Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Guddan asks her friends to leave

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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddan’s friend says Guddan you are lucky. Such big house, money and all. Your husband is nice. Durga says you are all so silent. Do some exciting things. Durga says saru I think we should leave.
Vicky says let’s do a dupup. Deep says what is it? He says not your fault. It is a new generation thing. My dad doesn’t know either. Guddan says let’s dance. They start dancing. AJ stands there. AJ slips. A guy says uncle are you hurt? Vicky says get your bones check. In this age bones are weak. AJ says you continue. He leaves. Vicky says when people this old dance this happens. Guddan’s friend says no offense. You are so young. You could find anyone why did you marry someone so old. Ankit says people will call you aunty because of her. How will you live a life with him?

Guddan says to AJ will you dance with me, please? She holds his hand and says Vicky you consider yourself an amazing dancer right? Let’s have a challenge and see who is a better dancer. Vicky dances with Kaviya. AJ dances with Guddan. Guddan and AJ dance better than them. Vicky falls. AJ picks Guddan. Guddan says now you saw? The one you called uncle beaten you. You couldn’t dance with Kiya. He has handled me in life and dance. There is a little difference in age. But that only gets me experience. He hides my mistakes like he is doing to you because you are my friends. No one can speak a word against him. But he respects me and my friends and is tolerating all this. But I was wrong. AJ says let it be. Guddan says no let me speak. Gudan says he doesn’t know how to insult people because he isn’t stupid like you. There is the door. Now just walk. Kaviya says you will ask us to leave? Guddan says I got this house and respect because of him. He made me Guddan AJ. No one can walk in and insult him. I am not a statue. Leave my house right now. AJ says they are your friends. Guddan says they don’t’ deserve to be. No one has the right to insult my friend. They can come only when they can respect my husband. THey leave.

AJ smiles. Guddan says why are you looking at me like that? I would behave that way. Saru says to Durga why did you plant all this? They won. You couldn’t wait. Durga says let me think. Saru says you overthink. Durga says I know how to fix my mistake.
Durga says wow Guddan. You fought for AJ. Guddan says this is my responsibility. Durg says has AJ given you right of a wife? He would never give Antra’s place to anyone. This is sympathy, not love. You are just his friend. Nothing else.

Dadi says what happened AJ? You didn’t tell her what’s in your heart. Now you are standing in front of Antra’s photo. He says I feel like I am doing wrong with antra by giving her love to someone else. Dadi says what does your heart say? Did you ever cheat her love? The time and relations change. Antra also wants you to move on. Antra was your past and Guddan is your past. You can’t take her present and future. This love is her right. You don’t feel anything wrong. Antra is with you in all this. Think about it.
Guddan recalls what Durga said. She is in tears. Gudddan sees AJ looking at Antra’s photo. She leaves. Guddan comes to Durga. She holds her hand. Durga says leave my hand. where are you taking me. She takes her to the room. AJ has put Guddan’s picture on the wall. Guddan says he has given me a place in this house and his heart.
No precap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Cutie episode…

    Precap: Akshat write Love letter for Guddan give her saree, express his love for her and ask her to wear same saree in enggement

  2. DannyComments

    Lovely Episode. So proud of you Guddan! You are my favourite character for now…and for God’s sake, don’t these younglings realise that life begins at 40? (Assuming AJ is 40..a very s*xy 40?)

  3. Amal

    Yessss Guddan ?????? I can’t stand this Durga ??

  4. guddan we are proud of you. You’ve recorded it for your husband, that’s how it should be . I think that orange shirt and brown pants are very beautiful with akshat.I can’t stand durga.
    I hope all her plans always fail. she will certainly use antra to separate akshat and guddan

  5. So what is dupup?

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