Meri Hanikarak Biwi 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Pushpa’s plan gets known

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavik asking Ira did she tell Vallabh. Ira says yes, he helped me in packing and went to get taxi now. He asks the flight timings. Bhoomi takes blessings of Pushpa and Devina and goes for interview. Akhilesh asks Chandu to go out. Pushpa stops Chandu and asks did you get locket. He says no, my friend called me. She asks him to help them. Akhilesh says don’t know in which trouble did Ira get stuck. Bhavik says you are being unfair to Akhilesh, you didn’t tell him, he loves you. She says I regret he loves a wrong girl, I will prepare for his reversal after reaching US. He says his heart will break. She shouts on him. She asks him to leave her alone for some time.

He thinks to inform Akhilesh. He calls Akhilesh. He doesn’t answer. Pushpa takes the phone and says I m doing a big sin to hide Akhilesh’s phone. Ira keeps Akhilesh’s pic. She calls Ira. She says make sure Akhilesh doesn’t know anything, Bhavik called him, don’t answer even Chandu’s call. Ira agrees. Devina hears Pushpa. She says so Pushpa is sending Ira abroad, Akhilesh will remain unmarried forever, it will be fun when he knows that Pushpa is sending Ira abroad. She asks Pushpa to come and check for her locket in kitchen. Pushpa goes. Akhilesh sees Ira’s pic. Vallabh says its good your hospital seniors got sense to send you to US, they know your talent.

Ira gets hiccups. Bhavik gives her water. He says Akhilesh is missing you, I will go and tell him about you. Devina says I know who has the locket, I will tell you when time comes. Pushpa does aarti and prays that she gets the locket. Akhilesh runs to get Ira’s pic. The pic falls in aarti diya fire. Ira asks Vallabh to see Bhavik, he isn’t coming to drop me to airport. Vallabh asks him to think when will he see his sister again, he should be happy that Ira will become a good doctor. He feeds curd to Ira and blesses. She eats chillis. Bhavik look on. Akhilesh picks the pic. Pushpa asks did your hand burn. She sees Ira’s pic.

Bhavik says its good, you make mistakes and then punish yourself, why are you stopping me from informing Akhilesh. She says its tough for me to go away from family, Akhilesh will try to stop me, it will be much tough, don’t tell him. Akhilesh says I m worried for Ira. Pushpa says no need to meet her, find my locket. He says fine, once I get your locket, I can’t stay at home, I will go to meet Ira. Bhavik says true love never loses, if Akhilesh’s love is true, you won’t be able to go away. Ira leaves with them for airport.

Pushpa calls her and asks did you reach airport. Ira says I m reaching in 5mins, you won’t need to see me again, forgive me now. Pushpa says I will forgive you when you call me from US. Ira asks her to take care and take medicines on time, I will miss you. Pushpa says I will get fine when you leave. She ends call. Devina asks Siddhi to come, she will show who has the locket. She goes and collides with Pushpa, shouting cockroach. Pushpa’s locket and Akhilesh’s phone falls down. Akhilesh gets shocked. Devina says its the same locket, why did you do the drama to lose it. Akhilesh sees Pushpa.

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  1. What the hell? Pushpa is so mean, heartless, shameful, arrogant, boring, hateful and cruel. She has no feeling being a mother and a woman. How dare she to be harsh towards her own son. She is a witch to akhilesh and ira. She has no pity for her son. Pushpa should be curse and Devina too.

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