Humsafars 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo asking Sahir to say once again. Sahir repeats that he is freeing her from the fake relation. Arzoo gets hurt and faints. Everyone rush to her. Alvira says may be she fainted because of injection. Let her rest for sometime. Nausheen gets worried for Arzoo. Sahir recalls confessing love to Arzoo and then accepting to have been married to someone else. He recalls Arzoo suspecting him. He thinks whenever something bad happens to you or whenever you gets hurt then you come here. Today my heart is hurt. He says I came here today to get some peace. Where I shall go. You have to bear so much for me. I am responsible for whatever had happened with you. He thinks you gave me happiness with smile and I gave you sadness and hurt you. I wish I will get punishment from your hand. He says it was good if you would have gone from here. Why did I stop you? Did I stop you as I can’t see you leaving and get hurt. I am pained as I can’t accept you and can’t see you go far.

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Zaki asks Zara to sleep as he will sit beside Arzoo. He tells that you will be fine. Arzoo turns and holds his hand. Zaki holds her hand and says I won’t leave your hand forever. Sahir tries to sleep and keeps his hand on his heart. He recalls Arzoo hugging him and gets restless. He goes out of his room. Arzoo wakes up and screams asking Zaki to leave her hand. She then sees Zaki. She cries. Zaki assures her that everything will be fine. Arzoo hugs him and cries. Sahir comes to Arzoo’s room and sees Zaki sitting on her bedside and sleeping. He gets angry. He sits on the bed and gets close to Arzoo. He says I am sorry, please forgive me. I hurt you. Whatever you have gone through is because of me and apologizes. Arzoo is still sleeping. He then sees Zaki holding Arzoo’s hand and takes her hand from his hand. He switches off the lights and sees Samaira standing. She gives a disgusted look and goes. Sahir follows her.

Samaira comes to Rahman Saheb and tells him that wrong is happening with her. He says Zaki will not give his name to her child and says you can’t do anything. Rahman assures that he will get her engaged to Zaki and also fixes her marriage date. Samaira asks are you telling the truth. Rahman promises her. Arzoo wakes up and asks Nausheen why didn’t you wake me up, I have to make breakfast for Sahir….She then gets conscious about her sayings and cries recalling Sahir’s words. Nausheen hugs her. Alvira comes and asks Arzoo about her health. She asks her to come out and have breakfast with everyone. Zaki comes and tries to cheer her up. He says he will have a hunger strike with her. Arzoo says she won’t go on a hunger strike. Arzoo smiles lightly. Nausheen smiles with teary eyes. Zaki asks her to come and have food. Alvira asks her to freshen up and come.

Rahman and Samaira come to Sahir. Rahman asks Sahir to give him an answer. Sahir says I am forgiving you for the insult. Rahman asks him to look at Samaira’s tears. Sahir tells him that he tried to make Zaki agree, but he refused. He apologizes. Rahman says his hands are cuffed because of Samaira. You are Zaki’s elder brother and company’s owner, can’t you agree your brother. My daughter is going to be his child’s mother. Sahir tells him that Zaki’s thinking is otherwise about it. Rahman says you are pointing finger on my daughter. Whoever raises his finger on my daughter, I cuts his finger and throws. He takes out his pistol. Sahir puts his pistol on his forehead and says if you feel contented to kill me then I won’t stop you, but I won’t force Zaki to marry Samaira. Rahman says it has become difficult. I promised my daughter to get her married to Zaki. She will surely get married to Zaki else Arzoo will see this DVD infront of press conference. Sahir stops him and says he said that he can’t force Zaki, but didn’t say that marriage will not happen. He tells that marriage will happen with Zaki’s consent. Rahman and Samaira smiles.

Sahir says it will happen. Rahman says he is meeting Mehta’s company employees and if you fulfill your promise then I will also fulfill his promise. Sahir asks him to start the deal work and says Zaki will announce his wedding with Samaira today.

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