Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2013 Written Update

MB comes back home and overhears Kinjal telling Urmi that it’s so peaceful as MB is not at home. Urmi agrees and says that she cannot breathe easy when MB is home and she has prayed that MB leaves. MB thinks that these two are plotting her ouster so she should separate them. Urmi tells Kinjal to make tea for her. MB enters and asks Urmi if she got the garbage removed. She tells Kinjal to rest as she (Kinjal) couldn’t sleep well with her sleeping beside her. Kinjal goes away happily and MB tells Urmi to make tea for her. She leaves the kitchen and Urmi is angry and wonders why MB is acting her enemy and she is already worried about repaying money to the chit fund members.

Rashi is pacing in the hall. She is scared that she hasn’t got

the bill and it’s time for Jigar to come back from office. She worries that if Koki comes to know, she will kill her. Jihem enter and Ahem goes up to his room. Jigar sits on the sofa and asks a worried Rashi what happened. Rashi says nothing and tells him that she will get water for him. Radha is watching them from upstairs. Rashi comes back with water; she sees a paper on the floor while Jigar is drinking water and is worried. Radha smiles from upstairs. Jigar tells Rashi that he will go to his room but spots the paper while getting up. He picks up the paper but Rashi grabs it from him and reads it. It’s only a scribbled piece of paper. Jigar asks if she is ok and Rashi agrees. Radha thinks that it’s time to strike a blow and leaves from there. Jigar leaves to go to his room and Rashi is irritated. Radha keeps a paper on the side table thinking Jigar keeps his watch there.

Jigar enters his room and keeps the watch on the table. He spots the paper and picks it. He reads it and it’s a love letter written in blood. Rashi enters and spots him holding the letter and is scared thinking it’s the bill. She runs to him and grabs the paper and tears it. Jigar is shocked. He asks her what is all this and why did she hide such a big thing from him. Rashi apologizes for her mistake and says she won’t repeat it again. Jigar shouts that it’s cheating and asks why she is silent. Rashi asks why he is over reacting for such a small thing. Jigar argues that it’s not a small thing for him, he sees it as cheating. Rashi is shocked and Jigar leaves the room angrily. Radha watches the scene from the door and smiles. She remembers how she wrote a letter using sauce and thinks that Jigar would not have reacted so angrily if he had found the bill but this letter will make him mad. Gopi overhears Jigar yelling at someone on the phone and wonders whom he is shouting at, as he has never behaved like this. She goes to Rashi and asks if she had a fight with Jigar. Rashi taunts her that Jigar went and told her everything and Jigar has the habit of overreacting. She warns her not to interfere and Gopi leaves the room sadly. Gopi bumps into Radha who is holding newspapers and she apologizes to her. Radha says it’s ok and they pick up the newspapers. She asks Gopi why she is worried and Gopi tells her about RaJi. Radha says that it’s all ok and Gopi asks what does she mean. Radha says nothing and leaves. Gopi is thinking.

Urmi is thinking in the kitchen how to earn more money and MB enters the kitchen. She sees that Urmi has burnt the roti and scolds her that she does not know anything and praises Kinjal’s cooking. Kinjal is happy and Urmi is annoyed.

Modis are having dinner and Rashi is waiting for Jigar. Jigar comes and walks hesitantly to his place at the table and sits. Hetal notices that Jigar is upset and asks him. Kohem and Gopi also look at him but Jigar says that he is just stressed about work. Rashi thinks that she should apologize or Jigar may tell Koki about the bill and she will kill her. Koki tells him not to take so much stress or it will affect his health. She tells him to eat properly. Rashi says that she made his favourite vegetable and goes to serve him. Jigar gets up abruptly and says that he is not hungry and has a headache. Gopi tells him to eat something but Jigar refuses.

Jigar leaves from the table and all are shocked. Radha is happy. Koki asks Rashi what happened and if everything is ok. Rashi nervously tells her that everything is ok and he may only be stressed. Koki advises her to take milk for him as he has a headache. Rashi agrees and says she will give him a head massage too and leaves. Radha is happy and Gopi is worried.

Urmi poses in front of the mirror wearing a new saree and praises herself. Her phone rings and Rashi tells her about the bill problem and that Jigar has stopped talking to her and is not coming to their room too. Urmi asks how he came to know and scolds Rashi for not getting rid of the bill. Rashi tells her that she will apologize to him as she does not like seeing him upset. Urmi scolds her that it’s not necessary as Jigar will expect her to apologize everytime. She advises her to sulk too and stop talking to him. Rashi says it’s her mistake so she should apologize. Urmi reminds her that she has given him 2 sons and just Rs 20000 is nothing for the rich Modis. She sees her sarees greedily and brags to Rashi that she has controlled her own husband (Jitubhai) like this and she (Rashi) should also learn from her. MB overhears this and is disgusted that Urmi is teaching her daughter to disrespect her husband and feels sorry for her brother (Jitubhai). She decides to teach her a lesson.

Jigar enters the room and Rashi ignores him and takes her medicine. She goes to sleep and Jigar is angry. He goes to his side of the bed and switches off the light. He lies down but is unable to sleep.

Next day
Gopi sees Jigar sitting outside the mandir looking lost and upset. She goes to him and asks why he is sitting there. She tells him not to hide anything from her. But Jigar says nothing. Gopi insists and says that she has never seen him this upset and aks him again. Ahem comes and calls her. He tells her to iron his shirt and Gopi leaves telling Jigar to wait for her as she wants to talk to him. Jigar leaves from there and comes to his room. He is upset to see that Rashi is still sleeping. He removes his clothes from the cupboard and goes to the bathroom. Gopi comes to the mandir and wonders where Jigar is. Jigar comes out of the bathroom and sees Rashi talking to Tolu-Molu asking if they are also angry with her. Jigar’s coat button breaks and he gets irritated. Rashi gets up to help him but remembers Urmi’s words and ignores him. She removes a bottle from the cupboard and drops it. The bottle breaks and Jigar gets angry and shouts at her that she is careless. They start fighting. Jigar scolds Rashi that it’s no use talking to her. Rashi argues back to take a good look at himself as he is over reacting. Jigar taunts that all she knows is to fight and cry and does not possess even one of Gopi’s good qualities. Rashi is shocked. Gopi overhears them fighting and is worried.

Tomorrow’s Precap
Gopi tells Jigar that both he and Rashi are angry now. She advises him to talk to Rashi once both have cooled down and end their misunderstanding. Radha overhears them and decides that she will not allow RaJi fight to end.

Update Credit to: dipsy80

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