Meri Bhabhi 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 21st November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with jasmeet asking Anand to take Kittu out. He asks Kittu to get ready as he wants to take her for a moive. She says I have so much work. He says you can’t make food. She says I have to help them, it won’t look good. He says jasmeet asked me to take you for a movie, she requested me to take you. Kittu says we will go when Shraddha comes back, Mummy and Papa will get bored without us. Anand gets upset. He calls jasmeet and says we are not going. jasmeet says come on. Anand says Kittu does not have time. Kittu says sorry to Anand and asks him to have tea. He says my mood is off and leaves.

Kunal goes to meet Shraddha. Chaya leaves Shraddha seeing Kunal. Kunal says the function is going to start, so …. He gives his hand to her. He says lets go. Shraddha is about to give her to him thinking about Chaya’s words. Some girl Suzanne comes and hugs Kunal. Shraddha looks at Kunal and he looks at her. Shraddha sees the dressing of Suzanne. She wears a mini dress. Suzanne says I came here to meet you. He says thats great, so how are you. She says I m good, how are you. He says I m great, and introduces Suzanne to Shraddha. Suzanne hugs Kunal again and says I missed you a lot, you did not tell us when you came back from US. Shraddha leaves. Kunal comes with Suzanne and sits with her. Shraddha looks at them.

The function starts. Chaya tells everyone about herself. She says I m a housewife, did not putsue anything. People start shouting housewife and tease her. Kunal stands up and goes to Chaya. He says housewife, it looks like she don’t do anything, but she works at home, she would get much salary for the work she does. Shraddha smiles hearing Kunal’s words. He supports Chaya and everyone become quiet. Everyone clap for Kunal. Chaya leaves.

Kunal tells everyone about himself. Suzanne cheers for Kunal. He says I came India to start my jewellery business and I came to get my special someone who can be my life partner. He looks at Shraddha and smiles. Everyone claps for him. Its Shraddha’s turn now. Shraddha look at everyone and says I m a teacher and a mother. These roles give me happiness. Some men taunt Shraddha for running and doing a love marriage. They laugh at her. Kunal gets angry. Shraddha says Bobby did not come with me, he won’t come, Bobby was my mistake, and mistakes happen by everyone and people learn by their mistakes, I have learnt, I did not do anything big, I did not lose anytime in my life, now I m starting my life with my son for my family who always support me.

She says I want my family’s happiness, my life’s goal is to see my family happy and when I come here again, I can be proud to say that I gained my family’s happiness by myself. Everyone claps for her. Kunal looks at Shraddha. Mummy talks to Kittu and asks her to go with Anand. Kittu says we can go later. Mummy says Anand is upset. Mummy says Anand is not like Papa to express himself, but he would also feel bad. Kittu says no, Anand understands. Mummy says do you understand Anand. She says you make our wish true, but what about Anand.

Mummy says I m not scolding you. She says if you are making a mistake, I have to tell you. She says go and talk to Anand. Kittu says ok, I will talk to him and leaves. jaya is in her room. Ashish comes to her to apply oil to her hair. He says you relax and see my magic. He says you are so busy. She says don’t taunt me. He says I m asking you to relax. She says I m doing important work. He says reunion photos. She says I want to know what happens in the reunion. He says why are you working on it, Shraddha will tell it herself when she comes. jaya thinks about it.

Shraddha is missing Dhruv and looks at his photo in her phone. Kunal comes to her with coffee. She says for me, won’t you have it. He says I brought it for myself, but gave to you to hear your no. She laughs. Kunal says I felt good seeing your confidence, nice speech. She says it was not a speech, I learnt this from my life. She says you are junior to me in learning life. He says really, then whats this. She says what. He says tears. She is quiet. He jokes and makes her smile. She says whats your problem. He says thats the spirit. She says leave me alone. He says how can I leave you alone, I don’t know it. She says what about Suzanne and others.

Kunal says you are jealous. She says why will I be. He says then why are you running, agree to this. He says you think whatever you want but let me go. She leaves. Kunal smiles.

Suznne asks Kunal who is that girl about whom you were talking. Kunal says whall I say. Shraddha is tensed. Kunal looks at Shraddha and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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