It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode-5 by Darshana

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Thank u so much for ur support..really it means a lot..even silent readers Thanks! And i feel so lucky to have readers like u? lets begin..before that here is the link of epi-4

Epi-4 Episode 4

Epi-5(#sona’s voice#)
I was checking myself for the 10th time..actually its very rare for me to wear something traditional and i am little uncomfortable in that…nikki observed this and she ensured me that i was looking well…
After a while the guests started coming ..soon the hall was full with guests .. Aunty was tensed…
Sona:aunty kya hua(aunty what happen?)

Ishwari:woh mera beta d..(actually my son d..)
She was not able to complete because someone called her ..but i could make it out that she was worried about her son..maybe he didn’t come yet! I wondered what kind of person he was…apni behen Ki itni important function main bhi time pe nahi aaya(he did come for his own sisters function)?…but soon he was brushed out of my thoughts when the event kicked off….the very first song which beamed out of those large speakers was “aaj badal rahi hai zindagi ki chal jara”….and time came for Nikki and Ria’s dance..

they were going to dance on”le jaahenge Badri Ki dulhania”…they started and in the middle they even forced me to the stage..i was a bit nervous but the song is so good that i started dancing?….”le jayenge Badri Ki dulhania…..

As i was dancing i saw the man whose face seemed very familiar to me…and then it flashed in my mind..he is the same obhudru…he didn’t see me yet..he was looking here and there maybe searching for someone…quickly i came down from the stage..i was tensed,nervous! was maybe because of those words which he said…(hope u guys remember those words..”i will not spare..”)…he was coming in my direction but i knew he didn’t see my face..because if he had he would have done something by now ?…i rushed towards the kitchen…as i thought that he would not come to the kitchen..i wondered who he is?..i mean why did he come here?..does Nikki,Ria or aunty know about him…maybe!..but i have to do something …i don’t want to face him…then i heard some footsteps coming towards the kitchen….”oh no!..ab to main gayi..?..i quickly hid behind the fridge…but … my luck it was not was kichu bahiya…i came out from my hideout..

Kichu:doctor didi aap yahan(doctor didi,you here)
Maybe he was wondering what i was doing here…
Sona:Haan woh..mujhe pani pina Tha..(yes..actually I wanted to drink some water)
Kichu:main lekar aata Huon…kitchen main pani nahi hai(i will go and bring. Water is not here in the kitchen)
Sona:hmm ok!
I really needed water…

Outside i could here the music,everyone was singing ,dancing,enjoying and i was here in the kitchen..why did he come here???…i wanted to counter him with my questions..but did not had the courage to do so…?…once again i heard footsteps..this time i didn’t try to hide because i knew it was kichu bahiya..
But to my bad luck it wasn’t him.☹
(ON THE OTHER SIDE,this scene takes place sometime before..presently Neha is in the hall)
#neha’s voice#
Aaj meri saghai hai…pata nahi Ki main is ke liye tayaar bhi Huon Ki nahi..pata nahi Ki main aage aane wali jimmadari sambhal paungi bhi Ki nahi..pata nahi Ki main apni puri life Ranveer ke sath rah paungi Ki nahi…itna saare questions aur koi answer nahi..(today its my engagement..i don’t know whether I am ready for it or not..i don’t whether i will be able to handle the upcoming responsibilities or not..i don’t know hwther i will be able to spend my whole life with Ranveer or many questions but not even one single answer) i sighed at my state..?..
(back to sona)
#sona’s voice#
He was standing right in front of me…he was shocked..i could clearly understand that from his facial expressions…we stood there numb..he was the one who broke the silence.(of course u guys would have guessed who he is..yes yes ur guesses are correct..its dev,who else could be???)
Dev:tum !?(you!?)
I got a chance to hear his arrogant harsh voice again…just couldn’t believe …i somehow tried to speak.

Sona:wo main..wo..i am(cant translate this..sorry)
Dev:wo wo..kya laga rakha hai…tum mera picha kar rahi ho…yahan kyun aayi ho?(wo..wo..what is this? Are u following me..why are u here)
He said this in such a loud tone..i was like”bacche Ki jaan lo ge kya”??..but i work here then why should i be afraid Haan…no chance ..and who was he to ask this question.
Sona:phle tum batao tum ..yahan kya rahe ho?(first u say what are you doing here) mujhe lagta hai Ki tum mera picha kar rahe ho?(i think you are following me)
#dev’s voice#
I was searching for ma..maybe she was in the kitchen and when i went there what i see..the very same girl..was standing in front of me..on top of it she was asking me..what am i doing here?..this girl is a certified pagal(mad)..
Dev:how dare u ask this to u even know..
Before i could complete she interrupted me
Sona:i know ..i are dev dixit…the owner of ishwari industries…i remember that,u don’t have to repeat..but i guess you have forgotten that i am Dr.sonakshi Bose and i work here….

Okay so now things started getting she was the nutritunioust which Tina have arranged..tina said me her name but that time i didn’t thought that she would be the same girl..or at least i didn’t hoped for it…i was about to speak when ma entered
Ishwari:arrey tum dono yahan(you both here)
Dev:wo m..(he was about to say ma)
Once again she interrupted me in the middle.
Sona:aunty aap isse jante ho(aunty do u know him?)
She didn’t wait for ma’s reply and continued
Sona:i am sorry to say lekin mujhe yeh aadmi thik nahi lagta..(this man doesn’t sounds right for me)
Ishwari:thik nahi lagta(u don’t feel right??)?
Sona:Haan ..isne na mujhe damki bhi di Thi..pls isse yahan se…
Before she could complete i interrupted her..

Dev:will u stop!?
Sona:aunty dekha yeh har bar mujhe aise hi bat Karta hai..jaise mere school ka principal hai(aunty did u see..he always talks to me like if he is my school’s principal)
I frowned..
Ishwari:hum iske barre main bad main bat karenge..abhi chalo saghai ka waqt ho Gaya hai(we will talk about this’s time for engagement)
Saying so ma went out ..while i kept my frown and stared at Sonakshi..she seemed a bit afraid but still she didn’t loose her confidence..she stated back .i was fuming with anger.

Soon both Neha and Ranveer got engaged..but what was more interesting to see was sona and dev staring at each other…not with love but with anger…??…ishwari noticed it but ignored it for a while…
#sona’s voice#
I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything after that..just the words spoken by aunty ringed in mind”i will handle that later”..what will be her decision..and still who is “HE” for this family remained unanswered.
#dev’s voice#
What kind of girl is she…she in front of my mom badmouthing about me…how dare she..anyway this time i will not have do is enough..saying so i smirked?…

Precap:ishwari:i am dev’s ladke Ki burai kar rahi Thi uski ma..

****************************************************so tell me guys how was it..was it good ??..did u enjoy??..any improvements needed, do tell me through ur comments…silent readers pls comment if possible..
It will help!
Note: Hey, ‘Love or Mistake’ my DevAkshi’s ff readers..
I m sorry. I didn’t informed you all before, but I won’t be able to post my ff till 12 of May cuz of my exams. My exams will end on 12th May Nd then I’ll come back. So sorry guys, to make you wait for so long but studies are more important na. I will come back soon… Don’t forget me and do remember me in your prayers.

Love you all..!!! ?????????❤?????????????
?..this is what purvi128 i have done that next nothing left…
Okay so Tata bbyee…will be waiting for ur comments and see u all in my next!?

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  1. Srush

    Awsm epi darshana…sona was comolaining about dev to ishwari? that was so funny…when reading that conversation i was feeling this conversation should not end only…great epi…i can see.ur efforts..again saying it awsm epi…waiting for next epi..plz post soon i cannot wait for long…

    1. Darshana

      Thank you so much dear…i have posted the next?..pls do read and comment!

  2. Rekhadhir

    Post soon

    1. Darshana

      Thank you so much dear..i have listed the next ..pls read and comment!

  3. ShrutiP

    Awesome dear…Please post soon…???

    1. Darshana

      Thank u..i have posted the next..pls do read and comment

  4. Richa144

    Certified pagal… hahaha… cool.. loved it

    1. Darshana

      Thank u so much..glad that u enjoyed!?..posted the read and comment

  5. Sgatik

    Ishwari ke pass complaint. Really sona is certified pagal. Pls post soon.

    1. Darshana

      Thank u so much..i guess u have read the next

  6. Akshita

    Loved it???
    post soon
    and all the best for your exmz ??

    1. Darshana

      Thank u so much dear…i have listed the next pls do read and commnet..???

      1. Darshana

        All the best??..i guess there is some misunderstanding..that note is on behalf of purvi128..its nit my exams

  7. V.V.harshita

    Awesome post soon

    1. Darshana

      Thank u so much and I guess u read the next?

  8. Awesome episode

  9. The episode was funny and awesome my dear and longer than previous episodes ❤?
    I will wait ? goooooood luck in your exam ??

    1. Darshana

      Thank u so much dear..i have listed the next pls do read and comment?

    2. Darshana

      I guess there is a misunderstanding..its nit my exam..its purvi128’s exam who writes krpkab ff named love or mistake…that note is on behalf of her

  10. Priya12

    Di, it was a fabulous epi….
    I luved it a lot…
    Saying wrong about dev 2 ishwari itself…omg..
    Certified pagal…luved it…
    Splendid epi…
    Last dev’s voice was aww..
    Pls post asap

    1. Darshana

      Thank u so much dear..i have listed the read and comment?

      1. Priya12

        Yeah.. Sure

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