Meri Bhabhi 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Meri Bhabhi 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 16th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha having a scene with Dhruv. Kittu comes and smile seeing them together. Shraddha tells Kittu that Bobby is trying to get closer to Dhruv, he will make Dhruv away from her. Kittu says Dhruv is our life, and Bobby can’t separate us from him. Shraddha cries. Kamini talks to her husband about Kunal’s marriage. She says you have to take leave from your work after we finish our every work. He says yes I remember. She says spend some time with me. He says tell me, where do you want to go. She says we will go to Chaar Dhaam Yatra. He says we will go to Malaysia, we are not yet old. She says Kittu is worried about Shraddha. He says let the court case end, then everything will be fine. Kamini is worried.

Kittu wakes up at night and sees Papa in the hall,

sitting tensed. She comes to Papa and asks him why did he not sleep, what are you thinking. Papa says nothing, old memories. Kittu says you cried thinking them. Papa says no, I was thinking how happy I was when Shraddha was born, but I promised her mum that I will give every happiness to Shraddha, but see the fate, Shraddha is bearing so much pain. He says I could not keep up my promise, maybe its my mistake in her upbringing that she went against me, went with Bobby marrying him. Kittu says its no one’s mistake, its fate. Kittu says you should be proud of Shraddha’s decision that she fought against evil and decided to stay alone. Kittu says once Bobby goes away, then everything will be fine.

Papa says I wish this comes true. Kittu asks him to go and sleep. She says good night to Papa. Kitu wishes the Lord that our house should be in peace always. She gets a call from Kunal. Kunal says I wanted to talk to you. She says ok, I was awake. He says what happened, you are sounding worried. Kittu tells him about Bobby. Kunal says what does Bobby want. Kittu says we do not know, he is after Dhruv now. Kunal says we can’t say anything, maybe he is doing this so that he don’t have to give alimony. Maybe he is planning something big. Kunal says these cases keep on going. Kittu gets tensed. Kunal says I will talk about myself later, go to sleep now. He says sometimes the fresh morning brings new solutions. Kittu goes outside the house and sits there in the lawn. She thinks of Shraddha’s, Papa’s and Mummy’s words.
jasmeet talks to Shraddha and says don’t worry, this case is in our hands. She says its only for few days, then we will be free. She asks for Kittu. Anand goes to see Kittu. Shraddha asks jasmeet to sit. Anand asks Papa where is Kittu. Papa says I don’t know. Mummy asks what happened. Papa says did Kittu tell you before going. Anand says she is not at home. Mummy says she might have gone to meet Kamini. Papa calls Ishaan and Ashish and ask them where is Kittu. Anand tries calling Kittu and says her phone is switched off. Everyone are worried. Kamini is shocked to know that Kittu is not at home. Papa says no one saw her since morning.
He says if she comes there, tell us, we are worried. Kamini prays to Lord for saving Kittu. Kamini tells this to her husband and calls Kunal. She says did you talk to Kittu. Kunal says no. Kamini says Kittu is not at her home. They are shocked.

Kunal asks her not to worry. Kamini says if Bobby does anything to Kittu, what will we do. Kamini starts crying getting worried about Kittu and blaming Shraddha. Kunal takes Shraddha’s side. Kamini scolds him for taking Shraddha’s side. He says I will keep trying Kittu. He says Kittu is grown up, she might have gone somewhere by her will. Kunal calls Kittu. Papa asks Anand about Kittu. jaya comes and asks what happened. Ashish says Kittu is not here. jaya says did she not tell you before going. Ishaan says if we knew about her, we would have not been worried. jaya says I know where she went. Everyone looks at jaya.

Kittu comes to meet Bobby. Bobby smiles seeing her. Bobby says you here. Kittu says yes. Bobby welcomes her inside. Kittu says I m fine, I want to know why you are doing this, why are you not giving divorce to Shraddha. Bobby says so you came here to talk about Shraddha, he says come inside, lets discuss. He offers her water, but she refuses. He says come, sit. Kittu says now will you tell us, what do you want. Bobby says a lot, I want you all to agree to my terms. Kittu is shocked. Bobby tells her what he wants. The scene is muted.

Kittu comes home. Anand asks her where she was and how much everyone got worried. Everyone ask Kittu. Kittu brings Bobby with her. Everyone are shocked. Bobby laughs.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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