Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kairav calls Kartik

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik riding a bicycle and thinking of everyone’s words. He hits a veg vendor. Kairav sees the tv angel and hears him. The man says we will bring you close to your family and bring happiness, we will connect you to your family, note down the number and call soon. Kairav says he can make me meet my dad. He notes down the number and meets the last digit. The people ask Kartik to drive carefully. Kartik recalls Naira. Constable stops him and says you may get punished for this. Kartik thinks I know, whatever punishment given to me will be less. Kairav says Liza isn’t here, how shall I call angel uncle. Kartik comes to the same blast site. Kairav tries to borrow someone’s phone. Kartik gets haunted by Naira’s past memories.

He goes ahead. Kairav asks an

old man for phone. He says I have to make an urgent call. The old man teases him and gives the phone. Kaira says mom is lonely, I have to talk to dad and call him here. The man says you can make only one call, not more than that. Kairav dials the number. Kartik stops the bicycle near the hill slope and thinks I have killed Naira, I m her murderer. Kairav recalls angel’s words and says I will get my dad if the number is right. He prays that his dad answers angel’s phone. Kartik releases hands over the brakes. The bicycle begins to slide down. He gets a call and holds the brakes clutch again. He gets the bicycle back. He answers the call. Kairav says Papa… Kartik gets shocked. Kairav asks can you hear me. Kartik asks who are you. Kairav says angel uncle said right, my wish will be fulfilled if I call on this number, I found my Papa, wow. Kartik hears the blast sound and turns to see. He thinks you have become an angel for me, I would have died in this blast if you didn’t call me. He says you…. Kairav asks am I your son? Angel gave me your number, don’t you miss me. Kartik recalls the sonography report and daughter’s death. He says no, you have a misunderstanding. Kairav says we are a right family, mom, me and you. Kartik smiles.

Kairav says mom cries a lot and misses you, will you talk to mum. Kartik says listen… Kairav says I will make you talk to mum. The old man says you won’t get away with my phone. Kairav says I will call mum, don’t hang up. He goes. Kairav says I have a surprise for you. Kartik says I have also become a kid, am I getting into something wrong, I will hang up, okay I will talk to them if this makes them happy. He says hello…. The old man doesn’t talk. Kairav asks Naira to come fast. Kartik says he put it on hold and went somewhere. Naira says but where….Kairav says come with me. She says I m coming, but where are you taking me. Kairav says its dad’s call, come with me. She says he can’t be your dad. He says I spoke to him, angel gave his number. Kartik says I will hang up now, the kid will know the truth that I m not his dad. Naira asks who angel. Kairav says the one who comes on tv. She says its fake. He says I spoke to dad. She says no, your dad has gone on a secret mission, none can contact him, not even me, we can’t meet him. He says I called him dad and he called me son, I will get the phone, talk to him. He runs. Kartik leaves. Kairav sees someone coming and runs to hug Naira.

Mrs. Pinto says my husband got heart attack twice, he will die if he gets another attack. Mr. Pinto says I don’t want to die vacate the house. They ask Naira why did she fight the goons, she has to pay for beach classes. Naira says but I already pay rent. He says they threatened to damage our house. Naira says file a police complain, I will handle it. He says you can leave this house and then handle it. Naira says its wrong. He says you are a single woman and have a little son, he doesn’t have his dad along, why do you call problems. Mrs. Pinto says yes, he is right, we won’t listen to anything now, just leave this house. Kairav looks on. Kartik says battery is dead, what if that kid calls me, it was a wrong number, he will worry if phone doesn’t connect, his mum will explain him, else…. Kairav asks what will we do now. Naira says don’t worry, I will handle it. Kartik comes home and puts phone on charging.

Vedika sees him. Manish says I was so worried, don’t know where he went. Suwarna says we will talk later, give him some time. Kairav packs his toys and clothes. He says I can’t even tell dad now. Kartik calls back and stops. He asks why am I calling that boy, he is worried, he is just a small kid. The old man is sleeping. He doesn’t pick the call. Liza says you will find a house. Naira says I should find one. Liza says my house is a fish market, 11 members stay there, else I would have taken you, are you worried. Naira says I know, I m angry, these people do wrong and then threaten. Liza says avoid those goons, God is with us. Naira says maybe God is upset with me, that’s why I get punished always, even five years ago, when I left home… Liza asks her to say. Kairav comes and says this is our house, we won’t leave this house. Naira hugs him and cries.

Naira says I didn’t come to apologize, I m here to do an arrangement. Kairav says dad please come, I need your help. Kartik says don’t worry, your mum is a tigress. Naira prays.

Update Credit to: Amena

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