Sasural Simar Ka 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 21st November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
Shaureya comes in the room smiling. Pari brings him the milk. Shaureya says no i don’t want it. Uma says this all decoration is done by four of us so this night will be memorable for you. Shaureya says we will try to make it of use. Pari says good luck for you new life. Shaureya locks the door and goes to jhanvi. He sasy finally i got time to talk to you alone he says jhanvi you are so lucky that you a such a lovely family. But no i will take care of you, love you. When ever you will think about me you’ll smile. They get closer.

Scene 2
Simar says to roli i think shaureya has changed really. Roli says maybe you are right. He took care of jhanvi a lot today. She says you should go now i will manage all this. Anjali must be waiting for you. Simar leaves. Roli feels someone behind him. She turns around and shaureya is standing there. Roli get scared. She says do you want something? He says yes i came to get jhanvi water. He says sorry i couldn’t thank you fro getting jhanvi back in my life. Roli says yes now you are part of us you just have to keep jhanvi happy. He says yes i will make her that happy that even meaning of happiness will change for her. She will be so happy that she will regret marrying a man like me. He has some fierce look on his face. He says she will forget what happiness is. Roli says are you joking shaureya ? He says i will joke to you ? No way. Roli says that repentance was that all a lie ? He says are you gonna listen the happiness of jhanvi from me or you will go and see by yourself. Roli goes running to jhanvi’s room. Jhanvi comes out of the bathroom. She asks are you okay ? Jhanvi says yes i am fine and so happy. She says shaureya came in the kitchen and said.. Jhanvi asks what did he say ? Shaureya comes from back and i will tell you. Shaureya says actually she doesn’t believe me that’s why she came here to see you. Roli says yeah i just came to see you. Roli wonders what is going on in shaureya’s mind. Shaureya makes jhanvi drink water from his hands in front of roli. Roli leaves.

Scene 3
Sid says to jhanvi that in my whole professional life no storm like this came the way they come in my house. He says to roli that don’t be a dangerous player next time you are in some problem. Just ask your big boss. He says i love you can you imagine what i was going through when i was looking at you with someone else in the marriage hall. Sid says why aren’t you saying something. Roli thinks its useless to say something to him before i am sure about something. Roli says life plays games. We went to get jhanvi divorce and what happened. Sid says i hope whatever what shaureya is doing is from all his heart. Roli says i pray the same. Roli says i am so tired. He gets her up in his arm and take her to bed and asks her to sleep.

Scene 4
Sujata says wow you people have done such a good arrangements let me make chatni for jhanvi. Pari asks jhanvi could you sleep well last night ?Did he take care of you. Jhanvi is smiling. Sujata says how much will you annoy my daugher. Mata ji says to mausi ji that our house is happy after a long time. Mausi ji says jhanvi happy we all happy. Sujata says but it would have been doubled if she had been in her house. Simar says that we came do some rituals. Jhanvi will make something sweet for shaureya. Jhanvi says but i don’t know how to make it. MAusi ji says your bhabhis will make it for you. Jahnvi says but i will be happy if i make it myself. Roli hopes that the man jhanvi is making sweet for doesn’t spoil her life

Precap- Shaureya comes to roli and says the cylinder was empty so re installed one. My friend’s new wife was making sweet as well and the knob left open she flamed and it all boomed. Go look jhanvi. Roli goes running and jhanvi is about to burn the flame.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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