WHAT HAPPENED? (episode 2)

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The whole colony of Udaipur was flustered after knowing the truth that MR. NAITHIK SINGHANIA IS DEAD!! Everybody didn’t understand how he dead all of a SUDDEN!!
Yes, he was bed ridden, seriously ill but not that much of dying all of a sudden! He had minimum of two years and maximum of six years to live more! But this was ALL OF A SUDDEN!!
SINGHANIA’S sank in sorrow!

The people of Udaipur pinched each other to confirm whether it is true or not!
Hoped! It was a nightmare but destiny plays with all and unfortunately it’s true!
The fact that MR.NAITHIK SINGHANIA is dead was true! 100% true! A pure veg true!
Naira and Naksh broke down! They cried out louder and louder! They cried out till their throats became dry! They cried out till their head started aching! They cried out till they fell feeble! They cried out for their mamma and papa! Crazy kids! They cried as if they had a competition of crying!

And Karthik and keerthi… took a higher job of making them quite! Giving them moral support! But higher jobs are very much tough! Hm… they did not think that the job was that difficult!
Where Naman, Nandhini and Rashmi! They sobbed and wept!! But finally they stopped as they are the elders of the family and should console Naira and Naksh!
When everybody is busy in consoling naira and Naksh…then entered! Mr.Akhilesh, Naithik’s best friend, in fact he is the person who took care of Naithik, his business, his will and stuff after he became bed ridden… Akhilesh was Naithik’s hands and shoulders!
Akhilesh lives in Bangalore… he controlled everything from there itself! He used to take regular trips to Udaipur for Naithik…

Everybody became silent after he entered… singhania mansion became pin drop silent with his entry and fortunately Naira and Naksh stopped as well!!
I know Naithik’s death is a desperate deficit but we have to digest the truth because no one is permanent on this earth…. Everybody must die some or the other day and this one was even proved by LORD RAMA and KRISHNA as well… when they itself left the earth we humans should do this obviously! So everyone! Rather than crying… prepare your selves for Moving on! Akhilesh stated!
Look this is nature’s phenomenon…somebody will be born and some other die! So we here just should complete all the rituals… so I request you all to stop crying and complete his crematory-rituals and his funeral! He spoke out again!

Everybody rose from their positions and did all of them!
Listen here! Akhilesh dragged the attention on him!
Everyone gathered near him!
Hm… The announcement I’m now going to give is about your will distribution!
Everyone became curious and widened their little eyes!

Out of his 100% will and property Naithik distributed his will to you all! 15% to Naman, 15% to Nandhini, 10% to Rashmi, 20% to Karthik and naira, 20% to keerthi and Naksh and last 20% to all his trusts and ashrams…. And here are your papers! He handed over to respective persons!
They completed all the formalities of will exchange and sat in royal hall on royal sofas!
Where Rashmi wandered everywhere the house…. Finally after coming to hall she was clearly heard to say that “don’t you think Naithik was murdered? Wasn’t he?”
All the people in singhania mansion squinted at Rashmi!

Rashmi! You are crazy! This is the reason we all believe that you are such an infuriating person! Akhilesh spoke out!
Oh… I’m sorry this time I was really lunatic and crazy! I don’t know why but I felt that! Sorry! She confessed!
Everybody ignored her but still they went on reasoning and thinking about the statement she gave!
“Don’t you think Naithik was murdered? Wasn’t he?”

Later akhilesh bid bye to everyone and boarded his train to Bangalore… he kept on thinking of Rashmi’s statement!

Nandhini di! I’ll go back to my house…if you have anything important to do please do call me I’ll be here in an hour….. Rashmi said!
Okay! Everybody waved!
Rashmi lived in the village next to Udaipur with a lady companion Varsha… they had been living together since Three and half years!

In train Mr. Akhilesh was thinking and thinking about her statement….
Yes… how did naithik die all of a sudden? What happened actually? Was that true that he was murdered? Oh…no…. why I’m I giving head to that crazy lady’s statement? He became fluctuating his mind… he became unstable… but somehow he passed the dreadful night!
The next evening… Mr. Akhilesh got a call…
Hello! He lifted up the phone call!
Hello sir, I’m… Inspector Tarun… said the voice from the other side!
Inspector? Okay! How can I help you sir?
Do you anything about Ms. Rashmi? About her friends? About her family?
Yes.. sir she is my best friend’s sister and I met her yesterday in her brother’s funeral! But what’s the reason?
We found her dead in her house @ 4:00

What? She is dead?
Yes… she is murdered according to medical evidence!
precap: investigation!

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  1. Vinni05

    Interesting one
    Waiting for next one

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      Thanks vinnie

  2. Vedanshidwivedi

    This really full of suspense pls update fast it is really nice

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  3. Fenil

    Loved it.
    Suspense plus one more murder of rashmi.
    Waiting for next.

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Thank you fenu!

  4. Suspense… Rashmi is dead??how is that possible for you to think like this?
    I liked it so much mystery and investigative

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Haha!! Thanks paru

  5. Sanyuktha

    Omg!! ? killing with mysteries !! How the investigation will be there ?

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      Thanks sanyuktha

  6. superb suspense please next one soon

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      Thank you Loki!

  7. Interesting.keep writing.i am waiting for the next epi.too good

  8. Soumya85

    Amazing episode so full of suspence loved it

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