Tere Sheher Mein 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amaya silently sneaking out for a party and stopped by Rachita. Amaya says thank Lord its you, I thought its mum. Rachita asks her is she forgetting anything and gives the car keys. Amaya laughs and thanks her. Amaya says its my last party in Paris and leaves. Sneha sees this and is tensed. Rishi stands near the mirror seeing himself and thinking about the upcoming changes by recalling Hari’s words. He drinks wine and tries to get his worries down.

Amaya goes for party and is happy with her friends living a best life in her rich comforts and power zone. Sneha asks Rishi what should I do about Amaya, I m worried, look at the time, she did not take permission from us and went without saying us. I m worried for her future. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine. She asks how will it be fine, tell me, I m not worried about Rachita, as she is responsible, he likes Rohan and he is nice guy, we know his family, they are our family friends, they will marry in one or two years, and its all fine, but Amaya. He says she will surprise you when time comes, don’t worry. He says I feel I can do a lot for you all, I m sorry if I did less than your expectations.

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She asks what happened to him, whats the matter. He smiles and hides. She says you are being very emotional since we came Paris, tell me. He says I m okay. She says fin and looks at his face hiding some tension behind his smile. Amaya parties hard as its her last day in Paris. Her friends call her superstar Amaya and they dance. Rishi sits thinking and recalls Sneha’s words about Amaya. Amaya says she has to go now, if her mum knows then…. Elly says few mins more. Amaya says I get it, you love me so much but I have to go. Elly says I will miss you, and hugs her. She says India is so far, you will forget me. Amaya promises that she will skype daily and she will be back to Paris and them in two months.

Mathew says he will drop her. Amaya says you mean drop me by my car and jokes. Elly is much drunk. Amaya asks Mathew to drop Elly in her car and she will go by walk. A man gets after Amaya and she runs. He says stop running, listen to me girl. Rachita talks to Rohan and says I miss you a lot. Amaya comes home tensed and Jas asks what happened. Amaya says I was so scared, I was coming by walk and it was my life’s worst decision, I was followed by some creepy guy, and I starts running so fast. Jas asks then what. Amaya says then I did not know what to do, and I was very afraid and I had no choice.

FB shows Amaya beating the man and asking him not to follow him. He says you got my jacket. She says I m really sorry, please check it, I thought you are following me. He gives it to her and leaves. Jas and Rachita laugh and call her a real joker. Rachita says all is well that ends well. Rishi drinks more and gets teary eyed. Amaya’s phone rings. Jas says Amaya, I think your BFs are missing you. Amaya says shut up Jas. Jas says Rachita has many friend requests and Amaya comments on their horrible looks.

Rachita says it means you don’t like anyone. Amaya says yes, these heroes are just zeroes. Jas says Rohan is perfect for Rachita. Rachita blushes. Amaya says mine would have to be very classy and describes him smiling. She says she wants a lavish life, shopping in London and good holidays. The girls sleep. Rishi comes to Amaya and asks her to wake up. Amaya asks whats the time, is everything fine. He says yes, and switches on the lights. The girls get up and he asks we have to go. Jas asks did the hotel people kicking us out. He laughs. Rachita asks where are we going, give us some hint. He says its surprise, come on get up. They go to Sneha’s room and sit by her side. Sneha wakes up and the girls laugh. Sneha asks whats happening. He says meet me in lobby in 5mins, get ready for the surprise.

The girls get ready and talk about the surprise. Amaya says I know my superman, I m sure it will be fantastic one. Rishi brings them and Amaya asks him to say. He says Patience is the key and laughs. Amaya asks him if he announcing his new business. Rishi says Rachita’s engagement is fixed and Rohan is coming Mumbai next week. Sneha is shocked. Rachita says dad, I love you and hugs him. Sneha walks out. Rishi goes and apologizes to her, saying it happened so soon that I did not tell you, Mr Grewal called yesterday and fixed this as his pandit told him about a good Mahurat. Sneha says how can we do arrangements in 7 days, ask Hari to talk to pandit and fix some other date.

He asks her to see Rachita’s happiness and agree. Hari calls him and asks when is he coming, he is unable to manage anything. Rishi asks what happened. Hari says bank manager Sharma called and he was taunting a lot, he will ruin us. Rishi says he gave 7 days time, I m coming tomorrow, everything will be fine. Hari says everyone came to know in market and they stopped giving supplies, all work will be stopped. Rishi ends the call and Sneha asks him about the call. He hides it again and smiles.

Sneha calls Hari and asks him about Rishi being distracted, like something is going on in his mind, she is worried for him. Hari thinks.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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