Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,tiwari says tats so nice tat u r also going to manali for wat u r going and anita says tat I m going for my grooming classes oh tats such a good coincident I will see the scenary and u too and comes in vibhuti and asks anita y is she doing timepass here isn’t she going to manali and anita tells tat see what a coincidence even tiwari is also going to manali and anita says I will bring water for u and vibhuti asks tiwari this is already planned or u planned after knowing tat anita is going and tiwari says tat I need a break me anguri and ladu are going to manali for vacation and if u can then pls sit on my shop and I will give u 100 rs per day and vibhuti says no never I will not while anita comes and says tat vibhuti u don’t have work u can sit on his shop and vibhuti says no I will not and then tiwari leaves.
Vibhuti then thinks tat he has to do something to go to manali and then next day anguri stops the girl selling flower and asks her to give some flowers and comes vibhuti and asks anguri how r u and then anguri asks him how r u ? and vibhuti says I m fine and then the flower girl says where is vibhuti and anguri and she see down on road vibhuti is shivering in cold and anguri thinks tat may be by making smell chapals he will wake up she makes him smell nothing changes he is still shivering and then anguri calls tiwari and then they take him to room and call doctor he tells tat he is not well and his body has become very hot and then anita asks so wat is the medicine on it and then the doctor says tat he needs to be taken to some cool place like manali and then tiwari gets angry and says no need keep him in freezer he will be fine and vibhuti asks tiwari to stop making baseless comments and tiwari says tat he even has a fear of heights and we cant take him there and then vibhuti pinches the doctor and the doctor says tat he needs to be taken to manali and anita says tat I have taken a decision and vibhuti will be coming with us to manali and even anguri says its better to take vibhuti to manali and then tiwari asks anita to come aside for a min and tells her tat it is very risky to take vibhuti to manali and vibhuti shouts from inside tat I m listeneing and asks bahbhiji to pls ask tiwari to keep quiet.
Anguri comes out and says pls lets take him to manali we all will have fun and he will also get ok and anita agrees and tiwari in his mind says I wanted to enjoy with bhabhiji and u spoilt the plan and then anita says now we all will pack our bags and anguri and tiwari leaves vibhuti says he will packs his bags anita says u don’t u r not well and I will do it for u and he sleeps back and then doctor asks to give him his fees and vibhuti gives him some money and doctor says so less do u want me to tell anita about this act and vibhuti gives him more and doctor says thanks because of u and people like tiwari my life goes well and he leaves.
Anita is talking to his colleague on phone she asks him to confirm the manali program and call her back and anguri also is out and asks anita is she ready with her packing for manali and anita says yes she is ready and anguri says tat she is very excited as she is going to a hill station for first time and anita says wat tiwari never took u out and anguri says no I have only went to Kanpur and darbhanga station and anita says u r so innocent anguri u should order ur husband to take u out and anguri says tat she is not like u she is very emotional and tiwari comes out and asks anita is she ready to go and anita gets a call and she gets the news tat her grooming program has been shifted to Kanpur so need not go to manali and she then says tat her plan to manali is canceled and vibhuti comes and says oh my god so only me tiwari and anguri will be going anita gives him a look and vibhuti says he is not feeling well and he goes in.
Anguri calls amaji and tells tat they r going to manali for a vacation awhile amaji is cleaning a table and talking to anguri she says tat for first time tiwari is doing the right job and anguri says she would have been happy if she also would have come and amaji says wat will I do in between u and says tat I want a good news of baby wen u return and anguri then says tat she will hung up and asks tiwari tat has he packed everything and tiwari says yes and he in his mind says tat anguri how do I tell u tat we r not going to manali u will get hurt if I tell u directly so he plans something and he pulls the suitcase on the cupboard and it fells on him and he fells on bed and he says tat his leg got hurt comes ladu running and says so the manali trip is canceled and tiwari says wat is this boy he is worried about the trip and then anguri says trip is not important and asks him to bring balm and he goes .
Tiwari then goes and bangs anitas house door and she comes and opens it and asks him wat is wrong he tells tat a filled suitcase fell on his leg and comes in vibhuti holding his head in hand and anita asks wat happen and he says wat r u always asking me u know I m not well and going to manali and anita says ok go and then vibhuti asks wats wrong with this man and she tells a suitcase filled fell on his leg and then she goes and bring water for tiwari and then vibhuti says tat so only anguri and me are going to manali and tiwari says how will anguri go if I m not going and vibhuti says wat bad person are u cant u send ur wife on a trip and then he says u r going then take ladu with u and comes anita and tiwari says vibhuti is going so I asked him to take ladu with him and anita says ya tats not a bad idea and then she goes to drop tiwari till door and vibhuti thinks he needs to do something again.

Anguri asks the man outside the room to pls hang the towel at the door and it is vibhuti out he opens the cupboard and when lifts the towel he sees a diary and sees tat it is anguris personal diary and he takes it to home and starts reading diary and he hears a voice calling him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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