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Ranveer asks for the screw driver, she asks him to help her as it is very important for her. She sits in to peek inside, as he opens the nail. RV says either she do it, or let him do it. They both can’t manage it together. She backs up, while he again gets into opening the pipe. She looks inside again. She again puts in her hand as he removes the pipe. He empties the pipe to get the dove ring from it, she e elated to see it. He gets angry if this is it. She says yes. He says she lied that her papa gave it to her. She only know to create a drama out of everything and can’t complete anything without lying. She stops it by holding his hand and says she didn’t lie to him. This ring hasn’t been given to her by her papa, but his teaching are attached to this ring. He taught her to care for any gift that one gives with love, because the love associated to it is precious. She says his love is associated with this ring, and she will take care of it more than she will care for her life. She won’t let themselves go away, like she has saved the ducks today. She puts the ring on, and looks at him who was still staring at her and then leaves the washroom.
Pratik and Sharman were in the car. Pratik tells him he has changed the newpapers, Sharman asks if he is ready. Pratik comes to his changed get up. Sharman says he just have to change the newspaper, get his older newspaper and replace it with their new newspaper of Sheikh haseena. Pratik wears cowboy hat and goes to the house worried, Sharman points at him to hurry up. He changes the newspaper and runs to the car, hurrying her to leave soon. Sharman makes fun of him, Pratik says he just wants him to study the newspaper. Sharman says Chiraag only reads page three in the newspaper as he is only interested in these things, they hide to wait for him. Chiraag reads the newspaper, as he comes back from jogging.
There was an ad about a girl who is Abu Dhabi’s richess, and wants to marry an eligible boy in India. She considers India the most romantic place in the world. Chiraag says he is going to meet her today on the given address of the hotel. Sharman and Pratik gives a high five for the mission has got completed.
In the hotel room, Derwash asks if Parul is ready. Parul gets prepared and says she is ready to meet Chiraag. She is the personal assistant of Sheikh Haseena, while she presents Sameera as Sheikh Haseena. Ishaani comes and asks to assure Chiraag she wants to marry him. He will tell her that he was never interested in Ishaani. She was worried and asks if she will handle Chiraag alone. Sameera says watching her richness, he will be ready to marry her. Parul says now Chiraag would only speak what they would want him to. Ishaani says thank you to them, Derwash asks why is she getting romantic. He tells sameera about the camera adjustments in the room, not to get tension. They will observe her and will reach if there is some problem. He tells Ishaani to come to 302 as well.

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RV was coming from the front as Ishaani comes out of a room. They pass each other. She goes into 304 instead of 302. Ranveer comes to a room, where a girl waited for her. He says he has brought some clothes for her and hopes she likes them. He was in a good mood, and says he wish he could take her home but it isn’t the right time. There are preparations for the divorce of his and Ishaani, she places hand on his shoulder. He holds it and says with her with him, he can handle all this. He tells her she must never think it was because of her, the relation which started with lie had to face this all. He holds her with shoulder and says now he feels everything will be alright.
Some men talked about watching Sheikh Haseena, the boy said he saw her secretary who was giving 5000 as tip. The other boy said the waiter who gave her tea also brought a bundle of rupees. Chiraag comes there and hears this. The boys discussed she is really rich, and wanted to be choses by her. Chiraag laughs, and says they are here to marry Sheikh Haseena, not give an interview for job. The boy says to Chiraag that she wouldn’t appoint his as her servant only. Derwash hears this all.
Sameera was worried inside, Parul peeks out and watching Chiraag goes inside. She asks Sameera to get ready as Chiraag is here. They inform Ishaani as well. Ishaani hopes everything goes well. Derwash tells Chiraag that only he will get the Haseena not Chiraag. Chiraag says he isn’t even looking charming, she won’t even look at him. The boys have a good confrontation.
Sameera was getting nervous, Ishaani gets worried. Parul assures her that she is there and will take care of everything. Ishaani gets worried as well. She calls Sameera and tells Sameera to see her bad times with Chiraag and her changing times with Ranveer, she has to try for once. She won’t let anything bad happen to her.
Sameera hugs Parul and asks for the first suiter to be brought inside. Parul comes out, the men argues when Parul hushes them all. She says Sheikh Haseena wants to meet them all. She says to the two of them that their dress isn’t well, she won’t meet them. The boys leave. Derwash and Chiraag challenge each other. Parul points at Derwash that he must go inside first, Derwash says he will come married to her. Chiraag getes worried. Derwash and Parul cheers inside.
Falguni thinks she must talk to ranveer, he can’t divorce Ishaani this way. Nitin comes there, he says he needed RV’s signature, but got to know tomorrow is the hearing of their court case. Falguni pours everything to him, crying. She was worried and says RV respects him, he must talk to him and do something to save the relation. Nitin says she doesn’t need to ask him, he is also worried to Ishaani. They will both talk to him, he tries to keep hand on her shoulder but she backs up. He says Ishaani loves Ranveer, and she will get her right. This divorce will not take place.

PRECAP: Chiraag is ready to take Sheikh Haseena to court, on Derwash’s accusation and tell them there Ishaani is like his sister. They are all cheerful at this.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I think the mysterious girl who RV is talking to is shainella but when did she come out of coma?????

  2. Mr. Dinesh what’s your problem???????????????
    Don’t have any respect for Ishani’s love???? After all, she also loves Ranveer from the core of her heart.
    I don’t understand why most of the boys disrespect girls??????????????????
    Very bad.

  3. the best thing to move forward in this story is
    ritika marries rv and throw ishaani out.. many think ritika is -ve ,see, she is the one who let rv marry ishaani and she is so +ve get rid of sharman , actually he 1st interested in sameera and now changed to ritika f.. k off parekh family.. make it as triangle bwn ritika rv and ishaani..
    once again, the best thing that can happen to rv is marrying ritika… some may hate tis comment but it is the best option to move ahead or this dumb boring seqs ll be reptd..

  4. i hope the girl in question shld be ritika…

  5. watch new promo guyss 10 feb special episode 1hour…. Ishani want to give divorce to rv .. Ha ha yeh ho kya ra hau yr ..

    1. see promo for special 1 hour episode……ishaani give divorce to rv

  6. dat girl is ritika to whom RV is talking to….

  7. Aaj ke epi fast

  8. Whr z todays epi?

  9. Wll Anjali I respect women a lot. But I have no respect for the character Ishani or her love coz she is an oppurtunist!! Her love is fake. If it was real on Katwschaut night she wouldn’t have gone to Chirag; for whatever reason Chirag duped her,but that is not important than a woman’s first Karwachaut. She is just like Disha but maybe a softer version.

  10. And also blamed RV for Shanila accident. If she really had a doubt regd her father death, she should consult her mom first. But no right from her marriage day she is in double mind and entertaining Chirag. The groom running away from the marriage leaving the bride is enough for the bride to hate him for the rest of her life. But Ishani entertained Chirag that’s why I have no respect for Ishani. Poor RV think what a fool he made out of himself for loving trusting and marrying Ishani

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