Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Naksh to sleep. Naksh says my new day will start in some time and I will get gift. Naitik says come on sleep, the gift will come tomorrow. Naksh says if anyone hides my gift. Akshara asks Naksh not to worry, as no one will hide his gift. She asks him to put an alarm. Naksh fixes an alarm and she signs no to Naitik. She asks Naksh to sleep now. They rest to sleep. Naksh wakes up at night, and wakes up Naitik and Akshara asking the time, and did the gift come. They make him sleep. Naitik says he got us awake and see how he is sleeping now. He says lets try to sleep again. Karishma wakes up early in morning, and prepares for puja. Everyone is happy seeing her.

Devyaani says lets start the puja. Bhabhimaa sees the plate and asks who made this plate ready. Karishma says I did. Akshara says I m feeling very hungry and starts eating food. Naksh wakes up and asks about the gift. She says it did not come till now. Naksh says its morning. She says aunty said it can come anytime in the day, what gift you want. Naksh says its not said. She says its not wish, you can tell me.

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Naksh says then I will not tell you, as I want my gift to come. She asks him to get ready and Naksh took it seriously, so have to do something for him. she says she will talk to Naitik when he wakes up, and till then call home. Muskaan is jogging on park and sees Alok. She smiles and goes to him. She says what a pleasant surprise. She greets him. They talk. He says I come here daily, but why did you come so far, as this place is far from your home. She says yes, its good place and I prefer this. She says fine, I will leave. Alok stops her and she smiles. He says we can got o café for breakfast, will you join me, if you don’t mind. She smiles and says sure.

Naksh wakes up Naitik to take him out. Naitik says I have pain in my legs, I m unable to get up. Naksh asks about his gift. Naitik says gift can come anywhere. Akshara says stop arguing now. She says so anything you want, you go out, we will come in sometime. Naksh says thanks, but come soon. She says Naitik get ready soon if your acting is over. He gets up and asks how did you know I m acting. She says I m your wife and I understand. He holds her closer and says its romantic place and you are going far, when second baby comes, we won’t get time. She asks why, we will have much time, both kids will spend time with each other, and no one will disturb us. He says yes, even Maaa used to do this, this is right.

She says Naksh wants the gift. He says he is fine, its safe place. He gets romantic and she hugs him smiling. Bhabhimaa says I spoke to Akshara, we are feeling lonely without her and Naksh. Karishhma hears them talking, and says she will make breakfast. Devyaani asks her to make it, and Chitti will help her. They leave. Karishma says no one has hope from me, they feel I can’t make anything, I will cook such food that they will like it. She gets a message from work and goes to work first. Naksh meets the fortune teller and greets her. He asks about his gift.

She says she can’t say where he will get it, but he will get it. He asks if it gets stolen, or someone else takes it. She says you will get it, now go. He says sorry and leaves. She says the day is not good for me, I will read my cards. Devyaani talks to Chitti and asks what is he cooking. Chitti says I don’t know anything. She asks why, did Karishma not cook anything. Karishma comes there. Devyaani says see, she said she will cook breakfast and now she is bringing laptop. Bhabhimaa says its fine, we will cook. Karishma says give me 5 mins. I will cook. Chitti praises Akshara and they all leave. Karishma says even he compared me to Akshara.

Naksh sees a toy and thinks its his gift. The other kids take it. Naksh sits quiet. Naitik and Akshara ask why is he upset. Naksh says I did not get my gift. Naitik asks him not to worry as he is spoiling his holidays. Naitik says lets go out and wait. The people talk there and ask does parents bring kids on babymoon. Naksh says yes, good parents take elder kids and love them equal as little babies. He talks to the couple and asks them to love their babies equally. The couple says sorry. Naitik and Akshara smile. They give chocs to Naksh. Naksh shows it to Akshara and smiles. He sees the fortune teller lady passing by and goes after her.

She says I checked again, you will get your gift. Naksh says I m not saying that, I was saying your hair has some junk, clean it. Akshara kisses Naksh and hugs him. Rajshri sees the calendar. Jasmeet comes to her and asks how is the dates same, the calendar looks old. Kaki sees it and smiles. She says its old calendar and shows the new one. They laugh. Varsha comes and sees Shaurya worried. He says Karishma sent mail for leave, don’t know why is she behaving this. She says give her some time, she will be finding tough to manage. He says I can give her duties to someone else, but she can’t agree, I m afraid it can lead to problem.

Devyaani asks Karishma why did she not go office. Karishma says I took holiday today. She says she will do some work as Akshara is not at home, and help them. Bhabhimaa says she forgot to say that Dadda ji has checkup today. Karishma says I will call doctor and goes to get number.

Akshara calls home and talks to Devyaani. She says I m fine, I spoke to Dadda ji’s doctor, he will come in afternoon. Devyaani says I will talk to Bhabhimaa, you focus there. She smiles and tells Karishma not to call doctor, as Akshara has called. They praise Akshara again. Karishma gets Akshara’s call. She says show the file to doctor. Karishma says you tell this to mum, and gives phone to Devyaani. Akshara gives the message and feels Karishma acted rude. Naksh waits for his gift as day is ending. He gets a phone and jumps happily. He shows it to Akshara and Naitik, and says Lord gave me this gift.

Naitik saks where did you get it, its someone’s phone, not your gift. He says its my gift. He says we should return this. She sees a man looking for mobile and Naitik says its his, go and give him. Naksh gives the gift. The manager comes and says good news, your son’s name is in lucky draw and he got a gift. Naksh smiles and sees a pencil. He thanks him. Akshara says you got the gift. She says those who do good, good happens with them. Karishma says we will celebrate new year. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa ask her to ask Akshara and Naksh. Akshara, Naitik and Naksh come home. Naksh says I came back. Akshara says she was missing them so came back. Naitik says she wanted to celebrate new year with everyone. Naksh says it will be fun. Karishma feels sidelined and gets annoyed. Akshara looks at her.

Akshara gets Rukmani’s call and greets her. She is shocked and tells everyone that Nandini got labor pains and she is taken to hospital. Bhabhimaa asks how, its 8th month.

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