Meri Bhabhi 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 18th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kunal getting to know that Shraddha is ready to go for the reunion. Kunal is happy. Papa jokes with him and Kunal laughs. Kamini looks at Kunal and Shraddha while Purshottam is seeing Kittu happy with Mummy. He asks Kamini to learn from them. She says I don’t understand why you always compare Kittu with Shraddha. He says because you don’t understand. She says look there, he says Kunal is happy and smiling. Kamini is annoyed. Kunal comes to Shraddha and says thanks for saying yes to the reunion. She says I heard my heart. He says you heard me. She says think what you want, its your problem. Kamini sees them talking and is worried.

Mummy comes and calls Kittu. Kittu is upset with her mum. Kittu tells Mummy that she is not happy with her mum. Mummy asks Kittu to forget everything and give sweets to her mum. Kittu goes to Kamini and is hurt on the way by the crackers outburst. Kittu shouts and everyone are shocked to see her hurt.

Everyone run to Kittu. Kamini is shocked. Anand tells Kittu how can you be so careless. Anand says think about yourself also. Kittu cries. Papa calls the doctor and says everything will be fine. Anand cares for Kittu. Kittu looks at him. Anand asks Shraddha to take care of Kittu. Shraddha says we will apply some chandan paste to her. Mummy says anything could have happened. Ishaan asks Kittu not to be quiet. Kunal jokes and Kittu smiles. Shraddha takes Kittu’s side and says she is really hurt. Kittu’s hand is burnt. Papa says the doctor will come tomorrow. jaya asks where is Kamini. Kamini comes there. jaya asks her what happened. Kamini goes outside. jaya says everyone are with Kittu and you are here.

She says you were there, why did you not save Kittu. Kamini says its late, I think we should go. Kamini comes to Kittu and sees her sleeping. Kamini cries and Kittu wakes up as her tear falls on her hand. Kamini says take care, I m going. Shraddha comes there and Kamini is angry to see her. Papa and Mummy gives gifts to Kittu’s family. They greet them and leave. Kunal says I will come in the morning and pick up Shraddha, we will go together. Anand thanks him. Kamini hears this and is angry. jaya tells her bye. Purshottam says this family takes very good care of Kittu and look at you, you don’t care about your children.

Shraddha tells Kittu that she is going. Kittu says its good, you will be going and Anand will be taking care of me. They laugh and Anand comes. Anand tells Shraddha to make Kittu have food. Shraddha says I m going tomorrow, so I have to pack and need to go now. She leaves. Anand says how will Kittu eat on her own. Kittu says yes, Shraddha was busy. She asks Anand to help her sit and eat. Anand helps her. He looks at her and she says food. He makes her eat. She says I know you are annoyed with my mum, but I m sorry from her side. Anand says you don’t need to say sorry.

Kittu says I know my mum, see what she did on karwachauth. She says did you forgive her. Anand says not yet, give me some time, leave all this and have food. Kittu bites his hand and laughs. Shraddha sees them together and smiles. Kittu smiles seeing Shraddha. Papa talks to Mummy about Kittu’s wound. Mummy is making Shraddha’s gown ready. Papa says see Kittu also. Mummy says Kittu is fine. Mummy is talking about Shraddha.

Papa asks where is she, its getting late. Kunal takes his parent’s blessings and says I m going. Kamini is annoyed and angry. Kunal jokes. Kamini says enough now. Kunal hugs her and says I love you Maa. Kamini asks him to take care and drive carefully. She says don’t do anything there. Kunal says fine, miss me and leaves. Kamini says will he take Shraddha with him. Everyone are saying bye to Shraddha. Anand asks Shraddha to enjoy well. jaya asks where is Kunal. Mummy says Shraddha can go alone. Papa says yes, she used to go alone when she was in college. Ishaan says Shraddha drives well. Mummy says come on, its getting late. Shraddha leaves.

Kunal is hurt by Shraddha’s car. She is shocked to see him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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