Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa and everyone make arrangement for Sangeet. Baa happily looks around, she thinks her son Harshid made this house and today his nephew Sharman is getting married here. Though it isn’t named upon them but they are still here. She goes to invite Amba for the Sangeet.
In the room, Amba said to Ranveer that she wants him to divorce Ishaani. He must throw her and her family out of the house. Ranveer says he has got all the preparations of divorce showing love to Ishaani. Amba forbids him to go near her, and asks him to go out and see the preparations of Sangeet. Ranveer says they have to show to the world that they are being happy in others happiness. They don’t want any negativity in their lives. He asks Amba to enjoy the function and asks Parul to go and enjoy with Derwash and Sharman. Baa thinks that he is making fool of Ishaani, she will now not leave them.
Ishaani gets the floral arrangements, Chaitali comes and asks the choreographer about her dance. He says her turn will come after the youngsters. Derwash goes to Pratik and Parul for practice. They take Ishaani along them too.
Manas comes to Ranveer and says he wanted to remind him about a contract that has to get signed. Since Mr. Javeri is busy, he will have to go. Ranveer says he will get it signed, and return till function. He hears the music play, and goes to see Ishaani dancing with others. He waits to see her for a while, they leaves, smiling.
Chaitali appears Dewarsh’s dance saying he looks dashund. Pratik asks why she is calling Dewarsh as a dog. Dewarsh explains to Chaitali that the word is dashing. Ishaani asks Mala to help her, and takes the henna plate. Ranveer drags her aside, she says someone will see. He says when she didn’t, how will anyone see. He says he wants to remind her that it is Sangeet. She says she knows he is going to announce about them today. He says before that she is going to say those three magical words. She says she will think about it. He asks isn’t she being arrogant, she says why not as it is her brother’s Sangeet, and she is going to perform. She asks him to let her go and practice, he asks to practice together. He tries to remove her hair from her face, she does that herself. Sidoor gets on her lips, Ranveer keeps the plate aside and places her hand on his shoulder. She asks will they really perform on Baby Doll, the song changes itself to Lahu Mulak Gaya. He wipes the Sindoor off her lips and gets closer to her.

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They share romantic moments together. Ishaani goes to sit on the sofa. Ranveer sits beside her, holding her hand. She leaves the seat, smiling. He watches her go behind, and approach her again holding her hand and touching her. She turns to him and places her head on his chest hugging him. He hugs her back, Ishaani watches Lakshmi passing by and goes away from him. Lakshmi watches Ranveer still in pose, come to her. Ranveer says he was stretching, takes his file and leave. In the corridor, Ranveer laughs that Lakshmi is always in the wrong time.
Ishaani places the mobile aside, and joins he dance. Parul asks why her cheek are so red. Ranveer thinks he didn’t tell Ishaani he is going for conference. Derwash takes Ishaani’s phone before Chaitali and says Ritika bhabhi, I will just hand Ishaani the phone. Ishaani takes it and comes to ask what happened Ritika. Ranveer says he is really fed up of Ratee or Ritika, now he is Ranveer and she is Ritika. Baa comes behind Ranveer and hears him talking to Ritika. Ishaani says he took so many days from him, now its her time. Ranveer says no my darling Ritika, you troubled me on Valentine’s day so it is his turn. He asks her to remember her promise. Ishaani says he won’t dare take such a step on Sangeet. He says No my darling Ritika, don’t challenge my guts.
He tells her that he is going for a conference, will return till Sangeet to make it memorable. He asks her to tell Mr. Javeri that he is going for conference. She asks whom does she need to tell this. He says to her heart. He asks her to remember those three words as well. She asks does she need to say those three words to Javeri sir. He says not to Javeri sir Ritika, but to him. Baa doesn’t believe this. Ishaani says hello, hello, she can’t hear anything. Ranveer turns to see Baa there, says she will be able to hear it only when he will return. He leaves.
Sharman’s words echo in front of Baa. She wonders if Sharman was right, does he has an illegitimate relation. Ranveer wants to break the relation of Ritika and Sharman and on the other hand he is fooling Ishaani to save divorce money. She will not leave her in the court and prove him as the bad husband.
Ranveer and Ishaani watch each other, while Ishaani practices dance and Ranveer was at the door. He asks her to touch her lip, she does and smiles at him. She watches him leave, from behind the net curtain.

PRECAP: Ishaani calls Ranveer worried that Chiraag called and said he will kill him today. Ranveer was driving and says Chiraag won’t do anything but make her worried. Ranveer has an accident.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sona…plz update fast

  2. aree uptade fast 25 minutes past

  3. fasst pleeease..!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Pls update fastttttt…the serial timing 10 to 10.30pm…now time 11pm…

  5. Man today’s episode was really very romantic but now the misunderstanding starts again. Can’t RV call ishani by d name she gave him rethi. What a husband is manas not even looking for deesha. It seems like he forgot her

  6. Today’s episode was awesome especially Ishveer scenes… Girish know the truth soon.. waiting for a good episode..

  7. omg ..accident….i think …after that rv ki memory loss ho jayega ar rv ishani ko bhul jayega isiliye ye dono alag ho jayenge ….he he ..i am only predicting …let’ssee aage kya hota hai .

  8. plz dont predict such nonsense stuff, i hope, ishaani n ranveer will fyt all problems together, n no memory loss. i ll stop following it, if dis happen!!!:'(

  9. Lovely episode . Accident may not be serious I think ,but some thing else may happen I read Ishani will go to jail for Chirags murder. I am not sure !! RV & Ishani rocks wow. Enjoy the romance as long as they show some thing serious will come up soon. These 2 look like made for each other

  10. Hope ranveer’s accident doesn’t effect their relationship xx

  11. Hope ranveer will be okay in this accident

  12. yesterday episode is really awesome ranveer and ishani so romantic and luv u both and u should not seprate atall if u both seprate no one will see the serial and its really worst nothing should happened 2 ranveer and ishani and ranveer should not seprarte at all

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