Begusarai 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Piddi is in river, Lakhan shoots in water, Piddi says what are you doing? will you kill me, Lakhan says you are asking to run behind a dancer, Piddi says she is bindya, my love, Priyom ask Lakhan what is he doing, this Piddi is still alive? Piddi says you are forcing him to kill me, i am your brother, on your bdays, dancers were called too so why not on my bday, Lakhan says we didnt wish for any specific dancer, we will not go to Patna for a dancer, Piddi says i am not fool like you, Priyom says sometime i think what is more dangerous, that bullet from your revolver or the anger in you, why you take anger out on wrong person, Lakhan ask what are you saying? Priyom says it was Phulan who asked you to say sorry to someone but you sacrificed Poonam’s dreams to satisfy your ego, you proved yourself very low by doing this, dont you know in which thing lies Poonam’s happiness, Lakhan says her happiness lies in my happiness, Priyom says doesnt seem so, Lakhan says i dont want to talk about Poonam, i dont like it if someone involve in husband wife matter even if it is you, Priyom is shocked, he says to Pddi that i am going to Patna to bring that dancer, he leaves, Priyom says why all stubborn are born in thakur house.
Piddi is lying on bed, Choti Amma ask how you got fever? Piddi says i fell in river, water was hot and i was cold so got fever, Badi Amma ask if fever has reached your mind too, Piyom comes and says he is trying to say that water was cold so he got hot, Badi Amma says Piddi is like a girl, Priyom says doctors are doing operations to make boys into girls, should i take him there? Badi Amma says why you are waiting then? Piddi says you dont love me.

Scene 2
Priyom comes in balcony and finds Poonam on her balcony too, she is cleaning the terrace, he says how much will you take to clean my terrace too, Poonam stares him, he comes to her and says you show attitude to me only, if you had shown some attitude to your husband then you would have been studying in college, Poonam says i dont want to go to college now, Priyom says dont lie, i know your heart thing, Poonam says now i will not go to college, i will deny now, Priyom says you can say no to anyone, he acts like her and makes fun of her, he says now i will force Lakhan to let you go to college, then i will see how can you say no to him, Poonam says yes, i cant say no to him, you can say no because you are a boy, live a life of a girl one day then you will understand why cant we say no, if we smile then we are called shameful, if we dont smile then we are called dull, we can see dreams but cant touch them, we are like river who want to flow but can flow only like tears, money cant buy happiness, you want to know my pain of breaking dream? its alot pain but i am afraid if i stop seeing dreams now, she leaves, Priyom looks on.

Scene 3
Priyom comes to Lakhan, Priyom says i want lift, Lakhan says i am going to Patna, Priyom says i going that way too, they leave for Patna. Priyom brings Lakhan to college, Lakhan says so now your girlfriend is from college, Priyom ask him to look around and see girls of college, Lakhan says i am not interested in all this, Priyom insists, Lakhan looks on, Priyom ask him to see faces of these girls, see how much happy they are here, tell me when did you see Poonam this much happy? Lakhan says i told you to not get involved in this matter, Phulan is not saying anything in this matter too, Priyom says i am not Phulan, i am your friend, we did mischievous things together, we used to get punished together, then why you are not allowing me today to say my thing? Lakhan ask to speak, Priyom says i just want to show you something, Priyom stops some girls, he ask girls why do you come to college? what will you do after this? girl says we come to college for fun, its good to be here, we learn things here, we make friends here, we gossip here alot, we spend time for ourselves here, it feels good to be here, Priyom thanks girls, he ask Lakhan did you understand? Lakhan says girls come here to do fun only, Priyom says that only we boys have authority to do fun? cant girls enjoy? in college, girls get time to do fun, to enjoy otherwise they have no life in house, they are bounded in house, they have no identity in house but in college they have identity, Phulan said some bitter words to you and you start spitting venom on others, if Phulan wanted then he could have forced you to say yes for Poonam’s studies but he didnt, are you happy by giving pain to Phulan and Poonam? if yes then dont change your decision, but remember you will regret this whole life, Lakhan leaves from there, one girl ask Priyom should i give lift to you on my scooty, Priyom sit on her scooty and flirts with her.

Scene 4
Poonam’s friend says to her that we are studying together from class 1 but now you are going to college with me, why cant you talk to Lakhan, why is he so stubborn, Lakhan comes there, he ask Poonam to sit in jeep, Poonam sit, they leave, friend says what weird relation they have, he doesnt say anything and she will not ask anything, how Poonam will spend her life?
Bindya in her home is making food, she says i am great dancer on stage and servant in my house, her assistant says to her that food is stale, i will throw it, Bindya says its not stale, she smells it and says i will eat it after closing my nose, she says you dont know how difficult it is to earn money, she prays to lord that bring some richie rich in my life, door knocks, she ask assistant to open it, he says okay it mayeb some manager of show, Bindya says no, i will go, she prays that if it is some manager then she will give Parsad in mandir of rs1.5, assistant why so much less? she says God doesnt see money but your intention, she opens the door, someone attacks her with stick, she falls unconscious, Priyom comes in, eh ask his men that what you did? you attacked her? women are made to love, to respect, he ask men to check her, men check her and says she is so beautiful, Priyom says i feel like celebrating my bday again seeing her, she is pretty, Priyom says i am celebrating golden anniversary in girls, how can i let you touch her, he ask them to drape her in sheet, they find he assistant there and ask who are you?
Lakhan brings Poonam to college, she looks at him in shock. he says get down from car, we have come here for your admission, Poonam smiles at him.

PRECAP- Bindya wakes up in haveli. her assistant ask man where are we? Man says you are in begusarai, you are in haveli of Thakur. they come down to find Badi Amma counting money, Bindya is shocked to see so much money.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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