahu dramas and supernatural televison series, loved the way the protagonist is speaking in 1st person, which gives the emotional side from the character’s perspective, also loved the way she drew out the positivism from the theory of destiny making two people meet. which gives a lot of hope for many, really loved it.???? After Bepannah this a plot where there is some element of logical realty of destiny making two people fall for each other. I hope it doesn’t turns out to be usual melodramatic and unrealistic series after a few episodes. I would also like to give a hats off to the makers for bringing a new and different romance into the television world.

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