Madhubala 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 21st November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Madhu tells RK if he wants to feel the baby? He walk upto her..

Pabho adds til in the laddos..(which is considered bad for the baby)

RK tells Madhu to cut the drama Shocked

Pabho says.. for a while the baby will be in pain n then peace forever! Dead Show it was Pabho who pushed Madhu down the stairs!

RK says a lot of peoples hopes are attached to the movie..n Madhu says they dun want u to do what u want to! RK says i have right on the kid n telling u last time..48 hours..with u.. once shoot ends we will go to the Doc!

Pabho says.. last nite for the baby and tomorrow morning will bring good news for us! Radha feeds Madhu n Dips fumes..! Sikky tells Dips to think about Junior Bhatia..! She says no! Pabho asks Dips to bring the laddo..! She refuses but Pabho insists!

Bittu says.. whole press is here to cover the last scene of the movie..! Radha asks why? Bittu says coz its final scene! Sikky says so a journo was asking about action scenes!

Radha asks what scene? Bittu says if i tell all ..what will u see on screen? Pabho offers laddo to Madhu saying seems Dips has made it..!

Madhu about to eat ..and RK interrupts asks talked to who i told u to? He says yes! Radha asks to detail about the scene! RK says.. a fire sequence..! Radha fumes.. saying she cant shoot such scenes at this stage! She asks to cancel the shoot! Bittu says RK din want Madhu to shoot. but n Madhu says i will shoot this scene coz RK cares for nothing else than the movie! She walks off! Pabho fumes!

Pabho suggests to go on the set on the shoot.. to keep an eye on Madhu! Radha smiles! Pabho suggests to take laddos along ..!

Media is at the Sitara Studio …! Fire sequence being explained by Mehul .. where he says to lock up the girl in the house.. n lock it.. !

RK calls a stuntwoman to shoot the scene for Madhu..! Mehul refuses..! RK says..every movie has dupes.. whats the probs? Mehul says.. it will look fake! Its a 1 minute shot .. ! RK says its about Madhus life.. n no film is bigger than her life n Mehul says film is not bigger than Madhus life.. so dun worry! Madhu arrives on the shoot! Madhu says will do the scene! RK fumes! RK asks Madhu if she is nuts? Risking her life! Madhu says.. it will be unprofessional if i dun do this! Lot of peoples livelihood are at stake..!

Pabho-Radha arrive on the shoot! Madhu reassures Bittu..! Pabho offers laddo to Madhu but she takes Radha-Pabho for tour of the set! Bittu explains the scene .. n so does Mehul ..!

Part 2

Mehul tells Madhu to do the scene herself and be careful

Madhu is confident! Mehul talks of rehersal.! RK is nervous..!

Scene starts.. Madhu is running from goons and locks the door..of the house! The goons put the house on fire!

Part 3

Madhu is screaming to be let out.. .. ! Scene is being shot..! Pabho goes to the backdoor and blocks it..!

RK feels scared seeing Madhu scream..! He walks to the backdoor ..

Precap — RK is walking towards the backdoor! Pabho says may ur soul RIP Madhu! Madhu is trying to open the door..! Madhu is screaming and faints..! RK breaks open the door..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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