Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 15th August 2013 Written Update
Part 1

Kanhaiya is in his room unable to sleep and he turns and sees Sona asking aren’t you sleeping yet? Kanhaiya looks away and says his mind is disturbed because of Sona and he turns again and sees Sona missing. Kanhaiya hears Sona’s voice again where Sona is sitting on his right where Sona says the place i have in your heart will remain the same always. No matter how much you try to forget me, you can’t remove me from your heart and memory. Kanhaiya says i will remove you from my life forever and Kanhaiya walks to the living hall where Kanhaiya sees Sona standing and smiling to him. Kanhaiya says why is he keep imagining Sona everywhere? Kanhaiya looks again and Sona is missing. Kanhaiya goes to the store room saying the store room will not give me any memories of Sona and she would not appear before me. Sona is in the store room trying to sleep while Kanhaiya walks towards the store room. Sona is unable to sleep and sits up again and Kanhaiya opens the store room door and closes the door. Kanhaiya is shocked to see Sona and Sona is also stunned to see Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya says Sona Ji! Sona is about to get up and say something while Kanhaiya says you are here too? Why are you keep following me? Why are you doing this to me? Why are you in my mind eventhough i am trying to remove you from my mind. Please leave me alone and Kanhaiya leaves the room. Sona thinks to herself that he thought he was imagining seeing me before him. Sona cries saying i don’t want to see you like this and i wish i can say why am i not with you. What would i do? God, how long more time will it take for things between us to improve? The next day, Chitrasi is cleaning the main hall and Sona’s Dadi calls where Chitrasi answers the call. Sona who is standing near the window says to herself, Dadi’s call? Oh god, hope Kanhaiya comes to know that i have not gone to meet Dadi. Dadi asks how is Sona as she kept calling Sona’s number but its unreachable. I’ve even lost Kanhaiya’s number. Kanhaiya walks to Chitrasi and Chitrasi gets shocked. Sona smiles saying he finally came. Now just talk to Dadi once, please. Dadi asks why is Chitrasi silent and Kanhaiya asks Chitrasi who is on the phone and why she looks worried? Kanhaiya asks to give the phone and Chitrasi says its Shakuntala on the phone while Sona says to herself don’t trust her! Kanhaiya says he is leaving to the police station and leaves. Chitrasi says that Sona is not at home now and she will ask Sona to return call once she comes back home and Dadi says alright. Dadi says the last time i spoke to Sona, she was having problem because of Chitrasi. Something is surely wrong and wonder what is Chitrasi doing. Sona enters Kanhaiya’s room and wonders what would she do to make Kanhaiya realize that Sona is not at Dadi’s place. Sona decides to give a miss call to Dadi’s number using Kanhaiya’s handphone so that Dadi will call back in return. Sona starts looking around for Kanhaiya’s handphone and dials to Dadi’s number. As Sona is about to leave the room, she hears Chitrasi walking towards the room and Sona hides behind a wall.

Part 2

Chitrasi asks if is Kanhaiya still not ready and Kanhaiya says he will come in a while. Chitrasi is about to leave but she suspects something and starts walking towards the wall Sona is hiding and Sona is worried. Chitrasi comes and takes Kanhaiya’s dirty clothes and leaves. Sona thinks to herself that she needs to leave before Kanhaiya comes out. Dadi checks her phone and sees the miss call. Dadi says who called me, let me call back and Kanhaiya’s phone rings and Sona sees the call from Dadi. Sona hears Kanhaiya coming up and Sona quickly runs out. Kanhaiya comes out and feels Sona’s presence in the room. The phone keeps ringing while Kanhaiya thinks to himself what is happening that he keeps imagining Sona everywhere. Kanhaiya answers the call where Dadi asks who is speaking and Kanhaiya is happy and greets Dadi asking how is she. Dadi says we are not so far away but you don’t even come to see or call me. I don’t have your number or i myself would have called. I wonder where i kept your number and its good you called. Kanhaiya says but Dadi, you called me. Dadi says i got a missed call from your number and that’s why i called in return. Kanhaiya says i must have accidentaly called. Dadi says its alright. How is Sona, i have not spoken to her for sometime now. Kanhaiya thinks to himself that Sona is not at Dadi’s place??? Then where would she have gone? Dadi asks what happened Kanhaiya? Kanhaiya thinks to himself that he should not say anything to Dadi and she will get really worried. Kanhaiya says Dadi, she was held up with work and that’s why she couldn’t call. I am also leaving for work soon and Dadi says alright, inform Sona that i called her and Kanhaiya says i surely will and hangs the call. Kanhaiya is worried wondering where have Sona went. Kanhaiya goes to Siddeshwar and says that we all thought Sona left on her own but she is not at her Dadi’s house. Chitrasi wonders how did he found out? Did he spoke to Dadi? Siddeshwar asks how is this possible. She was supposed to go back to her Dadi’s house. Kanhaiya says even he don’t understand. Besides our house and Sona’s Dadi’s house, she have not left anywhere else. I know her well and she could not have done this. If she have not gone to Dadi’s house, where could she have gone? Siddeshwar says you are thinking too much. She could have gone to her friend’s house or some relation’s house. Because she herself left the house and the mistake was Sona’s. Perhaps she don’t dare to see her Dadi and how would she say what she have done to her Dadi? I feel that she have left anywhere else. Why are you getting worried? Kanhaiya says he surely is as Sona have never hide anything from her Dadi as she shares everything with her. And if Sona have left the house, Dadi would have surely know it. But now no one knows where is she and how is she. I need to find out where is she and i will surely find out. Chitrasi is worried that Kanhaiya will try to find out everthing now. Chitrasi calls to Shakuntala saying a big problem have happened. Kanhaiya have found out that Sona had not gone to her Dadi’s house. Now Kanhaiya wants to find out where is Sona. You also left me all alone and what would i do now? Shakunatala says everything has an end and your problem also will have a solution. Let me think. I know how to get rid of Sona’s ghost. Her sould must attain eternity and for that, we need to burn her body and pray for her soul in a temple. That way, her body will also not be found and her soul will rest in peace. Chitrasi says you are sure this will end the ghost from disturbing me? Shakuntala says she is sure and Chitrasi says this means i need to return to where i buried Sona and burn her body and Chitrasi ends the call.

Precap : Chitrasi is digging the place while Suhnaina and Sona are watching from behind a tree. Kanhaiya’s jeep passes by the place and sees Chitrasi digging the place. Kanhaiya comes to Chitrasi and Chitrasi is shocked to see Kanhaiya…

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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