Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani recalls RV’s words that God knows everything and this is why he became rich and they became poor. She wonders whether they really did wrong? She then recalls Disha’s words and says Ranvir also didn’t do right thing, being best friend, he only loved her secretly. Had anyone else done that, then she would forget that, but she can never forget what Ranvir did. RV is taking revenge from person’s family who raised him. He is not worth of trusting. She further says as long as her family, Chirag are with her, RV won’t be able to do anything with anyone. She decides to tell everything to Chirag, but as usual he ignores her calls and she thinks he must be busy in meeting.

One of Chirag’s girlfriends asks when they will meet RV. Chirag says it won’t be easy, but he has shortcuts for everything. He tells about one of RV’s associates coming to meet him today. She asks what she will have to do. He says her usual stuff and just then RV’s associate, Punit, arrives. Chirag excuses himself to make an important call. His girlfriend talks and tries to get closer to Punit. Other hand, RV gets a message from Punit that mission Chirag has started. RV thinks Chirag loves to fly high, but this time, he will cut his wings such a way that he will fall down badly and he even won’t be able to walk on ground. He further says he will take revenge with everyone who did wrong with him. He gets Disha’s face in his mind, and then Baa.

Amba tells her husband to throw out his old watch and get a new one. Her husband says one should never forget their old time. This watch reminds him that one’s time can change at any moment. RV comes there and agrees with his dad. Amba tells RV that he made her very happy with the way he showed Parekhs’ real worth to them. RV asks her why she had to break Disha’s alliance. Amba says she needed to show them that it’s not easy for a girl to get married who has an accusation on her. She asks him if he doesn’t remember what she did with him and other family members. He says he remembers everything and he has already planned what to do with them. He tells her not to do anything like this again. When leaving, he tells his dad that he agrees money is not a good thing, but as long as they have, they should enjoy it. He says he will get a new watch for him and leaves.

Amba says to herself, she will listen everything that Ranvir says, but she won’t let him hear his heart as he has suffered many times in past because of his heart. She won’t let anything wrong happen to him now. Her husband tells her, she won’t let anything wrong happen to Ranvir, and he won’t let her do anything wrong. He leaves. Amba says she doesn’t know right or wrong, but she will make sure to take revenge from Baa.

Baa still cannot believe Ranvir became rich. She says she has seen a king becoming poor, but never a poor becoming a rich. Disha blames Baa for everything. She says she shouldn’t have listened to her 2 years ago. Baa gets shocked. Disha confesses everything that she did on Baa’s telling and that is the reason RV wants to take revenge from them now. (Someone seems to be hearing all this). Baa grabs Disha’s hair and says she saved her respect 2 years ago and now she’s blaming her for all this. She warns her not to open her mouth to anyone, otherwise when Baa opens her mouth, she won’t be able to show her face to anyone. She throws Disha on bed in anger.

Chaitali is shocked when she finds out about RV. Baa comes outside and tells everyone to find out how RV became rich. To make money, you need money as well and he didn’t have anything when he left. Devarsh, Prateik start thinking of illogical reasons. Sharman tells all that it was RV’s brain behind Harshad’s status. Harshad used to put money on stocks on Ranvir’s telling. So when he can make Harshad earn money, then why not himself? Chaitali takes Sharman to her room and indirectly tells him to become RV’s lawyer as no one becomes rich without doing anything wrong. Sharman cannot believe it and refuses it. They hear Baa screaming and go outside.

Baa is asking Falguni how she’s sitting to eat after so much happened today. She can’t even think about eating anything after insult that Amba did to her. Falguni is smiling and seems very happy. Baa says she knows why Falguni is happy. It’s because what she couldn’t do, Amba did that. She must have enjoyed it when Amba insulted her (Baa). Falguni says she is indeed happy, but the reason is something else. She takes Baa to a room with her.

In room, Baa asks her whether she’s gone mad. Disha’s alliance broke.. what kind of mother she is? Falguni says she cares about both Disha and Ishaani. They both will be married in a good house. Their days are going to be changed. Baa asks her whether she didn’t see Ranvir and Amba? They are hungry of revenge. Today they insulted them in house, tomorrow they may insult them in public. Fear is on Baa’s face. She says they won’t spare them. Falguni says, may be because Amba said so, but Ranvir was saying something else with his eyes. He has not returned to take revenge, he has returned for Ishaani. Baa is confused.

Baa laughs at Falguni’s foolishness. She asks why he would marry an illegitimate and poor girl after becoming so rich. Falguni says, destiny. Baa always wanted bad for Ishaani that she doesn’t get money or love from Harshad or family, but that didn’t happen because it was in her destiny. Today again, it’s her destiny that brought Ranvir back in her life. The house where Ishaani got love as a daughter, she will now go there being a daughter-in-law. Today when Baa saw Amba’s hatred, she (Falguni) saw Ranvir’s love (for Ishaani). He still loves her a lot. He won’t say it, but it was clearly seen in his eyes. Harshad was right that after him, it’s Ranvir who will make sure Ishaani doesn’t face any problem. Baa asks her if she forgot it was Harshad who got Chirag and Ishaani engaged. Falguni says they both also know very well that Chirag will never marry Ishaani. If anyone marries Ishaani, then it’s Ranvir, and she will make sure Ranvir-Ishaani’s marriage happens. Falguni leaves.

Falguni looks at Harshad’s photo and cries. She says he never made any mistake in identifying people. It was her who failed to believe in this sight of his. She’s now understanding all he used to say about Ranvir. Why he used to believe him more than her. She recalls listening to Disha and Baa’s conversation earlier about false accusations on Ranvir. Falguni says she is now remembering everything that Harshad used to say. She never told him, but today she will say him that she loves him a lot. She cries hugging the photo.

Sharman comes to Ishaani and gives her 25000 rs asking her to quit job at RV’s company. He blames himself for not being able to run the house. Ishaani tells him not to blame himself, it was her decision to work because she wanted to help out. He tells her to take another decision today then of not working there. If she doesn’t do that, then everyday she will have to see face of the guy whom she separated from her sight. He leaves.

Falguni says when someone leaves, his goodness stays behind. This is the reason that his Ranvir has returned to Ishaani. She thinks Harshad must have sent him so even after leaving them, he can take care of his family. She further says, he did his duties, now it’s her turn. She will have to rectify mistake that they all did. She will make Ishaani walk on the path which destiny showed her. Other hand, Ishaani looks at the money. She says destiny may have joined their paths, but she will never walk on it. She will give money to him and separate him from her path for forever.

Precap: RV tells Ishaani that from today company is hers and she will sit on that chair. She looks at him with anger. RV says, oops, from chair, he remembered that he moved out her chair thinking she won’t come, and he is soon going to get her desk moved. Ishaani tells him that she knows very well why he’s doing this. Just because they lose their case. She tells him to do whatever he wants, but she will never let that happen.

Update Credit to: Niki

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