Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ritesh asks Mr. Mehra what is Tilak. Mr. Mehra tells him it is pre wedding ritual, brides family puts on tilak on groom and gives his wedding clothes. Mr. Mehra says Shekhar’s clothes will come from designer, what is the need to do such ritual. Bua says it is needed, and by rule it must be done at Dewarsh’s house. Chaitali says they don’t do this ritual, but Buas say they have to do Shekhar’s. Shekhar says they will do it here, but Ritesh says they will do the ritual at their home. Baa also invites everyone saying though their house is small but they will do everything possible. When they are about to leave, Ishaani asks Baa why so much expense. Baa says this is Ishaani’s part of happiness, she tells Ishaani to ask Kanchal and tell her what to prepare for. The butler gives Ishaani a parcel from Nitin Joshi.
Ritika comes to the room in a bad mood. RV comes behind and closes the door behind. Ritika was searching for clothes in cupboard. RV asks her to listen to him, and she doesn’t reply. He asks her to talk to him, he says he told her not to get insecure because of Ishaani but he can not let Ishaani go, he always find useless points so that Ishaani can’t marry anyone. He does everything for Ishaani, and what he is doing isn’t his loyalty in friendship. RV says this is lie, he doesn’t love Ishaani. RV says he promises he won’t ever come to Shekhar again. Ritika says but she has lost her self respect as a wife today. She says if he wants her self respect back, he must go with her to all their functions and will ignore everyone there. Only then she will get her self respect. She says they all think he loves Ishaani and wants to get her marriage break, so he must go there as Ritika’s wife and father of her child. She says he must apologize Ishaani, until he will respect Ishaani no one will respect his wife.
Everyone stood silent as RV comes there, Ritika asks RV to say it. RV says Hi to Ishaani, I am sorry. He says that he said a lot to her, ruined her image and self respect, tries to stop her and Shekhar’s life but today he says sorry to her for everything. He says they had some relation, he knows she doesn’t love him and has decided to marry Shekhar. He is marrying Ritika, they are all moving on; they have taken decisions of their lives and must respect these decisions now. He joins hands and says he has hurt them all too, they must forgive him considering a friend of Shekhar. Everyone was silent. Mr. Mehra says it’s ok son and comes to RV. He says in his age, a person learns after having made mistake. It isn’t important that he was wrong but important is that he has felt it; he says elders have to forgive children. He asks his children to forgive him too, they must enjoy the wedding to full. He says he is inviting them both personally to every function of Shekhar’s wedding. He blesses Ritika, but Shekhar asks for a minute. He holds Ishaani’s hand and says he has asked for forgiveness whole-heartedly but didn’t congratulate them whole heartedly for their wedding, won’t he? RV smiles and says I wish you a happy married life. Everyone smiles except for Ishaani.
Shekhar comes to RV, smiles and asks him for a hug. RV hugs him and says thanks God he isn’t an actor, couldn’t say even four lines with confidence. RV is moved at this recognition, Shekhar goes to greet Ritika, he says she is his old friend and he always pray for her. He says he wishes them both a very happy married life. Ishaani notices RV, as Ritika hugs Shekhar saying thanks. RV turns away angrily from Ishaani, Ishaani watches him look behind him again, at her.
Baa and Chaitali prepare for the Tilak. Baa tells Chaitali that it is all rented epuipment. Baa thanks God for everything going well. Dewarsh comes there and says they can never come equal to Mehra family. Baa says they are just being generous hosts to them, so that they don’t suffer with the pain we do. Dewarsh says it is done that today they will be insulted, because their reality can not change. Ishaani calls from the door that they won’t be insulted.

PRECAP: Shekhar asks the renter who sent him, this house won’t have to be evacuated. The renter says the new owner, Shekhar asks who is the new owner. RV calls, I am!

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Today’s episode was good but not as expected. Rithikaaa.. by crying itself she make RV dance to her tunes.. While Shikhar holding Ishaani hand Ranveer cant able to digest. It is clearly seen.. even though we know about Rithika from spoilers… still no such negative shades shown in the show.. day by day OMG..dewarsh is becoming worst greedy..Hope this shadi will also be cancelled.. waiting for Ishaani Ranveer patchup.. precap seems to be interesting .. want to see Ranveer reaction when he come to know that ishaani is not at fault.. enough.. cant wait more to know the truth.. hope in the upcoming episodes we get some nice scenes..

    1. ritika’s part has no any bad thing about it…..though we know about her from that promo(ages ago) and many of the spoilers, but directors are deaf to our pleas….at least to the audience, they can show few clues of ritika’s true colours….i even hate shikhar….yeah, ryt , me too want to c reaction of rv when he comes to know of truth..waiting for ishveer reunion..

  2. This z d most boring n useless serial

  3. dont u think writers that its too much dragging already??? y the same ritika drama again???? stupid dialogues from shikhar and jealous expressions from rv…..
    in the upcoming episode, rv will accuse ishani of stealing some of khandani jewels…ishani since knowing dewarsh involvement in it will take blame on her for protecting the marriage of dewarsh-krisha….again, tyag ki devi!!! ….. i also heard ishani and rv getting closer in a rain sequence but kabab mei haddi shikhar came there…….
    i beg u ishani at least for once u speak 2 rv that u have always loved him only…..that , i guess will have 2 benefits—first rv wont stay mute in front of ritika and second, ritika will get frustrated and commit some mistake ,,,thus, it will b easier to catch her red-handed…

    1. show will not move acc ur wish …
      its directed by me …
      all spolier n other are just false .
      shekar is father of ritika child n all r their plan

  4. may b tmrw ll b nice i think…..n aftr ishaani sangeet….serial may b gud..,,hopefully….i saw somever….hopefully it shld b gud…aftr dat…dan i cn see

  5. pls bring ishani and ranveer 2gerther we are waiting.

  6. Nice episode.

  7. This episode was no to so gud….directors plz audience ki v thodi sun lo..we want to see
    ishveer…shikhar rv k samne kuch jyada hi dikha rha tha…rv v to isshani se bht pyar karta he fir pata nai usko iss trh se negative kyou dikhya ja rha h…i jst hate this….

  8. Rithika stop it ur nonsense talk…wen he married u…nxt week i think our ishveer will be back…we wil wait and watch how ishaani bring out rithika truth infront of everyone..

    The upcoming episode of Meri Ashique Tumse Hi will show that Ishani asks Ranvir to focus on his and Ritika’s married life and not interfere in her and Shikhar’s life.

    Ranvir fails to show passion having dance with Ritika because he only loves Ishani.
    Ranvir tries to get romantic with Ritika after seeing ishani in the function.
    Ranvir gets jealous to see Ishani and Shikhar together while Ritika is upset to see Ranvir is not ready to accept her whole heartedly.
    Furthermore, Ishani finds out the culprit of Falguni’s death and real intension of Ritika.

    Ishani calls off her wedding with Shikhar and re enter in Ranvir’s life.

    Ranvir (Shakti Arora) is happy to get Ishani back in his life

    Ishani tells Ranvir that she is still his wife and asks him to accept her.
    Ranvir is happy to get Ishani back but he is tensed for Ritika who is also his wife.
    Ranvir will now face problem to manage between two wives where Ishani is his love and Ritika is his responsibility.
    Will Ishani gets successful to bring out Ritika’s truth in front of Ranvir

    1. Thanks kowsi, so nice to read this spoiler particularly, and this spl line “Ranveer is HAPPY to get Ishani back in his life”? wow.. some1hit fast fwd button, cant wait #IshVeer..

  9. waitting for ishveer

  10. Boring…waiting for good episode

  11. Ranveer will soon get to know about the truth that ishani did not steal the jewellery , And this will create a soft corner in ranveer heart for misunderstanding ishani . the duo will meet outside and will share a romantic moment together . but their cute moment will be interupted by shikar entry , where he will come and hug ishani . upon seeing them in such an intimate position , a heart broken ranveer will feel jealous and will start his weeding preperations with ritika . on source further revealed . During the Sangeet Cermoney ishani will accidentally come to know about ritikas true intentions and ritika being responsible for her mothers death .She will call off her marriage with shikar and will decide to reunite with ranveer claiming back her rights as ranveers first wife . though ranveer will be torn between two wives , intially he will be reluctant in believing ishani . it will be intresting to watch how will ranveer react when ishani come back to him

  12. Hi krishna ningal kannuril evidya?

    1. sorry aptha can’t tell …………………… ithu oru public website alle athukonda sorry dear ….

  13. OMG!! its dragging too much now.. waiting for IshVeer moments.. Nowadays feeling bored and irritated to watch this serial..

  14. waiting for Ishani-ranveer love moments,so make it fast.

  15. Very boring.too much dragging.we already know that what will happen in future but they don’t show us anything so it’s really boring.story is very slow.we are not interested to watch their marriage preparations.just timepass and stupid dialogues .really hate ritikas character.she has no right on Ranveer.ranveer should not listen to her and must not give her importance as she doesn’t deserve it.shekhar is not true lover of Ishani.he can’t take ranveers place.cant see Ranveer crying and sad .actually Ranveer must not accept Ritika at any cost.if Ishani wants to move on with Shekhar let her move on but he should not marry to Ritika atleast.want to see brave Ranveer .i can’t see him crying and always in pain.he deserves happy life.why cvs are spoiling his character?now he will accuse Ishani for jewellery stealing and again he has to say sorry after knowing that Ishani is innocent.why they are showing his character low.he is the powerful character of the show.we still have to wait a long for good episode and ishveer reunion.

    1. Yeah exactly if Ishani won’t a let she move onn but we don’t want RV to move onn,, let his aashiqui always live with him,,
      I don’t want his love to change for anybody,,
      But even now he only just by words accept Ritika coz his love is Not changeable.. Can’t imagin the hospital scene , how he held her hand,, but Ishani broke his heart in to pieces with her hate speech,,

  16. I have lost the interest in this serial now.before some time I was desperate to watch this serial
    But now just watching but no interest.they are dragging too much so audience will definitely lose their interest.

    1. You are absolutely correct

  17. Ritika unnecessarily give lecture to Ranveer and he listens to her carefully he must not give her attention.he should think they have just given her shelter as his papa died and she is alone and pregnant and she wants to take all advantages from Ranveer?and ranveer in anger accept her all wishes.shekhar must come to know that Ishani loves Ranveer not Chirag or anyone else then he will realised the deepens of their love.

  18. Ranveer could have said to Ishani that if she wanted to move on that’s fine but he won’t marry Ritika as it’s not his child.then they would have easily solve their misunderstanding.they could have talked to each other before taking any decision they were husband wife after all.ranveer knows Ishani thinks Ritika is carrying ranveers child why he did not try to clarify to Ishani atleast that sharman left her like this so he has accepted her with child?we watch this type of misunderstandings in Ekta shows only not in reality.its impossible.just nonsense hating each other ,jealousy etc etc

  19. Dragging pls stop this serial start Madhubala season 2

  20. Why ashique serial not came in aftnun 3.00instead of that worst tapki serial come I didn’t like it

  21. sahi h ye atki hue thapki hum log ko atka k rakh de iss se pehle 3:00 bje usse hta do n aashiqui ko la do..plzZz

    1. right we all want ‘matsh’ on 3:00 instead of thapki…atkeli

  22. episode was good but not reached our expectations .rv was expressions were excellent shekar character had lost rithika evil character was coming out slowly.
    but was now very interesting to watch because ishveer gone unite and new villan rithika true intentions were coming out in few episodes. when ishani was in jail when ranveer went to see ishani rithika didn’t questioned him but now why did she she was questing ranveer .shekar will be heart broken when ishani went to ranveer and know the truth that ishani had loved ranveer in the past . i am requesting woters not to make shekar also as a villian

  23. ishaani stop showing off and please try to talk once rv,,thanga mudila

  24. What Ritika spoke exactly is what RV is now,, that’s his position now,,
    Fans don’t misunderstand RV , the makers explain his position now through Ritika’s dialogues
    His love for Ishani cannot be predictable,,he find ways to see her , he is jealous that he cannot see Ishani with shiker,, that’s what he reacts this way wearing a fake mask saying that he is saving shiker…!
    This is Rv’s love

  25. Worst serial ev3r … totally nonsence

  26. really boring n i lost d interest in watchng dis damn serial! Inganeyum verupikaruth

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