Pavitra Rishta 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pari thinking Naren was with Ankita, so he saved her. She calls her goon and scolds him for failing to murder Ankita, says she will not give him money.

Kinnari sees Ashi and Vaishnavi playing cricket at home and scolds them. Savita hears that and asks her to behave well with children. Teju hires teacher for Ashi and Vaishnavi. Kids say teacher is very strict. Kinnari thinks strict teacher can punish kids more and says education is much needed for kids. Savita realizes her motto.

Pari asks Naren why did he go with Ankita, what if anything would have happened to him during cr’s brake fail. Naren asks how does she know about brake fail and if she is behind it. Pari says she heard it from Ankita and thinks herself that Naren is right.

Ankita looks at Naren from her cabin. Prashanth brings her tender file, but she is engrasped in Naren’s thoughts. She thinks Naren has a helping nature. She takes him to Ranvijay’s ICU room and says he used to love her a lot and is in coma because of him. She says Ranvijay is a very calm person and he cares his family a lot, but everyone’s lives changed with that accident. She says she spent 1.5 years with him and knows he cannot make accident purposefully and it was his mistake, but she is irked about his lies in court and asks him to do prayshchit of his mistake and accept his mistake in front of police, she will leave everything and will go from there. Naren reminisces Pari making accident and walks out from ICU room. Ankita sadly looks at Ranvijay.

Naren is disturbed about today’s incident. Pari asks why did not he sleep yet. He says he met Ranvijay today and he is in ICU. Pari asks if Ankita took him there and asks what happened. Naren says Ankita wants me to accept s mistake. She says he did not do that accident. He says he is thinking of accepting it, but thinks after case gets reopened, they will know the truth and catch you, which he does not want. He says Ranvijay was a good guy and he is in coma because of us. She says earlier also you took blame on yourself to save me and even today you took the blame. He says he loves her a lot. She says Ankita is emotionally blackmailing according to her plan to accept your mistake and asks him not to accept it. She thinks if he accepts mistake, police will catch her also.

Savita and family hears people’s shouting outside, goes out and says people if they have come for donation, she will give it. A lady says she does not want her donation. Another one says she wants to know her granddaughter’s illegal affairs and shows Ankita’s pic in newspapers and says Ankita is characterless. Savita gets irked and says she will slap her if she does not control her tongue. Another lady says she should have controlled her granddaughter instead of scolding us. Savita says she does not need news papers to prove her granddaughter’s innocence and starts scolding ladies again. Teju drags her inside home and says people are telling truth and shows Ankita’s pic with Ranvijay. Savita sees pic and gets sad while Pari and Neena smirk.

Ankita’s office staff start badmouthing about Ankita looking at the news and says rich girls just know to enjoy with boys. Once Prashanth comes there, they start taunting him. Prashanth says it is a fake news. Employee says his sister is characterless and another employee says people will question our character also, etc. Ankita reaches office and hears their comments. Once they see her, they stop gossipping.

Company’s board of directors say Ankita has to resign now as they cannot see their company’s reputation being tarnished. Naren says it is fake news. Another director says what he has to say about the pic. Naren says Ankita was about to marry this guy, but did not due to some reason. Director are adamant to get Ankita out of MD position. Ankita says she will not resign.

Precap: Ankita asks Naren to shop showing his fake concern and if he needs MD position, he can take it any time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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