Meri Durga 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Meri Durga 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajveer saying you have practised well. He sends everyone and makes Durga practice more. He says you want 5 marks in every subject, think how many marks will you get, your dad will feel proud, think, you can do this for his happiness. He makes Durga practice. He asks her to hold jalebi in mouth and walk seeing the jalebi. Durga walks and eats jalebis. He says jalebis is over, but practice is not over, you have to win to get marks. She practices. He thinks its not easy to train this girl, but I have to do this.

Madhav does exercise. Shilpa sees him and smiles. She signs Bantu to blow air on her. She dries her hair and acts like heroine. Suraj hua maddham….plays…… Amrita comes there. Shilpa sees her and stands drying her hair. Amrita sees Shilpa eyeing Madhav.

Durga comes home late and wishes Subhadra is still sleeping. She silently enters the room. She thinks who moved the blanket, did Bua see this pillows, I will lie down fast. Subhadra sees her and comes to her.

Durga acts to sleep. Subhadra thinks Durga thinks she is very clever and goes. Yashpal stops Sheela from going to Madhav. Amrita puts the clothes for drying. She sees Madhav. Yashpal says I don’t want the family women to go near Madhav, did you understand, I will give the food to Madhav. He goes upstairs. Madhav goes to room. Bantu says Madhav did not even see you, why. Shilpa falls down and gets hurt. She screams and shouts to Sheela. Madhav comes and gets shocked. He cares for her. She gets glad.

She says I was seeing you, I mean the birds. He asks her to be careful. Yashpal comes upstairs. Sheela tries to call out Shilpa and alert. Yashpal sees Madhav and Shilpa, and gets shocked. He gets angry. Shilpa gets shocked seeing him. Yashpal shouts on Madhav for touching Shilpa and drags him downstairs.

He says I know such guys well, I understood you when you met me for the first time. Brij asks what happened. Yashpal says Madhav was teasing Shilpa. Madhav says enough, you are elder so I m quiet, else I won’t hear any blames, I will not think wrong for Shilpa, she fell, so I was applying medicine, if you don’t trust me, trust Shilpa. Yashpal asks him how did you go close to Shilpa, tell me. Madhav says there are many people in this house, if Shilpa was crying, why did anyone not come, if I m wrong, why did she not stop me, she was hurt, I was just helping her, if I misbehaved with her, she would have not been silent. Yashpal asks him not to try to go close to his house women. He warns him that next time he will send him with his luggage.

Madhav says sure, but explain your house girls also. Madhav goes. Yashpal warns Amrita and Shilpa not to go upstairs, else it will be bad. Amrita thinks if dad knows I work with Madhav, he will make me leave work, I can’t tell him anything. She goes. Shilpa gets annoyed and talks to Sheela. Sheela says I have an idea, we have to involve Amrita in this. Durga talks to Amma. Subhadra sees Durga and asks her where is she going, sit and have food. She asks Durga to have food. Durga thinks did Subhadra get to know things or not.

Subhadra taunts Durga. Sanjay says I m feeling bad for you Durga, you will lose race. Durga tells Rajveer about the big problem, I can’t come in training. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Please make the training a bit more realistic,especially the crouching position the girls take at the start of race ,and does a coach allow a child run in her school dress whist others are in training cloths?

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