Sinhasan Battisi 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja vikramaditya is seen doing pooja in river and their arrives godess who says to herself that she is so beautiful that he will lose his character the godess then in the boat starts singing songs and dancing to attract samrat but he does not notice her and the godess starts drowning and hearing her voice for help and jumps in river to help her but when he comes out he is surprised to arrive in a palace out of water he asks the godess that where has he arrived and she introduces herself as the queen of shringar lok and her name is priyanvadha
Priyanvadha asks her dasi(servant )welcome her to this raja replies that thanx for ur warm welcome and asks her to let him go to earth but then priyanvadh holds raja by tieing garland around him and takes him to rangmahal where one by one her dasi’s arrive and offers raja help after walking a few distance number of dasi’s arrive around him and start laughing and then arrives godess priyanvadha and tells samrat that she is in love with him to this raja replies that he is married and loves his wife and is loyal to her godess priyanvadha say to samrat that if she touches him he will forget his wife and fall in love with her samrat then challenges that he won’t lose his character at any cost and godess priyanvadha was surprised to see that how loyal samrat is to his wife
Into the old fort raja bhoj is happy to know that how raja vikramaditya is loyal to this godess of character replies that yet the test is not completed pf raja vikramaditya and then raja bhoj says that attraction is different and love is different, love is pure and permanent while attraction is temporary .love binds loyality and character of a person.
Raja vikramaditya is searching a way out to go to earth he arrives at the pool from where he arrived and thinks of finding a way out and arrives godess priyanvadh and hits raja with an arrow on his heart so that he can delete his wife and starts loving godess priyanvadha she then hits the second arrow on his forhead so that samrat will delete all his memories of his wife and the third arrow she hits samrat is the arrow of kamvasna which will make samrat loose his character and make him love the godess of priyanvadha
Godess priyanvadha starts thinking that the smile on raja vikramadityas face is signalling that he has changed and asks raja that why is he so far now his smile on the face clearly shows that he has forgotten his wife but then suddenly he takes a step back and raja reminds godess priyanvadha that his wife is shield that has protected him from her arrows

Queen chitralekha is seen talking to queen priyanvadha where priyanvadha is seen in different get up and she requests queen chitralekha to give her beauty and her face to her for a while and queen chitralekha agrees to it and rushi muni is seen thinking that there is some trap being placed and then queen priyandha is seen with rushi muni and queen chitralekha where queen priyanvadh is trying to say that she is queen chitralekha

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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