Madhubala 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 15th August 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK asks Madhu if she is looking for these?? [the Divorce papers]??

Madhu asks to return the papers to her but RK doesnt..and says.. changed my mind and decision

Madhu fumes… RK says.. told ya.. changed my mind..!

RK says when she said..she loves HIM he thot to end HER ..who is his life..and then he thot.. this is 2012 RK .. but 2013 .new year new RK ..who has control on his emotions..!

RK says… a pretty girl said.. no one can force their love on other coz love is a poison created in the heart..and it ends the heart first..! RK says..want freedom? Would have let her leave. .but at night .. he looked at moon n he felt peaceful ..

RK says.. thot a lot… about that moment.. when she said dun love u.. n then slapped those moments…


Madhu din love me. .why she din leave the day of their wedding?

If Madhu din love me…why was she dying to marry me?

Madhu says old things..and RK says . wine and love.. the older they get.. they become more intense!

RK says.. after wedding.. he saw his happiness on her face…when he got hurt..why she helped him? Became.. his shadow in sun … mere dard me meri dawa. .mere dukh me ..meri dua kyun bani ??

RK asks..why put herself at stake to save him before Sultan? Madhu says was drama..! RK says. .or this is a drama? Madhu glares.. gimme the papers so can go..! RK says stop the drama…!

Madhu says u . .n RK says..yes ME … who is on her mind and heart.. n she does all this to surprise him … its a welcome gift.. for him on his return! Madhu says.. WANT A DIVORCE And thats a FACT ..! RK says dun believe..!

RK says.. Meri Madhu mujhse kabhi alag nahi ho sakti. .n Madhu is teary eyed..! She asks what to do to make him believe? RK says…to admit.. this is a drama… n then he will give her a return gift… he puts divorce papers on fire! Madhu almost burns her hand to stop the papers from burning and RK splashes water on the fire to douse it…!

He walks anger! Radha asks the matter but RK fumes off..! Radha asks Bittu what is going on? Bittu says Madhu is divorcing RK …Radha is shocked

Dips says.. Toot gaye sare rishte..sare nate… pack up devrani ji..goodbye Chawlbala..!

Radha says. .cant understand and Bittu says.. this was her decision ..from hosp ..! Radha asks if RK did something?

Bittu says..that something is amiss.. Madhu loves RK a lot. .but dunno what is going on..! Radha is confused too .. n Bittu says let the storm pass on.. we will do something..! Radha goes to talk to Madhu!

Part 2

Radha comes to Madhu n finds her packing..! Madhu says.. she should have told her the details. .but.. its between Rishbala… so din wanna say..! Madhu says.. did all compromises..that i could.. but understood that cant live with RK like this…

Madhu asks Radha how long will she keep praying? Keep waiting for him? Thats why decided to separate from him..!

Dips smirks n says.. fantastic Sultan ..some thing there in ur brains along with brawns..!

Madhu says.. he keeps fighting.. beating people up .how long to live like that? One can dream in darkness. but cannot live..!

Part 3

Radha says REALLY??? Since when Madhu matured overnight? Tongue Dips smirks..! Radha asks.. Madhu.. she could have separated from RK long back. .but din. .so why now??

The wedding day is not long gone.. back then fought to get RK .. but now..saying such things…?? WHY??? Answer…

Madhu says.. then thot.. that i loved RK ..but now.. now.. love Sultan and stops midway…!

Precap —- Madhu says gotta go… and Radha says stop . .u r not going anywhere ..! Madhu says told u gonna do… wont change the decision! Radha sa

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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