SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 28(ishqbaaz ff)

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than you so much for your support and love guys. anika’s past will be revealed in the 30th episode, read this one to know if your guess about who nriti is right or wrong!!!

Epi 28-

The girls move in and stare at om,

Mallika- om are u in love with the girl you have never met??
Om- what? Love!! No!! mallika, I see u r getting influenced by rudra!

Saying so om rushed out of the room, and soon rudra, malika and Priyanka also made their exit. Shivika were now alone, shivaay was still upset with anika even though he understood why she said so.

Shivaay was about to leave but anika spoke stopping him from leaving.

Anika- shivaay!! You are still upset?

Shivaay turned to face her. Her eyes were filled with pain, he could not give her more.

Shivaay- anika, it did hurt me when u said that, was it so easy for you? To let go of me?

Anika shook her head indicating ‘no’ with tears in her eyes which were threatening to just flow down any second. Shivaay went near her and cupped her face.

Shivaay- no matter what happens we will stick together, now nothing can tear us apart. We have had enough separations right from the beginning. And what made u say so anika??
Anika- I cant tell that now, I will tell everything once I meet my br…… I will tell everything, but right now I cant
Shivaay (sighs)- ok ok, I wont ask u anymore or pressurize u. now give me a smile

Anika smiled slightly

Shivaay- not like this. I want my anika wala smile

Anika smiled widely but it was fake and shivaay understood it

Shivaay- u wont listen to me like this na??

He started tickling anika and she started laughing

Anika- shivaay, stopppp… shiv pls…………. billuji!!! (she shouted at last)

Shivaay stopped for second and then again started tickling her.

Shivaay- billuji?? U called me that now I wont stop

She somehow ran from there and shivaay was running behind her.

Anika- no no pls………. uuuurghhhh u….. you kanji aankho wala baggad billa, u will always remain that!!!

They reached the hall, still playing their tom and jerry game. And finally sat on the sofa with a thud and then burst out laughing.

After some time tej, shakti and shivaay left for the meeting and after about half an hour or so aniomru and siddika left for the resort.

At the resort
The meeting was going on, and nriti was just roaming around.

The youngster gang reach and they also keep roaming round having fun and chatting and playing pranks on each other. They were in a garden happily talking except anika as she had gone to the washroom.
She was walking back to the group and from the other side nriti was coming, anika and nriti both were not looking in the front and at a point they bumped into each other.

Nriti- oh!!! Sorry, I am really sorry!!!
Anika- me too, I am sorry too, u ok?
Nriti- yeah I am fine.

Before the convo could move forward the group came there hearing the commotion.

Omkara and nriti see each other and are shocked beyond limits

Om and nriti (together)- tum!!!!!!

Anika and others just keep looking at them with confused faces except rudra as even he is shocked seeing nriti.

Om and nriti- what are you doing here??!!
Om and nriti- first you tell!!!
Anika- You know each other??
Om- I know her very well (emphasizing very)

Nriti looks down with guilt for a while.

Om- looking down with guilt will not help now, miss bela, miss mala or miss ISHANA!!! (with anger filled voice)
(((yup!!!! ahsana, shabnam and nikitajai u were right Ishana is aditya’s nriti!!! mishika, ur wish is granted, nriti is opposite Omkara!!)))

Ishana/nriti reminisces the fight

Mallika- om, we are not able to understand anything!! Mala, bela, Ishana what are u speaking??
Om- ask her only mallika, what is her actual name mala, bela or Ishana or has it happened that she was not given a name by her family!
Ishana- Ishana!!! My name is Ishana, and I have already warned you not to talk of my family
Om- and what about you? What you told about my family and what you did with me. What about that miss ISHANA
Ishana- I know, I know I shouldn’t have done what I did, but that was my compulsion not my choice
Om- there is always a choice.
Ishana- yes there is always a choice, but only for people like u oberois, who are surrounded by money
Om- money was never more important to me that truth
Ishana- money was never more important than truth to you because you had only money. But for people who have been forced into such situations, what about them? They don’t have crores of notes surrounding them to shut the mouths of people!
Om- u can have crores of notes if u choose the truth
Ishana- u are brought up in a palace made up of glass, I have seen home made of mud. U won’t understand anything.
Om- it is waste of even trying to make u understand

Saying so ishkara face the opposite sides, just then the business men come out from their conference room and walk towards the group where ishkara just had an intense argument.
They reach the group. Aditya and anika see each other, they have the expressions when u see someone like whom u know.

Aditya (thinking)- she looks like melody, but how can I be sure I saw her 14 years ago…… she might look different now……… she might also look similar. God!!! Such a dilemma, but I have a strong feeling that I know her, I have seen her.

Anika (thinking)- this man, he…… he looks just like my bhaiyya, and I am sure his looks would not have changed much, he was 16 when I last saw him……………. But how can I be sure, what if he looks different and there are so many people who look similar and how can I be sure he is in Mumbai??? What do I do, what do I do? Yes!!!! of course, how can I forget this!!!!

Precap- Shivaay- chaddas???? From where did the chaddas come? Anika says “shivaay, I told u right, I will explain everything tomorrow but right now I must go, adi bhaiyya and shanu would be waiting for me” Shivaay reluctantly nods. Anika walks a few steps but stop, turns, runs and hugs shivaay throwing her arms around his neck. Shivaay instantly wraps his arms around her waist.

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