Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode with Agam calling Nishi and telling that he is coming home with someone and asking not to tell mom about it. He asks Ranbir to come out of car and walk with him to Ragini’s house. Ranbir asks Pam if it is necessary to apologize Ragini. Pam says it is and says if he does not, Ragini will become great in Neil’s eyes and Neil will not marry Nivedita. She says she will accompany him and asks not to worry.

Agam enters Ragini’s house and sees family having lunch. He signals Sunny tai not to tell Ragini and silently goes and hugs Ragini. She asks if he took his dad’s permission. He says yes and has come with a surprise. Nishi and Jignesh feed him snacks. Ranbir comes in. Agam says Ragini he has come to apologize her. Ragini gets happy seeing him, but gets annoyed seeing Pam behind him. Naani greets Pam in and asks what will she have. She says she drinks green tea, and she is sure they don’t have it, so she needs sugarless tea without spices. Agam asks Ranbir to apologize Ragini. He slowly says sorry. Agam asks him to touch her feet and apologize. He touches Ragini’s feet hesitantly and angrily and says sorry. Ragini says it is okay. Nishi asks why is he apologizing. Agam says mom was always right and Ranbir wrong, mom asks Shilpa to change her statement and rescued Ranbir. Nishi feels guilty for misbehaving with her and apologizes her by hugging her and cries. Ragini says it is okay and asks her to calm down. Agam says she came very senti and takes her to room with Jignesh.

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Ranbir walks out asking Pam to come down. Pam starts her tongue lashing and asks Ragini from where did she learn this act of manipulating relationships. She says she plans the game and manipulates it, but everyone apologize her instead. She asks her to teach her the game so that she can get back Agam. Sunny gets irked and tries to confront, but Ragini stops her. Pam challenges Ragini that till Nishi marriage, it is Ragini’s turn and after that it is her turn and she will enjoy playing with her. Once she walks out, Sunny asks Ragini why does she tolerate Pam’s nonsense. Ragini says Pam has made her a favor by upbringing her children, so he tolerates her nonsense.

Pam comes down and asks Ranbir to get in. Ranbir asks Shilpa’s address and tells Pam that he wants to apologize her and walks out, leaving Pam irked. In Shilpa’s house, Arav angrily asks her why did she protect a person who made her accident. Ranbir comes there and Arav slaps her. Ranbir apologizes Shilpa.

Ragini is busy at work. Neil enters wearing a beautiful kurta pajama and meets Dr. Devika who is standing with Ragini. Devika asks if they can have coffee tonight. He says he loves coffee. She asks where to go and asks Ragini’s suggestion. Ragini looks at Neil angrily. Neil says they can have coffee at cafeteria as it has Aman’s personal touch. Devika says she just wants to have coffee with her. Once Neil leaves, Ragini asks why she wants to have coffee which Neil. Devika asks her not to be jealous and walks behind Neil. Ragini’s slipper breaks. Agam comes there and fixes it himself. Neil while having coffee with Devika gets jealous seeing Aman holding Ragini’s slipper.

Neil comes out and taunts Aman for fixing Ragini’s chappals. Ragini says he is among husbands who like help their wives. Neil taunts if he also helps in stitching, washing, cooking, etc. Agam gets embarrassed. Neil says he does not do what he is supposed to. Aman asks what. He says stitches. Aman says he cannot. Ragini says he should perform stitches. Nurse informs that a lady came with head injury. Neil says he should go and stitch her wound. Aman says he does not to involve in their fight. Ragini insists him to go head with procedure. Aman reaches patient’s room and indulges in unnecessary talk. Neil smiles standing in a corner. Ragini gets annoyed and asks Aman to stitch patient’s wound.

Aman takes anesthesia syringe. Patient falls unconscious seeing it. Aman says he cannot. Ragini holds his hands and encourages him. Neil sadly remembers their happy moments. Aman confidently performs stitches and gets happy/ He walks out to inform everyone. Ragini looks at Neil and smiles, and he walks out.

Neil comes out and sees Aman speaking to an idol that he did surgery confidently and she must be proud of him. He asks whom he is talking to. Aman says his grandma. Ragini comes there and Neil asks her to explain Aman. Ragini says these are emotions and he will not understand and thanks him for provoking Aman to perform stitching today.

Precap: Nivedita comes to hospital and asks Neil why did he call her here. He says he wants to thank her for taking care of her family well during their tougher times. Ragini hears that and gets jealous.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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