Madhubala 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Madhubala 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 18th November 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK asks Madhu if all is well? Radha says no..! RK asks means? Radha-Pabho leave from there! RK is confused! He asks Madhu the matter? He asks if Madhu is ok? What Doc said? Whats wrong with her? Madhu blushes..! RK asks why she is she nuts? What Doc said? Madhu holds RKs hand and puts it on her tummy! RK asks what happened? Anything happened? Madhu asks him to understand! RK says lost my mind..what is the matter? Madhu says.. ur an idiot..try and understand! RK says..what is the matter? No one is telling me anything! Madhu says chupp! RK says what is the matter? Madhu says ur gonna become a father! RK says am gonna be a father. .thats great but n stops and is smiling..!Madhu is delighted! RK says.. a kid? 9 months..gotta wait so long? RK says ur so weak can i wait so long! Madhu says..relax.. am not sick! RK says.. think of urself not me.. just relax..! Madhu asks why? RK says..want u to think of urself so our kid is like u.. n not me! Madhu says. .relax. we are gonna become parents.. ! RK says.. will go and tell the world that Superstar RK is gonna be a superBaap! Madhu says later.. dun wanna tell now! RK says.. will go share with home..! U on bedrest! Madhu smiles..! RK smiles too! He says I love u Madhu n she says same thing!

Bittu is delighted to hear this news from Radha..! Sikky too..! Radha doesnt reply to him! Sikky says am guilty ..please forgive me! Radha says ur guilty for hurting RK. .so go and seek his forgiveness..! RK comes and tells all Congratulations..! Roma and Bittu congratulate RK..! Bittu says gonna be a chacha.. RK says. .and mama too! He asks to feed sweets to all ..! RK tells Pabho that her kid is gonna be a father of a kid.. blessings! Pabho says my blessings are always with u. .may ur kid be like u! RK says. world can bear only one RK .. if one will be a problem..just pray and bless that my kid is like Madhu..! RK glares at Sikky ..who looks away..!Dips self thot. Sikky is a goner today! Sikky asks RK to forgive him and RK hugs him..! All are shocked..! Sikky says forgive me! RK says forgiven! Sikky swears on RKs unborn kid that he wont repeat this again! RK says.. dun take advantage of this forgiveness.. u know what i can do.. if u do..coz my stock of forgiveness is over! Sikky reassures him and they hug and he thanks RK! Bittu says all is well ..can i leave! RK asks where are u off to? Did u get a Bittu-ni? Sikky says.. my marriage bureau Shree Ganesh with u..! Bittu says u got forgiven today only! RK says all will stay here for the night to celebrate!

Dips wonders how did RK forgive Sikky..? Sikky comes n says. .not happy to see me here are u? U wanted to make me spend life in jail .. well am here..! Sikky says. .u appear innocent. but u r not..! U exposed me in front of RK..! Dips says.. no nothing like that! Sikky says.. only humans make mistake.. only u are super human! What timing..! Sikky asks Dips to get food for him! Dips is stunned..! Sikky says that ur repentance.. now go! She goes..! Sikky falls flat on the bed!

Radha-Pabho are checking jeweleries.. for gifting Madhu! She asks Pabhos view n she says u have better choose urself! Radha choses a green set n says nice one. .wanna gift to Madhu! Pabho fumes..a bit.! Dips comes n sees them discussing .. n joins in..! Radha says big happiness in the house.. all should buy gifts..! Pabho coufs.. and Radha says lemme get meds..! Pabho says Dips will make Kadha for me..! She asks Dips to come with her! Dips looks at the jewelery and sulks..! Radha keeps looking at them! Pabho says.. tired of hearing Madhus name.. ! Guruji said she is trouble for RK .. but the more i do ..she comes nearer to him! Pabho says.. one good news and all are drawn back to Madhu! Pabho says.. wanna be happy for RK but am not.. this looks like a trap..! Dips walks off..! RK and Bittu say cheers and drink ..! RK asks Bittu to marry before his bhatija.. asks him why are u unmarried..! He asks if khichdi is cooked with Roma? Bittu says..she is chipkali ..not gonna marry her! Dips comes n RK says. .chipkali here.. n asks Bittu to ask Dips if she will take drink or stick with me! Bittu says am too loaded so leaving.. good nite!

Part 2

Dips says wondering whether to congratulate u or express sympathy with u! RK says sometimes i think when u were born..did u cry or taunt the nurse? Dips says on that note lemme serve myself a drink! Dips says got the biggest news of ur life! RK says. yes am very happy if my enemy asks anything from me. .will not refuse. .else u wont have been here.. n gotten sprayed with chipkali repellant! Dips says i heard this news. n felt bad so came.. nothing in ur life comes with free.. always there is a big cost! RK says .. feel bad..that ur dream of ruining my happiness will remain a dream! I have everything n u have nothing! Dips says agree that this kids arrival is a big news. .but what about ur movie? RK is quiet!

Part 3

Dips says RKs first movie will be shelved! RK says shut ur mouth..why will my film close? Only 2 days of shoot left..and it will release! Dips says.. got hurt on ur head? Madhus pregnancy wont affect shoot..but what about other things? Ur movies value is degraded already…! RK says to keep mouth shut! Dips says.. meethe meethe sapne jhoote hote hain .. aur sach ..whiskey ki tarah kadwa hota hai! Dips says.. who will buy a pregnant heroines film? Which distributor? Dips says.. RK PH first movie. is a dud! RK says shut ur mouth! Dips says u can shut my mouth but what about the world? Its said.. coming child.. shines the future of its parents .wonder what this child will do? Tho its possible ur setting fortune rises..! Good nite RK the superstar gonna be superdad! RK sulks. glares and fumes!

RK comes into the bedroom and sees Madhu fast asleep..! He recollects Dips words and is troubled.. and anxious..! He lies on the couch and is lost in the words of Dips..!

Precap — RK tells Madhu that i want the kid to come when i can give it all ..and dun want the kid to live in this situation! Madhu asks what do u mean? RK says.. dun want the kid to live the life i am living.. dun give birth to this child! Madhu slaps RK and RK glares at her!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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