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Hello friends i am back and sorry for the delay as i was busy in my duty..

So the episode starts with when my aunty spoiled everything and tried to make barrier between the whole family.

My dadi starts to know everything about my aunty as she knows the evils plan to disunited the family.

She tries to convince my chacha ji(papa’s bro) but failed. Because they both made plan to settled down somewhere else and finally the day came when they want theri share in field and money.
They both with my little cousin settled to dadi ji’s in laws as we have house there.

One thing i forgot to share about my dadi ji’s sas. As i share,she was evil lady and her end was also miserable (sorry for her). She lost her eye sight and after some times she died and also realized her sins also.

Dadi ji was broken from inner as she loved her son but what anybody can do that time. It should be the maturity of my chacha ji to not broken my dadi ji’s heart.

But thing could not stopped there as after some times buha called my mom and told about the affair of my fufar ji(buha’s husband).
My mom was completely disturbed to hear the news. She was in dilemma and couldn’t talked about the whole matter with dadi ji because she was already disturbed.

Mom alon went to buha’s home to investigate the whole matter and when she went the house she was completely shocked to see the another woman sitting on coach with comfortably.
Mom shouted about the behaviour of that lady and stopped buha to carying.

Mom ordered her to take out her luggage with her and come but to home with her..

But suddenly i don’t know dadi knows the truth about whole circumstances.

She arrived to buha’s home and stopped her to come with her mom.

That was the first time when my mom and my dadi argued but very little bit.

Dadi stopped my mom and adviced her to be calm.
As i said earlier about her words


suddenly she asked to fufar ji about divorce paper!! He said no,still Rano is my wife.

Then dadi said, how dare you to hang out with this woman as you knw this could not possible in presence of Rano.

Even law cannot give you the permission to do this sin.

Precap..dadi sort out the whole matter of buha but suddenly after 12th mom decided me (jaspinder, me) to joined BTECH but had no enough money. Dadi decided to take loan but they required land or something as per evidence. But we had nothing to show. Finally they refused to give me loan(state bank of india)

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  1. Jazzmaan

    Sorry for some spelling mistakes guys..i was on duty that time and i was in hurry

  2. u always make me santy.precap??scaring.and post…when u’ll… get time? OK dear bye.??

  3. Shaani

    It was an emotional stroy… Most of the ppl r suffering due to financial problems… My family also suffered due this problem.. In life at some stage most of the ppl face this problem..
    Anyways.. Nice update… Waiting for the next one..

  4. Jazzmaan

    Thnx so much shani for encouraging me with regards

    1. Shaani

      Ur welcome…?

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