Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani takes the mop from the maid and cleans the glass. The family was in shock watching this, RV goes away indifferent. Ritika goes behind RV. Chaitali goes to Baa, Baa says whether it is Ramain or Maha bharat, it only happens because of a woman. Ishaani leaves inside, with the glass.
Ritika comes to RV and says she is watching someone else but her friend. He says, she likes surprises and this is his surprise. Derwash and Pratik says to Ishaani they will talk to RV. Ishaani says only she will talk to RV. RV comes inside, and asks Mr. Nitin why he called him here. The champaign was still opened, the guests would mind. Mr. Nitin says he must let Ishaan explain what she did, if he can’t listen to her he must let his daughter explain about it. RV says does Ishaani know he is her father, he must not better tell it and be his professional associate. Baba comes there, RV says to him that his associate is telling him how to behave to his wife. Nitin qualifies to Baba, Baba takes RV aside to the temple, prays there and shows RV a locket with the bullet. He tells him this came out of his heart, he must wear it always. It will remind him, that he had to pay a big amount to love Ishaani. There is nothing big in the life, that life. His life is on one side, and his loyalty to Mota Bapu and love to Ishaani on the other side.
Chaitali tells Sharman to go and talk to Ritika and get her in. Sharman tells her if she is joking, stop it. Chaitali says she is the most eligible bachelor in town, and so is he. She says he must either go to her, or she will go with the proposal. Sharman comes to Ritika, and asks if she is enjoying. She says he isn’t, as he hasn’t taken drink. She says one of his boy friend was also shy like him, in fourth grade. He says in awe, she must have many boyfriends. She sends him to get a drink for her.
Ishaani stops RV, saying their problem will not get solved this way. They hear people talking about him, that he has an affair. Ishaani says she will tell them that it was Chiraag and he used Shaniella before hitting her. He stops her, and takes a drink from waiter and leaves. She stops him and asks him to trust her. He says whom he should trust; he has stopped trusting trust now. He will do everything in front of everyone, be it family of society. She stops him from drunking, he says a betrayal and a bullet couldn’t do any harm to him, what a drink would do.

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Falguni asks Ishaani did she see. There is no trust in her relation now; she has ruined her luck with her own hands. She turned RV’s love into hatred, what were he and what he has become. It had been better that she must not have married him. Ishaani says one day, they will all trust her. She didn’t do any mistake; it was RV’s love which made him trust. Her love will bring his trust back, she is promising herself as well. Falguni says she isn’t sure; she will be able to do so.
Sharman gets a drink for Ritika, she asks what he is doing. He says he is taking soft drink. She says she takes four packs to sleep. She says he must go and tell his mother as she had sent him here. She says she won’t try to impress her anymore. He says he will impress her even more, as she is honest. She says being honest, she doesn’t drink even that much. He takes the drink from her hand, and asks her to dance. They dance together, Ishaani think about her and RV. RV looks at Ishaani blankly.
Ishaani comes to RV and asks she wants to dance with him. He smiles, and leaves to the bar with the girls. He asks them all to dance with him. He asks for the music. He dances with the girls, in vulgour ways. Ishaani dislikes this.

PRECAP: RV takes Ishaani and dances with her, in a way that she dislikes.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Well shakti , I like your emotion how you feel about ishani none of we can even think about it

  2. All of these ishveer fans are like i wa t ranveer and ishani together quickly but the whole point of a drama serial is to have drama and make people want to wait and see more of a couple, which is what ishveer fans want

  3. Ishaani is goin to burn da bed in which rv and a girl chooses to … He decides to get her angry in order to kick ishaani out but she doesn’t budge n set on the fire

  4. RV are you mad?????
    And ishaani take the challenge and win the trust of RV……

  5. I feel that to woo RV back Ishaani will conspire with shanaila to ruin chirag’s life.

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