Sasural Simar Ka 16th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 16th September 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 16th September 2013 Written Update

Dadi comes somewhere in a taxi. She is waiting for someone to come. She tries calling, but no one picks up her call. The driver keeps asking her for money. Dadi is calling again and suddenly Shakti comes in a beggar avatar. They give money to the driver and are leaving from there. Right then Simar and Roli come in front of them. Shakti and Dadi try to run, but police stop them. Simar tells Dadi, if you can play a game with us, then we can do same as well. Dadi says, such a betrayal with me? I will come back and this time, with your property, I will take away your lives too. Other family members come there and are shocked to see Shakti. Prem asks Dadi, why did you do this? Shakti papa was alive, and you still blamed mataji and maa. Why did you do it? Dadi says, because I hate

bharadwaj family. They took away everything from me. Later when I met shakti, we decided to take revenge from Bharadwajs. After proper planning, I entered the house and blamed Sujata and mataji for killing Shakti. I then separated Prem from them. I was responsible for all the attacks on Roli as well. I wanted Bharadwajs property on any condition because I also have same rights on property as them.

Dadi then tells mataji, the revenge was mine, but your granddaughter, Janvi, was with me. Janvi comes from behind and is shocked to hear that. She asks Dadi what is this? From childhood I only knew one rishta.. with my Dadi. That rishta encouraged me to fight with any situation.. you were greater than the God for me. Janvi is crying and says I was worried day and night when you were sick.. and you? Dadi says, I always take you as my own.. but how can I forget what this Bharadwaj family gave to me and Shakti. That is why when I met shakti before few months, I planned to destroy Bharadwaj family no matter what.

Dadi tells Simar and Roli, you two think that you are too smart. You did DNA test and found out that that skeleton was not of Shakti. Do you know whose skeleton was that? It was of daddu’s loyal servant. He came to kill Shakti, but lost his life. I wanted Mataji and Sujata to go to jail.. and Prem supported me in this. Prem feels disgusted. Shakti says to Prem, whatever we did… was to get all the property, but not for us.. for you and Janvi. Prem says, I am ashamed calling you a father.. it’s good that you didn’t raise me, else I would be a bad person like you as well. Prem asks Dadi, you didn’t even think once before doing all this? Didnt you feel bad? He feels bad more for Janvi than himself and asks the cops to arrest them. Shakti says, I agree that I made a mistake… but I am your father. Prem says, don’t call me your son.. I have no relationship with you. If there was really any relationship, then where were you in all past years? And my sanskaar teaches me to support the truth.

Police arrest Dadi and Shakti. While they are taking them away, Janvi quietly leaves from there as well. Sid and Rajendra console prem. Simar cant see Janvi and asks everyone where she went. Everyone starts searching her.

Janvi is sitting beside a tree and crying remembering how she behaved with everyone, especially with Sujata. Prem sees her and goes to her. Prem asks her to forget everything thinking it was a bad dream. He says, I am with you. We both got hurt and we need help of our own to take us out from this. He asks her to go home. Janvi says no. Sid comes there and says, get up and let’s go home. I am your brother. I can at least ask you this much. Janvi seems happy.

Sid sits beside her and asks won’t you listen to your brother? Janvi says, please don’t say that.. I have no right to call myself your sister. I am ashamed of thinking what I did with Bharadwajs. I can’t face them. Sujata and Rajendra come there. Other family members also come there. Sujata hugs Janvi and asks her not to blame herself. She says, it was not your fault.. you didn’t do anything purposely. And trust me, I don’t have anything against you. I am thankful to matarani that she made me meet you again. No one has anything against you in this family. We all want you to come home with us and we will start a new beginning. Rajendra supports Sujata. Mataji joins in and says, I can’t believe.. today is very good day.. I got my granddaughter back today. Simar and Roli are happy. Mataji and Janvi hug. Prem apologizes to Mataji. He says, I don’t know how I thought that you and maa were wrong. Mataji says, bad time has gone.. now everything will be fine. Prem apologizes to Sid as well. Sid says, you will apologize to me? He then hugs him. Simar thanks matarani and prays her to keep her blessings on her family.

Precap: Bharadwajs bring Janvi home. Mausiji brings arti’s thaal and welcomes Janvi in. Janvi gets emotional.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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