Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 19

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Hey my drs.. Loved ur comments and replied all.. Thank u all for understanding me yesterday.. It was just a coincidence.. So lets move to story.. thanks my frnd sangeeth for ur idea and presenting u my Episode 19..

At OM:
Om ask Chulbul to make promise tat he’ll never lie to him at any situation. Buama, Janvi and Gauri are shocked. Gauri remained speechless and Om was asking him. Buama tackle situation by distracting them. She tell Chulbul about Annika’s gun shot tragedy. Gauri gets shocked and panics. But Om tell her tat she is fine now. He also assured her they’ll meet her later. Buama and Janvi leaves. Om and Gauri have some friendly time by talking how he missed her. Gauri too thinks how she felt before leaving to Bareilly and she too missed him very much and gets emotional. Om was surprised and felt some intense connection with Chulbul. They have an eye lock. Om tell today’s jagratha was really awesome and I saw happiness in mom’s face after a long time. All family members enjoyed well. But unfortunately prinku’s sangeet was a bomb. Gauri console him and talk to distract him from feeling bad. She say even I enjoyed Jagrata well.. it was really fun to dance with Annika bhabi and Saumya..

(stops and think.. u stupid Gauri.. u r going to die because of ur tounge.. y can’t u control tat little devil.. u r gone today).. Om say, so that was the reason u went missing for sometimes? U r such a.. wait a min, Jagrata is only for women right? How did u participate and dance with Annika bhabi and Saumya? He looks suspiciously and she panics, but try to handle situation. She tell, No Omkara ji.. I was about to tell that I was enjoying function from far.. how can I go there? They won’t allow boys/ chirota in Jagrata. Om nods in doubtful way and ask, Why did u stop for Jagrata? I gave u and Rudra work know? Gauri thinks, what to tell now.. (got idea) Actually Omkara ji, those girls in jagrata were so beautiful and Song was very nice and even I started dancing with them, but from far place. Eve I saw u in Jagarata celebration.. were u finding someone? Om got thinking of Gauri who he was not able to see. He tells, Yes Chulbul, u r right song was really nice and even that singer’s voice was really divine. But I can’t see her. She think, hey sankar ji..

my Omkara ji listened to my songs and he like my voice.. and jumps and play in her Imagination. She tease him by telling u were finding a girl? I can’t believe it Omkara ji.. I think she has something with her. Om smiles thinking Gauri in jagrata and look at Chulbul. He pats his cap and smile again and moved. Gauri keep teasing him. He call duffer.. I don’t know whether she have something.. but I have something that belongs to her.. and shows her anklet/payal. Gauri surprised to see her anklet and checks her leg, but then realized she’s wearing shoes. She ask him how did u get this.. he thinks how they both collided, when he tried to uncover veil on her face and her escape from him. He smiled and said tat singer girl left this. I was behind her to give her anklet but I can’t reach her. Gauri was stunned and happy to see him. She even tease him tat, so Omkara ji u too went in jagrata for sighting girl?

Gauri runs.. Om chase her and tell it was u who were sighting girls and dancing.. I just went to return tat anklet to that girl. She say running, anyway u too were behind a girl for some reason.. then u r also like me and laughs. Om throw cushion at her and say.. I’m not like u.. u r married and u said u love ur wife a lot and see now going behind other girls and they keep playing for sometimes. Then Omkara say Svetlana’s wedding announcement in party.. they plan to expose Svetlana before Tej’s party.

Next morning, Rumya go to Shivika room. Shivay helps Annika to sit. They greet and have talk. Chulbul brings tea for Annika and talk about her health. Annika says I’m better now. Rudra jokes, hey Garribon ka Harry potter, u went missing yesterday.. Om was worried for u and did not even eat his luch.. because he loves u soo much.. Shivay beat him from behind and he realized. He manages, I mean to say he love u much as a Friend.. just Friend. Shivay stares at him. Saumya and Annika again confused and ask Shivay to clear. Shivay says nothing and tell them to get ready for bade paapa’s 3000cr deal finalizing party in evening. They all say wow and happily go to arrange for party. Shivay look at Annika and smile. But Annika doesn’t respond and turned her face. He too turned his face and went. In kitchen, Shivay preparing breakfast for Annika.

Chulbul help him and they have talk. Shivay wanted to make something light and healthy for Annika. Chulbul give him idea to make something using mushrooms as Annika bhabi likes mushrooms a lot. He ask, What? R u kidding? She likes aloo puri a lot. If u don’t know then just leave it. She makes face and give him lecture of goodness of mushrooms, so he convinced to prepare mushroom curry for chapati. OmRu joined them and Rudy jealously ask, bhaiya how can u give our place to Chulbul? This is O’bros kitchen and this belongs to we three but u forgot us. Shivay says, nothing like tat.. u guys were busy so I came to make breakfast.. Chulbul was here and he s helping me.. moreover he s also our family member.. thats it.

Rudra tells ok.. So come on O its our relax day.. lets sit and watch this new combo. They sit on sofa placed in kitchen. He ask,Chulbul.. do u know all these? U look like simple and I think u r not much educated.. then u r giving such a big lecture on nutrition like a nutritionist? Gauri says, I got to know all these from internet chachi.. she use to teach me whatever I want.. and giggles. All three look at each other confused and look at Chulbul. Rudra ask, Internet chachi? What a strange name? How her parents got name Internet to name her before 40-45 yrs. We r using it for just 20yrs.. what a strange family and hifi to Om but he look at him like, u duffer. He put down his hand. Shivay ask, who is internet chachi?

What’s her real name? Chulbul thinks and say, oh u misunderstood what I said, actually I gave chachi title for internet browser and giggles. Three brothers makes strange face. Rudra jokes, What? U named for browser? OMG! Bhaiya he is same like Annika bhabi.. Even she use to name all her things like chikni, chameli, her scooty champa.. Wow Chulbul, tell me what else u named? ShivOm tell shut up Rudra. He makes puppy face and sit quite. Shivay ask them to have breakfast and go to his room. He ask Chulbul to make fresh juice and bring to his room.

In shivika room, Shivay brings breakfast for Annika and can’t find her. She came from outside with water jug. Shivay ask, y r u roaming here and there Annika.. can’t u rest for sometimes? U have got bullet not ant bite. Annika says, I can manage and moves. He hold and ask what is ur problem Annika? Y r u looking sad since morning? She say, sad? Me? So Mr. SSO is able to see who is sad and who is happy.. I thought you don’t care. He ask, Excuse me jhansi ki rani just clearly tell me what is ur problem? She looks at him and stare him for few seconds and turns to go. But he hold her from back and whispers in her ears, do u think that I won’t care for u Annika? I always care for u.. not only now even before our marriage.. I think u too know that.. U have become one of the most important person in my life Annika.. She moved from him and said, I can’t live without you Annika..

I need you in each and every part of my life.. how many times will repeat same? He was speechless and ask her, did u listen to all those things I said yesterday? U mean, u were awake when I talked all this? She nods.. they both smile at each other. He tell her to have breakfast. He serves her and when saw her hand he started feeding her. She blush at him and have eye lock. Chulbul brings juice. Annika ignored their eye lock and smile at Chulbul. Shivay irritated and of course little jealousy not more. Chulbul ask, u liked mushroom curry Annika bhabi? Annika surprised and ask, did u make this Chulbul.. how sweet and call him come closer. Within that, Shivay interrupted and said, Excuse me, Excuse me.. I prepared this.. I myself prepared this specially for u with my hands and show his hands to her.. he just gave idea. She ask, Really Shivay? How u got idea to make mushroom curry for me. Shivay say.. I told u na.. Chulbul gave me idea to cook this.. I know u won’t like it as much as aloo puri but Chulbul told it has many nutritional values.. so I thought to make light and healthy food for u. Annika placed her palm on her cheek and opened her mouth too say awww.. Shivay blush and wait for her to say Awww to him. But Annika turned to Chulbul and said Awww..

wow Chulbul.. u r so sweet.. Shivay shocked for this inverse reaction and confused. Annika say, U told him about my favorite dish.. u r so cute boy and pampers his head. Shivay left plate on bed in shock.

Annika ask, What is this Shivay? Why u left tat? Its ok I’ll call hari to change it. He look at them and look helplessly. He ask, u like aloo puri a lot right? When.u started liking mushroom? She says, no Shivay actually aloo puri also my favorite but I like mushrooms more than that. I just know to cook aloo puri perfectly.. I don’t know to cook mushroom but love eating it. Chulbul is so sweet and responsible.. he remembered that I like mushrooms more and told u to make it. Shivay thinks how Chulbul told him about Annika’s favorite in kitchen and think even I don’t know this till now. He helplessly looking at Annika and Chulbul who was busy with their talks.

Precap: Annika say Chulbul is better than u, at least he know my wish and goes out of room. Shivay look on. Tej introduced Kali Takur in party, ShivOm shell shocked to see him back.. Kali holds Chulbul from behind and Gauri shocked seeing Kali when she turned and panics.
Sorry for late update my dr.. was busy with work.. so I have given a long episode today and I think u like it. Meet u all on Monday. Pls do read and support my Weekend Shot drs.. its journey of Omkara’s life but even in tat Shivika and Rumya r there.. will never kill ur expectations in any of my writings.. pls do support and bye drs.. take care.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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  1. It is awesome dear… Shivaay reaction is superbbbbbb…

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much nikitajai keep reading

  2. Loved the expression of jealous sso

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much kripa keep reading

  3. Great one!

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      Thank u so much bhavana keep reading

  4. Awesome…

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much niriha keep reading

  5. Hi Verna di.

    I am a silent reader but I decided to comment today. U know what I luv your ff like crazy!
    U r so creative and I like the fact how u give equal space to all the jodi and always show their scenes. Your ff is a full package of romance comedy and drama and it’s adorable.
    One cute aww for u di!
    And yes shivaay jealous of chulbul is hilarious.
    What will happen when he learns that chulbul is a chiraiyya? ??
    Update ASAP
    Love, Vivikhta?
    P.S. Will u b my friend?

    1. Verna

      OMG! Seriously I’m so happy tat one of my silent readers opened up and commented.. its really spcl feel for we writers when we get new frnd to comment on our comment box..

      Thank u so much for ur lovely words on my FF and me.. I’m really feeling blessed my dr..

      Of course all our DBO and IB family is like a real family dr.. no question of becoming frnds.. U r always my frnd.. keep reading and supporting dr


    Verna GK aur CVS ko thoda idea dhe dho kaise dho show connect karthe are AMAZING Verna.aap IB DBO MAKERS se bhi SMART hu.

    GUD JOB????

    1. Verna

      OMG! My dr.. pls don’t give such big words.. I’m not tat much like professional CVs.. but feeling happy for ur wonderful comment and love for me.. Thank u and keep reading dr

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Rasika keep reading

  7. Ahaana


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      Thank u so much Ahaana keep reading

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much setu keep reading dr

  8. Nice. Loved Shivay’s reactions

    1. Verna

      Thank u keep reading Fffan1234

    1. Verna

      Thank u keep reading Alekhika20 keep reading

  9. It’s was an awesome long lovely episode .I’m waiting for your next episode. update soon……….???

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Ahsana keep reading

  10. Verna dear you rocked once again.Superb. post next part ASAP.

    1. Verna

      Thank u keep reading Arpita

  11. Awsome episode…….actually I am a regular reader of your ff…..but unfortunately I can’t comment regularly…sorry for that…..Today’s episode was awesome……Chulbul ka internet chachi…..OMG so sweet……and poor SSO…… Waiting for your next khitikithod part…..

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much San for commenting.. keep reading

  12. Awesome epi

    1. Verna

      Thank u Lilly keep reading dr


    1. Verna

      Thank u keep reading Palak

  14. Its amazing Verna….. I am waiting for ur ff…… Verna can I ask u that which browser u used to register in telly update?????

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much chandini dr.. keep reading..
      I used chrome dr..

  15. Superbb epi dear……. Luv internet chachi & jso sence…… Waiting 4 nxt post ASAP…….

    1. Verna

      Thank u so much Banita keep reading dr

  16. Really nice …pls dnt say it was my idea bacz u made it so beautiful n more suitable to d track ….awesome editng …good wrk so d credit ll goes to u dr

    1. Verna

      Hahaha come on Sangee u r the one who gave me a starting point.. so.without ur idea I may not have developed this.. u too deserve the same credits I got from my.readers 🙂 🙂

  17. Amayaa

    I told u before only na to inform me whenever u post the next part
    This is not fair ha
    Both of u r doing like this 2 me
    Today’s episode also comprises my Shivika along with ur omri
    See I m de fan of Shivika
    Nd u r de fan of omri ( especially Omki – Shomki ) I know that
    But still we r 1 of de biggest bestiiiiiiieeeesssssss of TU PAGE
    Even I m much younger 2 u
    U nd ur ff r de 1 st ff ( before coming 2 ishqbaaz ususl page also ) on which I commented 1st time
    I loved Shivika as usual but not more than Chulkara today………………
    Today both de couples r equal awesome
    Rudy is already my buddy
    So my dr author aka Verna di
    Inform me from next time on my wall ………………………or my ff OBEROI FAMILY MOMENTS
    otherwise I will angry with u
    This time is last time
    Okkkkkkkkkkkk ???

    1. Verna

      OMG! I’m really sorry my darling.. I was little busy and thats y I can’t tell u pls forgive ur di for this time.
      I’m so happy tat u enjoyed chulkara part..
      Calm down and make big smile my.dr.. hug u tight.. 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Love so much

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