Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The drunken man tells Ishaani where the white car had gone. He says that the men inside fought badly. Ishaani shouts Ranveer’s name and runs.
Ritika asks Sharman if she is such a low charactered that she loves him and will bear someone else’s child. She says I ain’t but he is the characterless person who made their private life all ruined. She breaks her marriage. Mr. Javeri stops her, but she says she was with him on Valentine’s day, no one share this part of her life except for her husband. She wanted to share this as a good news with everyone, but he blamed her. He shouts that she must stop it, this child isn’t his. Ritika says he is disgusting, he is the biggest mistake of her life and she will never forgive herself for this; she won’t join even her own name with him. She says this marriage will not take place. Baa notices a smile on Amba’s face.
Chaitali says what this all happened.
Ritika cries hard at a side. Mr. Javeri comes to her but she asks him to leave her alone. She runs out and gets into her car.
Chiraag beats Ranveer, he had bind him in seat belt and boasted his victory against Ranveer. Chiraag says only Ishaani can save him from killing, because only she knows. But he won’t meet her, Ranveer hits Chiraag with his head. Chiraag says he will have to die, because along with him his love story will also end. Ishaani was looking for Ranveer.
Amba says to Baa that this was such a bad omen. She laughs, and says to Baa that since her relation with Mr. Javeri she had such an arrogance, did it go now. She will now see what can Baa do. She says the problem isn’t in her son or daughter in law, but in her birth-chart. She says Disha got married hardly, Sharman couldn’t marry and Ishaani is going to get a divorce. She leaves, Sharman and everyone else also leaves.
Lakshmi brings Amba to room, Amba says she wants to see a drama in the hall. Lakshmi says she needs to concentrate on what is more important.

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She says she wanted Ritika to marry Ranveer, now Ritika is saying she doesn’t want to marry Sharman and Sharman says this child is Ranveer’s. She must understand the depth of the matter. She thinks Ritika marries Sharman as well as Ritika, how would they know whose child is it. Amba didn’t speak, Lakshmi says she must say something else I am going to have heart attack. Amba excitedly says that Sharman loves Ritika and wants to marry her but he says the child isn’t his; this means that child is Ranveer’s. She says she knows Ranveer well, when he will know about the child he will leave Ishaani.
Baa was in her room, she thinks what she thought and what has happened. This Amba won’t leave her. Breaking of boy’s relations doesn’t matter, but now she must keep an eye on Ishaani because if Ishaani is also divorced they will have to lose their house. She says her family can’t bear such losses together. She asks herself to think as she has to do something. She think about the day when Ishaani’s hand got injured in RV’s rage. She says Amba will now have to suffer what she writes in her fate.
Chiraag still beat Ranveer in the car, Ishaani watches the car and thinks about taking a short cut to go up. Chiraag asks Ranveer why he is angry, both fight with each other.
Everyone come in the hall on Sharman’s call. He says he is sorry to disturb inviting them all here but this proposal has come to an end, there will be no Sangeet and no marriage. He joins hand to everyone. The ladies talk that it’s the second time Ritika’s marriage has broken. Amba stops the guests from leaving.
She says that proposal has broken life hasn’t ended yet. She says Ritika will get someone better than Sharman and who will understand a woman. She says to Mr. Javeri that he had asked her to take care of Ritika so she will find a guy for her. She asks all the guests not to leave without eating anything.
Mr. Javeri comes home calling Ritika. The servant tells him she hasn’t come home. Mr. Javeri sits on the sofa saying he isn’t able to give his daughter one happiness, he thought Sharman will take care of her but Sharman couldn’t. He was worried that she doesn’t think about something bad.
Ishaani struggles to get to the road, Ranveer gets Chiraag from collar. Chiraag beats him further and fell down the car as the door opens. Ranveer tries to control the car. Chiraag watches the car go down but Ranveer jumps out of it in good time and gets hold of a rock to stand up. He slips back and rolls down. Chiraag cheers about his fall, Ishaani shouts Ranveer’s name. Chiraag says no one can save himself from death.

PRECAP: Ranveer creeps to Chiraag who was still laughing and shouts his name.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Aarnav Sharma

    Ritika also reaches the fight scene and
    accidentally pushes Chiraag in the trench
    when he insists her to give some keys leading
    to his possible death. Sharman’s insecurity
    and no believe in Ritika and their relationship
    paves the way for more drama in the show
    with Ishani and RV’s seperation and the show
    taking a leap.

  2. today episode so sad. I didn’t saw my ranveer face, I am sooooo sad about it. chiraag I kill you. You idiot, how dare you behave like this. Plzzzzzzzz ranveer or ishaani to kill chiraag. And sharman is iritating. what happened next ? I am sooooo feared about it………..

    1. Seems like u r too involved in serial…..dude chill its just a drama…..

    2. So guys how did Ritika find out about the RV-Chirag scene and wat did Ishani see coz she was scared or smthing

  3. Pls ….update fast

  4. Precap is very good….. Ranveer is still alive

  5. Chirag is going to die…..
    Ranveer Will survive

  6. I cannot see ranveer face its sooooo painful oh god what will do? I am so sad. Ishaani you don’t worry doesn’t happened to ranveer. Sharman is foolish. Waiting for good episode

  7. Please update fast. Y always true love get hurt.

  8. I didn’t accept how dare you chiraag I will cut your hand. Precap is………. I didn’t know but ranveer you must kill chiraag. He is such a arrogant. He is dangerous dushman. But ranveer will kill him. Ranveer is correct to kill him

    1. No rithika will kill him

  9. ishani will meet RV r nt

  10. Chill it is just a drama, may be it is a master Plan of Ritika & Chirag . May be she is not even pregnant!!!!!!!

    1. even i am thinking the same. If it is true then definitely it will be Chiraag’s child

  11. Just found out the Ritika’s child is Chiraag’s…..he raped her by intoxicating her drink…..all because of him ritika’s marriage got broken! Someone has to do something about Chiraag….he’s ruining everyone’s life!!!!!!

    1. R u crious!! He raped her!! OMG

  12. Aggrrrrhggg

  13. Guys… Listen ranveer will now marry ritika to save her honour and ishaani will take the blame of chirag’s murder and will be behind the bars

  14. samarth singh

    Guys… Listen ranveer will now marry ritika to save her honour and ishaani will take the blame of chirag’s murder and will be behind the bars

  15. what d hell? sarman is so dumb. he has no trust on ritika… even when she told that dis child is his… i think sarman never loved ritika by heart truely… he always doubt her love for him… he dont know to give respect to girls… he called ritika characterless… how coud he? ritika had done one gud thing by breaking her marriage.. but m feeling so sad for ritika as this was the 2nd time when her marriage was broken… on d other side dis chirag na… crossing his limits.. how dare he is… he wants to kill rv.. now on for him… again ishani n rv will be separate… hate dis chirag so much.. just make him die soon..

  16. Why they r playing stupid games…..just do DNA test and found out whose child is this……..I think its Sherman’s child bcoz on v day rithik was with him……

    I don’t get one thing that it is said after this rv will marry rithika but if rithika is a good character than how she will marry rv after knowing that rv loves ishani…..
    How rithika can be the reason of separation of rv and ishani after knowing all dis ……..
    She can do the DNA test and prove that it’s Sherman’s child not RVs……

    And that stupid baa….I don’t know what she want ……just money….she is neither bothered about marriage nor about ishani ……..she just want money …..either from rithika or from ishani’s divorce..
    Just hope next track would be good….don’t want rv and ishani separation any more……just fed up of this separation…..
    Becharo ko thode din chain se jeene do…..

    1. I also have same doubt jagriti

  17. Both Baa & Amba are evil . Amba is an insult to motherhood. I still feel Chirag and Ritika are patners in crime. They want all RVs money by breaking him mentally that is to destroy Ishani. You see with her or without her RVs Jaan Ishani to hai. Since child she was his everything .
    I really dislike Amba what an evil lady , at time I feel she doesn’t deserve a daughter in law as good as Ishani . Even Chirag is not dead it will be another drama by him & Ritika

  18. hai guys i am watching the serial from the begining butu guys, why are u making rithika is bad character, she is good, from the begining rithika allow rv to marry ishani, but how could she will be a parter of chirag.

  19. pls dn’t blame rithika, now she is heart broken, pls dn’t give her much pain.

  20. So confused whether to watch this serial or not. I don’t like this leap between rv and ishani.its getting worse . please rithika don’t marry ranveer.

  21. Hell with the show

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