Porus 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru and Laachi Decide To Destroy Bridge

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Puru and Laachi reach Jhelum shore where Ambhi Kumar has pointed in his message. Laachi says there is nothing here. Puru says Takshashila starts after these mountains, let us go and check. They reach on mountain and see bright light on the opposite side. Puru says let us go and check. Laachi asks if he is thinking of going via water route. He asks if Dasyu kumar forgot her skills. Laachi says he forgot she taught him to hold breath under water. He says she forgot he taught her horse riding. Their nok jhok continues.

Anusuya walks to royal message center where spies are sending messages via birds. She reminisces Olympia ordering her to send a message to her son Alexander that she is here. She tells spy to spend a message to other dynasty and asks to safely guard Takshashila’s messenger birds and not let them escape. Spy says after Takshashila’s betrayal, they have kept all 3 birds separately guarded. Anusuya looks at pigeons. She returns silently after sometime and sends message via bird to Alexander. Olympia notices it and thinks Bharati’s destroyal starts now, soon her son will come and destroy whole Pourav rastra.

Puru and Laachi swim into Jhelum river and see Dasyu’s building bridge. Puru says this bridge is very important for Alexander, so they should destroy it. Laachi says she will call army. Puru says why not them both, she forgot that Dasyus can build bridge and even destroy it. They both head towards bridge. Dasyu raj guides dasyus and orders them to speed up. Puru holds Dasyu raj thinking him as common dasyu, but :Laachi stands shocked seeing her father. Puru realizes it and leaves Dasyu. Laachi asks why he is helping enemy instead of them. Puru says that he taught to be loyal to their mother land, now he himself is becoming traitor. Dasyu raj says he has clearly informed Alexander that dasyus will not help him in any war and want only Anusuya. Laachi says nobody can dare to touch their queen mother. Puru warns Dasyu raj to destroy bridge himself in a day, else he will come tomorrow and destroy bridge.

Precap: Hephastian informs Alexander that Olympia is in Puru’s grip. Alexander shouts he will destroy whole Pourav rastra.

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  1. I think ambiraj son, ambikumar knows the truth of sumer, so he can change the dasayu peoples Mind., we dont want battle between dasayu and porus without any fault, and Alexander take benefit. better episode than yesterday, no black magic please.

    1. Being a former history student, It was bit embarrassing to see the serial showing Greeks as practitioners of Black Magic. The Greeks believed in the power of their gods and oracles. It was, in fact, Egyptians who believed and practice magic

  2. Exactly…. no black magic!

  3. superp episodes. entertaining and overwhelming I enjoyed it so much congragulations to the whole team of porus for such a great and hardwork and thanks for making such a great show plz producer siddharth tewary sir plz keep making such a great series porus.

  4. porus is so great nothing is like it.

  5. porus show is so great nothing is like it.

  6. yes no black magic….this may spoil mind of public

  7. I wish this black magic track ends soon.. it will… Puru n Laachi are awesome… I loved the way he spoke to dasyuraj n it brought tears to my eyes… ??

  8. I am also a very loyal fan like other fans and like u but not like other traitor fan.

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