Sasural Simar Ka 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 18th November 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
CM says to shaureya that you wanted to sopil life of that girl and look it has all come to you. Shaureya says but CM sir.. Meghna slaps him on the face and says now to concede your sin you will argue with CM sir. I thought it was mistake of this bharatwaj family but they aren’t wrong. Its all your fault. You made me embarrassed in front of whole world. Meghna goes to mata ji and apologizes. She says i thought you people did this to get money from us but i know this is all my brother’s fault. I was blind in love of my brother. Meghna says to jhanvi that i am so sorry for not listening to you. Pleases forgive me, i ask for pardon on behalf of my brother. She says to shaureya that i fought for all the women and my brother in my house is playing with the feelings of women. You did this to jhanvi. It took me years to make this name and you rot all that in hell. Meghna says to mata ji that i am apologizing you but i give all the authority to you to take the decision. Simar says that we want shaureya to give jhanvi divorce in front of everyone. The relationship they made in concede will break in public. So jhanvi can live her life with all the respect and confidence. Shaureya is in tears looking for a last ray of hope in jhanvi’s eyes. Mata ji says this is all we wanted we have to leave. They are leaving. Shaureya remembers all what happened between them. From Their first meeting to their wedding. Shaureya says please stop jhanvi. Jhanvi and whole family turn around. He sits on his knees in front of jhanvi He says i am so sorry jhanvi. I don’t know why i never realized my mistake. I just wanted to punish you but today after listening to di i realize my mistakes please don’t leave me. I am so remorseful over what i did. If you give me one last chance i will rectify all this. Simar says what you want to say ? Shaureya stands up and says today i want to complete the seventh round around fire in front of whole world. Please marry me jhanvi. Everyone is startled. Meghna is in tears. Shaureya offers his hand and says i want to own you for whole of my life. Please be by my side. What happened can’t be changed but i promise you that i will never let tears fall from your eyes. We will both begin a new life. Jhanvi is about to give her hand in shaureya’s. Sid intrudes and says he is impersonating again. You wanted to thorw her out of her a moment ago and now you wanna marry her. Prem says how can you even think that we will let her marry you. You are a liar and cheat. Sujata says what are you saying prem. Mata ji syas he is right. Shaureya you are not worth being related too. What we decided here will happen. We will sned you divorce papers in a few days. Shaureya says divorce must be the easiest solution for me but i don’t want that. please give me second chance i will never hurt her. Simar says the pain you gave us isn’t hard for us to fill. ANd where does this all love came from ? Mausi ji says he is just trying to hide his real face. He is a demon. Meghna intrudes and says I am sorry for interference. I have made the mistake of not understanding my brother once. My brother was lying first and i believed him. Now he is saying truth and you all are considering it a lie. His lowered eyes are the proof that he is repentant over what he did to jhanvi. I know him so well. Meghna says to mata ji that you know how easy it is to break a relationship but how hard to keep it intact. Now tell me without a second chance should we asks jhanvi and shaureya to divorce. Sujata says to Mata ji that the biggest pnishmeny of any mistake is the repentance. And this is about life of our jhanvi. Befoere taking such a big decision we should contemplate. Prem says what are you saying maa, sid says what are you saying. Rajhinder says i don’t agree with this suujata ji. Mata ji says to Meghna that this is a really complicated problem we need to talk over this we need some time. Meghna asks Atuul to take the bharatwaj family to the guest room. Attul leads them there.

Scene 2
In the guest room, Rajhinder says to mata ji what is in it to contemplate over ? He made fun of this relationship once now there is no chance of being with him again. Sujata says this about jhanvi’s life we should give them a second chance. SId says how will we leave our sister in this hell. Rajhinder says she has a all her life in front of her. We will find a good guy for him. Roli says that meghna and shaureya are the people that only think about their money and status. Sujata says why can’t we assume that he must have changed. Mausi ji says that if the juice is extraordinary sweet then it must have poison in it. Mata ji says i don’t care about shaureya and meghna but jhanvi. We should not forget that the kmost important thing to know is the opinion of jhanvi. Sujata says this is not the time to be quiet tell everyone what you want.

Precap- Jhanvi says to mata ji that once i took a decision of marring shaureya without taking my family in confidence about it, and because of that we are all standing here. I leave this all on you mata ji whatever you decide will be acceptable to me. outside shaureya says to meghna that i don’t deserve a second chance.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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