Humsafars 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir scolding Anam for stealing someone else’s designs and showing them as her and says she should forget becoming VP and says he will make Zaki VP instead. Anam scolds her puppets for giving her old designs and asks where did they get them. They say from internet. She asks them to get the one which Sahir has not seen. Arzoo calls Avlira and informs her about Sahir throwing Anam’s designs. Alvira asks her not to worry and says Sahir is very kind hearted. Anam hears that and asks if she was hired to spy on her and asks her to be in her limit.

Alvira calls Nausheen, says she knows about her illness and asks her to come and stay with her in Mumbai. Nausheen says she already helped her a lot and gave work to Arzoo and says she cannot come leaving Daadi and her daughters. Alvira says she will send everyone’s tickets and insists her to come. She turns back and sees Gurti ugly apa standing there who asks why is she favoring Arzoo. Alvira says it is none of her business. Gurti says she will find out the secret.

Anam reminisces Sahir’s insult. She calls inspector and says if he needs to get into page 3, he has to raid rockstone club. He says he will leave right now. Anam’s secretary asks Arzoo to meet their client at Rockstone club. She leaves. Anam gets happy seeing that.

Zaki gets a call from his constable friend who informs him about club raid and asks him not to go there today. He thanks him and says he will meet him in a day or two. He then calls Arzoo who informs him that she is going to rockstone club. He tries to stop her, but her phone get out or reach. He hurriedly rushes towards the club. Arzoo gets near club and sees men trying to sell he con**m and gets afraid. She enters club and sees inebriated girls and boys dancing wierdly. She asks bartender about client Santosh. He asks if she needs large or small glass. She thinks she has to get out of the place soon. Zaki reaches club and asks Arzoo what is she doing. She says she came to get Sayyara’s labels from client. He tries to take her out, but inspector arrests them. Zaki and Arzoo tries to explain inspector, but he does not listen to them and drags them into van.

Inspector gets Arzoo and Zaki to police station. Zaki says he is Sahir’s brother and wants to speak to him. Inspector agrees. Zaki calls, but his phone is out of reach. Inspector gets a call from his superior, informs constable not to leave anyone and runs towards superior’s house. He calls Anam and says he did her work and arrested everyone. Gurti informs Anam that Alvira called Arzoo’s family and they are coming in the morning. Anam says it is good, let them see Arzoo behind bars. Gurti says we should inform Sahir. Anam says Sahir does not pick phone on Thursday night and Zaki also goes missing every night. She says let us enjoy the drama now.

Inebriated girls start misbehaving with Arzoo in lockup and ask constable to get her out of cell. Constable sees parent’s name missing in Arzoo’s entry and asks to fill it up. Arzoo says she has a guardian here Alvira Chaudry and gives her name. Constable calls Avlira, but she is fast sound sleep and does not pick her call.

Precap: Sahir bails out Zaki but does not Alvira saying he cannot bailout a stranger.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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