Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara waiting for Naitik outside. Naitik comes home and asks why is she standing outside. She says Bhabhimaa did not kick me out of home, I wanted to tell you that Bhabhimaa called me bahu today. He asks what, tell me whole story. She tells him everything. Sanju and Yash have icecream. The guy bumps to her and her clothes get spoiled. The guy says sorry and leaves. She says she won’t go to hostel to change and asks him to remove his shirt. She removes his shirt and goes to wear it.

Akshara says she cared for me and smiles. Naitik says I m seeing your happiness by this small miracle. She says yes, this was miracle. Sanju wears the shirt and Yash says its first time any girl wore my shirt. She says no guy wore my top till now and laughs. Varsha is glad seeing Ananya not eating chocolates and eating gajar ka halwa. Ananya says chill, Sanju taught me to put chocolates in halwa and eat. Shaurya says I knew this, who is this guy Sanju. Ananya says she stays in hostel, her name is Sanjana, very bad, I told you I will tell you if there is any guy, you don’t trust me. He says no, I trust you, call her at home. She makes him eat the halwa ladoo.

Bhabhimaa puts her feet in salty warm water. Girja says its swollen, she will call a doctor. Naksh says she listens to me and sees her feet. He makes her rest and massages her feet. He closes the lights and sits with her. Bhabhimaa sleeps. Naira and Mishti come to him. Naira asks what happened to her. Naksh says her leg is aching, we have one more way to get mum and her close and tells his idea.

Rukmani scolds someone on phone and says she will not bear this again, and argues with a lady over her grandson. Nandini says you know it was Anmol’s mistake. Rukmani says if I m adamant, what will you call your mum, forgive me if my words have hurt you, just think Naitik and Akshara are here, that house is incomplete without them, recall the days when they used to stay together, pain and annoyance are at its place and relations too, they came back and Bhabhimaa should acceolt them, and not hurt them, its good kids did not know this. Nandini cries.

Naira comes to Akshara and says Bhabhimaa’s foot is swollen, she has ache, and is sleeping now. Akshara gets worried and asks her to make Naksh massage her feet. Naira says he has some work and she can wake up if he goes. She asks about Naitik. Akshara says he is helping Naman in some work. Mishti asks does she not know. Naira says she knows and takes her.

They bring Akshara to Bhabhimaa’s room. Naksh signs Akshara to massage her foot and he has some work. Akshara goes inside seeing Bhabhimaa asleep. Naksh thanks her and leaves. Akshara sits massging her feet and smiles happily having got this opportunity to spend time with Bhabhimaa. Naksh and Naira are sure that they come closer and leave seeing Naitik. Devyaani comes and Naitik and she sees Akshara and Bhabhimaa. She says it means Bhabhimaa has… how. He says I don’t know, I m seeing Akshara happy after many years. She prays that this goes on always. Akshara feels sleepy and sleeps there.

Its morning, Bhabhimaa wakes up and sees Akshara. She gets a call from pandit. Naksh looks on and says does pandit ji had to call this time. Akshara leaves. Akshara touches her feet and looks on. Naksh says it started, good.

Mishti wakes up and says not so soon and runs to check bags and clothes. She says thanks, and Naman and Karishma ask what happened. Mishti says I felt Tau ji left, please don’t let them go. Karishma says house will get lonely after they go, Mishti will miss Naksh and Naira. Naman says you are right, if they go, she will get lonely, I don’t want my daughter to become sad. Naira plays with Mishti. Vishwamber asks Shaurya to let Ananya earn and value things. Shaurya says I know but she is there with us for few days, I want to fulfill her every wish.

Naitik massages Akshara’s hand. She says thanks, but this is not needed. He says it was not needed what you did yesterday. She says she is my mum, you did a lot for me, you went with me, this was my punishment and you also accepted it, why do you love me so much, sometimes I get jealous of myself. He says you also love me, she will get love from Bhabhimaa too, they are together and she told you bahu, she did not show annoyance, its good sign. She says she should forgive me, if she does not stop us. He says yes.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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