Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shanaila appreciates Pratik’s number. Daiwersh says he tells him the jokes. Pratik asks for Shanaila’s number but Daiwersh says he won’t send her. Shanaila stares at Daiwersh, then says she isn’t interested in his anymore. She tells him that her boy friend has arrived, and goes to the car. Pratik and Daiwersh were unable to see Chiraag, however.

Amba welcomes Ritika and Mr. Javeri. She asks Ritika about her fast, Ritika looks at RV. Amba brings Dhoklay for Mr. Javeri which Ritika looks at RV takes Ritika to show her the house. The staff asks Ishika to go for engagement ceremony, but she says she has work left.

Ritika thanks RV to save her, and says she isn’t used to telling lies. RV says she just have to hide the truth. The waiter brings RV a glass of juice, while Ritika takes immediately.

RV laughs, and takes her into the room. He takes a plate from the waiter, and forbids him to tell his mother. He takes Ritika into the room. Ishaani stood with the study in the same room. He tells her to eat as much as she wants. She says she is hungry. He says he thought she would eat the plate as well. He says he won’t take any responsibility if they get caught. She asks would he leave him alone. He says that if he keeps siding her, she might get habitual about it. Ritika says that someone would think they are doing romance together here. Ishaani appears. Ritika says Hi, while RV scolds her for interfering in his private talk, and says she must have told them before that she was here. She was about to leave. He tells her that he needs the file early morning, she should complete it before leaving. Ishaani thinks where to work, and thinks about going to store-room where she used to work in childhood.

Ritika says she didn’t know he is an angry boss as well. He asks is she thinking about changing his mind. She says he must tell him the whole story first. He says she is giving him surprises now.

Ritaish and Chaitali come to engagement. Ritesh says they are uninvited guests her but Chaitali says it is her student’s house. Chaitali says she is going to give speech in English here as well.

Amba repeats her speech in front of Chaitali. Chaitali asks her to say it without paper. Chaitali is worried to see Falguni and Baa coming there. Falguni says to Baa, that she must relax as they aren’t Amba’s guests. Baa says it is her own house.
RV’s dad looks at Baa and Falguni, and thinks RV must have called them. Mr. Javeri tells him that he invited Ansa and Falguni, he hopes they don’t have any problem. He tells him that he was a good friend with Harshad, he thought about inviting his family and goes to meet him.

Ritesh and Chaitali were shocked to see Baa and Falguni. He says he can’t show himself to Baa, or she will throw him out of the house.

Baa tells Mr. Javeri that hadn’t he been his invitee, she would have never come here. Amba says whoever the invitee is, they are guests at their house. Mr. Javeri says that he wanted blessings for his children. Amba says that they must not leave without having dinner. Mr. Javeri goes with some guest. Amba says she is happy that they came here. She wants them to see who RV is marrying, and tells them not to put a bad eye on her daughter in law. She calls the waiter to take care of them.

Baa goes to the temple to place a coin and some money in the temple. Falguni comes with her. Baa prays there, nostalgically.

Chaitali comes across Baa, her head covered. Baa says Amba’s servants are just like her. Amba asks Chaitali if she is running watching Baa and Falguni, but she can’t leave until she is done with her speech. Ritika stood with Amba, she introduces her to them. Falguni thinks this is she, but where is Ranvir. Amba tells Ritika that she is Ishaani’s mom- the girl who works in RV’s office. Amba tells them that she and RV selected each other so soon, and tells them they are marrying in 4 days. Baa says Ishaani is also getting married in next four days. Ritika says poor girl, she is. Amba says she is really poor. Falguni says that her daughter is conscious about her work, and wants a simple marriage. Amba says they can’t afford a wealthy marriage. Baa asks does she want something else as well. Amba thinks she also wants to meet RV.

Ishaani picks up her things, and thinks that she is done with her work now and must leave and maa and Baa must be waiting for her. She sits down again, thinking how do people fast, then thinks that now she will also fast for Chiraag. RV meets her in corridor. She tells him she mailed him the file and is leaving now. He says his mother wants his employees to attend the ceremony; she must stay and go after dinner. She says she is fasting, and can’t stay. He says she might not eat, but shall leave after the ceremony.

PRECAP: RV helps Ishaani lay in the bed. Falguni watches them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  3. anyways abt the epi it was super boring !!! rithika and rv are quite a cute pair just simply ♥ them …… a request plz DON’T drag this too much

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