Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vijay And His Family Successfully Scare Mandira

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mandira sees Gayatri sitting on swinger and taunts husband swings swinger, but Resham is not here, so she should get down. Gayatri thinks Vijay will make her swing and then kick her out of house. Mandira calls Vijay. Women asks him to swing the swinger 7 times. Mandira sits on swinger. Vijay signals family. Women wearing Bulbul’s mask call h er. Mandira is shocked to see Mmany Bulbuls. She panics and shouts she saw her. Vijaya asks who, not start again in front of everyone. Gayatri asks to continue ritual. Mandira says he will not and end this story and walks out behind woman wearing mask. Vijay signals family to start next step.

Masked woman takes Mandira far aaway. Mandira turns her and is sees some other woman who ask what she wants. Bulbul says she thought it is someone else and thinks what is happening to her, how can she see Bulbul who comes in front and then vanishes. She then sees many Bulbuls who ask why she snatched her Vijay. Mandira panics more. Women revolve around her repeating why she took her life. Vasu with Viay records video. Mandira shouts go away. Woman walk away. Mandira walks behind them. Vasu asks what they should do now.

Mandira turns woman and is shocked to see real Bulbul who acts as ghost. Vijay asks what is Bulbul doing here, he warned her not to come here. Vasu says good chachi came here, Mandira may accept truth seeing her. Mandira asks how can she come here. Bulbul says wherever she goes, she will find her, why did she kil her,she is so evil and selfish. Mandira asks if she will stop her, don’t she remember what she did with her, like she killed and burnt her will she burn her, if she comes between her and Vijay, she will kill her. Vasu records whole video and comes in front and asks why did she kill Bulbul chachi. Mandira warns to go aside and asks if she has any proof, who will believe her. Vijay walks in and asks what proof. Vasu says Mandira.. Mandira warns her to keep quiet. Vaasu says Madnira killed Bulbul. Vijay looks at her in a shock. Vasu shows video and says she knew Mandira is behind Bulbul missing, why did she kill Bulbul chachi. Vijay acts and raises hand, but stops and asks why did she kill Bulbul. Mandira says she did it for him. Vijay says he will get her punished and asks Vasu to call police.

Precap: Vasu tells Vijay if Mandira returns video clip, they should spare Mandira. Mandira asks to agree.

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