Meri Bhabhi 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 15th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kittu coming to Anand. She talks to him in the car and says this car is romantic place. She reminds him about some romantic scene. She flirts with him. Anand looks at her. Anand gets out of the car. She laughs. Its raining and he comes inside. She sings a sing for him and says sorry you have to be with me in this car. Kittu laughs and hugs him. Anand says what are you doing. Kittu says we are married, its legal. She stares at him and he feels shy. They imagine a song Baahon me Chale aao….. in the rain. The sequence is well suited on the couple. Kittu and Anand dance in the rain.

Kittu is sleeping in the car and its morning. Mummy and Shraddha see her and wake her up. Mummy asks why are you sleeping here. Kittu wakes up and sees Anand is not there. Shraddha asks where is Anand. Mummy says I think Anand is still annoyed with Kittu, we should talk to him. Shraddha says I will talk to him. Kittu says Anand is really upset, he is right, he is annoyed because his wife did not trust him and I will make him happy. Kittu searches Anand in the house and does not find him. She calls him but could not connect. She wonders where he went. Shraddha comes and asks Kittu why are you worried. Kittu says Anand is nowhere. Shraddha says what.

Everyone are having breakfast. Papa asks Kittu what is the matter. Ashish asks her to smile. Papa asks for Anand. Shraddha says Anand is not at home. Shraddha says Anand is still annoyed with Kittu, its too much, he is not at home since yesterday night. Mummy says we should talk to Anand. Kittu says its nothing like that. Papa says where is he, explain him. Papa says call him. Kittu says he went for some important work. Anand comes. Kittu says its good you came. Anan says why are everyone looking at me like this. Kittu asks him to have food. He says come with me, I have some important work with you. Papa says I will talk to me. Mummy says let them talk, if the need arises then we will talk.

Anand and Kittu have a talk. She asks him to smile. He gives her some envelope. She thinks its a gift. He gives her money. She is shocked and asks whats this. He says its 50000 rs, give it to your mum and tell her I will give her the remaining amount this week. Kittu says mum did not ask about this. Kittu says no need. She says I made a mistake, but don’t do this. He says I m doing what I feel is right, I have to repay your loan.

Kittu says I was trying to be a good wife, I did this for you. She says I knew if Shraddha settles, then you will be happy. I did this only for you. Anand says you think this, I don’t think like this. She says trust me, don’t make me a stranger. He says if you want that everything becomes normal, then do what I say. He says ask Shraddha to get ready, we have to meet the lawyer.

Kittu comes to her with the money. Kamini says whats this. Kittu says whats wrong, we had to give back the money. Kittu’s dad says this thing is getting longer, I can see Anand angry. You should support him when he was fighting right, but you took a wrong step like your mum. He asks her to return the money to Anand. Kittu says no, I? cannot take this money back. He says shall I talk to Anand. He takes Kittu with him. Shraddha thinks to sign the divorce papers. Shraddha gets emotional and cries. Anand says Shraddha needs the divorce. jasmeet says I m sorry I cannot take this case, look for some other lawyer, as Shraddha does not have guts. Anand gets angry and says I will leave. jasmeet says what will she do when Bobby insults her infront of everyone in the court. She says Shraddha is feeling like she does not want to get rid of Bobby, I doubt on her decision.

Shraddha thinks about Bobby’s reality and signs the papers. jasmeet sees that and looks at Anand. Shraddha says this is my fight and I can do anything for this. I know Bobby will do anything to prove himself innocent, but I will not fear, I will fight, I want to get rid of him. jasmeet says ok, I will help you I promise. Anand asks Shraddha to go out. Anand says what an good idea you did. He praises her. She asks him about Kittu. Anand smiles.

Kittu’s dad comes to Papa and tells him everything. Anand comes with Shraddha and greets him. He tells everyone about the lawyer. Papa asks Anand about the money.

Papa scolds Anand. Kittu takes his side and says sorry to him. Anand smiles.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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