Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pam confronting RK and asking she knows he is trying to unite Ragini and Neil. She tells him all the incidents happened and says she knows Ragini and Aman are not married. He asks what is wrong if Ragini and Neil are united. She says she wants to remind him about Suhani because of whom Neil and Ragini’s divorce happened. Neil comes and asks what is happening. RK says he wants to celebrate holi lavishly ad wants everyone of them to remember the rest of their life. Pam says RK is telling right and he got emotional while telling this.

Aman is in kitchen. Nivedita comes and asks if he will not congratulate her for her engagement announcement with Neil. He congratultes him. She says they both are lucky to marry Neil and Ragini and asks if he knows about Ragini’s past. He says the does not know and says they both are fabulous people. She wishes for their happy married life and leaves.

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Pam calls Suhani on laptop and palmtop and asks if she knows about Neil and Nivedita’s news. Suhani says Ranbir told her. Nivedita joins her and Pam asks to congratulate her. Neil comes. Suhani insists to attend Nishi’s marriage. Neil says she cannot come and it is his order. Pam says Nivedita will stay with them in US after marraige. Suhani cuts call sadly.

Karan wears astronauts dress to escape from holi colors. Dimpy sees him and scolds RK for taking Karan’s side. Karan asks to remove helmet as he is feeling soffocation. RK and Dimpy try unsuccessfully. Neil comes there and laughs. Karan asks to help him and he removes helmet. Karan says he knows he is not happy about his engagement with Nivedita and still is thinking about Ragini and feels sorry for him.

Agam and Arav serve a variety of snacks and asks Nishi to taste it. When she is about to bite, Daadi stops her and says she has to fast today as would be brides have to fast on holi day. Nishi gets sad, but Agam cheers her up.

Shilpa comes to Agam’s room to clean holi colors from her face. Ranbir helps her out and they both get romantic. Agam comes calling Shilpa’s name. Shilpa gets down and says she came to wash holi colors. Arav goes to get his mobile and sees Ranbir walk behind doors.

Nivedita sees Neil tensed and asks the reason. He says she knows Suhani is the reason behind divorce, when suhani wanted to come here, he stopped her, so she is not picking his case, he is worried for her. She asks him to relax and takes phone from him.

Naani gives sweets to daadi. Daadi says she is sad as Neil is remarrying at this age, but she is proud of Ragini as she did not let step-father enter her children’s life.

Aman asks Ragini if she likes Ahmedabad as their marriage venue. She asks what does he mean. He says he thought she loves Neil, but when Neil is moving ahead, he wants to marry her now. She says she does not have any place for love or marriage. He says he knows she still loves Neil even after 15 years. She tells he does not know the reason about their divorce and says the reason is still present. He asks who. She says Suhani and goes into flashback when her and Neil’s divorce happened. She says until Suhani is there, she cannot think of Neil.

Precap: Neil smears holi color on Ragini’s face. Nivedita gets jealous seeing this.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. !!!

  2. Dis show is lacking somethng .track dailougues r nt gud .and no cnectivity with scens.and ragini doesnt match with ronit

  3. The whole world knows the truth but the one person who deserves to know it, whose life could change because of it, does not know it. Why are all the serials based on lies?

  4. its not lies…its call ” hide the Truth….”

  5. viewer for now...

    Agree with aa. Cut the chase. Stop stretching before people loose interest.

  6. About to stop watching

    Neil n Ragini pair is gud together. Pam……boring to see that she is always shown scheming one thing after another. serial mein kuch aur b hai ke nahi?

    Why do all serials have to have 1 extremely scheming annoying person, 1 very principled person, 1 (mostly the head or main character) ignorant of everything person.

    Formula change karo…..kuch nahi to TRP ke liye……

  7. Whts wrng wit u gys..wil u pls clrify NERA’s Divrce nd cntn wit Suhani

  8. This show is one of the most realistic shows and is very relatable 🙂 Of course it’s taking long to get to the truth, that’s the entire pint of a serial……

  9. m loosing my interest in this series …. nw it became boring with that same drama.. they should do somethng else..

  10. quboolhai4ever

    I like arav

  11. Ab bahut ho gaya pam kee chaalbazi cut it let neil and ragini come together and then how they plan their days ahead will be interesting normally in all serials when the lead pair come together serial ends

  12. pam and RK should get drunk and have s*x

  13. pam and rk should sleep together

  14. they should get dr aman and nevdita drunk and everyone find them in bed together

  15. For itna karo na mujhe pyar you tube while watching all dialogue s are mute plz avoid that.thanx s

  16. ViewerMayLooseInterest

    Everyone is having the same view again and again that the director is starching the truth from Neil and viewer’s are really getting bugged. Truly Neil must know the truth before Nishi’s wedding and his own engagement otherwise viewers would really stop watching it.

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