Laut Aao Trisha 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

A magician Benu performs magic on street. He gives spoon to a lady and asks he to stare at it. He says he will close his eyes and will look at it from her eyes. He asks people to count till 10. After 10, spoon bends. Everyone claps for him. He then collects money from public. In his next act in private function, he peforms trick on glass and lifts it without tocuhing it. Guests clap for them. One of them discuss to call him for their son’s birthday. He says he does special tricks on birthdays and charges more. They say no problem. He performs numbe tricks and impresses customers. He then says he will do mind reading and will tell what is going on in their mind. Everyone request not to.

Benu meets his friend outside, gets into car and asks if old one had problem. Friend says he got bored with old one and asks if he cleared his debts. He says it increased instead. Friend asks him to come with him and stop street tricks. He says he is free and loves his freedom. Friend asks when did he get call. He says yesterday night. Friend says we have to see what new trick he will show. They meet their guru/master who tells he taught magic to many students and he wanted to teach his last trick to only two of them as they trust him. He says trick is very difficult and asks them to use only when needed. He asks which trick it is. Guru says people’s mind will work on their fingertips. He says he already knows. Guru says whoever learns this knowledge can rule the world, but he has to use it very carefully. He asks what he has to do. Guru says he will transfer this knowledge from his mind to their minds and takes him into a room and asks them to sleep on floor. He asks them to close their eyes.

Court hearing starts. Judge asks public prosector to start. PP starts with slokas from vedas about guru and student and says today people can kill their guru for their benefit and this man killed his guru with his magic. Man says he reads people’s minds, is a mentalist, and does not do magic. PP says he killed his guru Arundeep and continues alleging him. Judge asks VK if he will not start and tells a joke. VK says he was waiting for PP’s witty dialogues. PP says he will and call man’s friend Anand into witness box. Anand says he is a mentalist and does mind tricks. PP asks him to explain. Anand says he can read his mind. PP asks him to read VK’s mind. Anand looks at VK and says he is thinking about jalebi. VK asks how does he know. Anand then reads everyone’s mind. PP asks him to tell what happened on Arundeep’s muder night. He tells guru called them to his home and made them sleep. When he woke up, he saw Benu/accused killing guru/Arundeep with a dagger. He caught Benu with help of some people and handed him over to police. PP continues alleging Benu.

VK starts questioning Anand and asks him if Benu had brought dagger with him when he picked him. He says no. VK asks if Benu was all the while and if he brought knife with his mind. Anand says no and says he knows what his question is and he has a point. Judge asks him to explain. Anand says VK will ask if he was in his senses when he went in, his answer is yes and he will ask if room was dark, he says yes and room had smoke in it, his answer is yes. VK says he is fabulous and knows all the questions. VK says judge that according to Anand, it was not a planned murder. Benu says he killed Arundeep. PP asks him to repeat and says judge when killer himself is agreeing, then VK should let him pronounce judgement. VK tells judge he does not know why Benu is telling he killed and asks judge to give him some time to investigate the case. Judge adjourns hearing till 12th of this month.

VK meets Benu in jail and asks him to tell what happened that night. He tells he went into trans/subconscious state when guru started beating drums and when he woke up he killed guru. VK asks where did he get dagger. He says he does not know. VK says he knows he is not a killer and will find out real culprit. Benu says he is real killer and will teach him bending spoon.

VK tries spoon bending in his office unsuccessfully. Suhana sees im and laughs. He asks her to stop disturbing is concentration. She bends spoon and angrily walks out. He gets someone’s call and gets tensed.

Next court hearing starts. VK calls Jignesh into witness box and asks why did he kill Arundeep. PP objects, but judge stops him and asks VK not to come into conclusion. VK asks where was he when his uncle was murdered. Jignesh says he was in factory and did not murder. VK asks if he left before he got murder’s news or after that. He says before that as uncle was ill and would have died anytime, so he wanted to take all his wealth from his locket. VK asks what did he see. He says uncle usually takes sleeping pill and when he went, he saw room already open, uncle usually performs drum when he practices his skill by closing door. Door was open and drum was silent, he saw someone killing uncle but did not see his face. VK asks if Benu is the killer. He says he is not the one. PP asks how can he say when there was a smoke. He says he was sleeping on floor withh another man. VK asks what did he do next. He says he entered room, tookmoney from locker and when he came out, he saw Benu with dagger in front of uncle and Anand running out and locking Benu inside. VK asks judge to give him some more time to investigate. Judge agrees.

After court hearing, VK tells Suhana he does not know how to solve this case. Aman comes and tells someone is controlling Benu’s mind.

Next court hearing starts. VK comes in like a blind man with his eyes taped behind googles. VK calls Naresh Khatri into witness box. Naresh asks why did he call him here. VK says he called him to question and asks if he knows Arundeep. He says he is his friend. He asks if Arundeep knew he is also a mentalist. He says no. VK says he wanted to learn controling people’s mind from Arundeep. Naresh performs trick on PP, controls his mind and asks him to slap VK and then asks Charlie to sing. PP slaps and Charlie sings. He controls even judge and Suhana’s mind and asks Suhana to dance. She dances. He asks inspector to shoot VK. He points gun and is about to shoot when VK blows whistles. Everyone comes back to normal. Aman blindfolds Narshes and hand cuffs him. Judge asks what is happening. VK tells Naresh learnt skills from Arundeep and used it on Benu. His guru did not teach him the skills and taught Arundeep instead, so he went killed Arundeep. He tells how he learnt skills, killed Arundeep,and caught Benu. Judge pronounces Benu as innocent and Naresh as guilty and to confine him in dark room without contact with any other inmates. After court hearing, PP jokes with VK that his dream of slapping him shattered. VK performs spoon skills.

Precap: A man kills his wife. VK defends his case.

Update Credit to: MA

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