Laut Aao Trisha 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Laut Aao Trisha 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer gets a call from Varsha who asks him to gift her diamond earrings. He says he is her patient and not husband and can gift her hand cuff. She says how borning and invites him for diwali feast. He says he is busy and will not come. She acts as not listening to him and says she will come with food whereever he is tomorrow. Abhay comes and informs that Prem’s postmortem report is not yet back, but he found hair strands in the vain and it is Trisha’s. He says Amrita will get a ransom call and we can trace and follow it. Kabeer says we cannot wait for only that chance and says we should start all over again.

Sonali calls Lavanya and informs her about Amrita arranging ransom money and says even goons tried to snatch money, but they could not. Lavanya laughs and says Amrita’s fate is with her and let us wait until it leaves her. Kushan hears her conversatio and asks if she was behind Amrita’s attack. She says she is not. He says he knows what she is and says she would have arranged money from company’s account, says if she knows her children are arranging money. She says Amrita has her husband to take care of her. He says Amrita did not think once to help you and your children, that is the difference between her and you. Once he goes, she starts shouting that she hates amrita and hopes Trisha does not come back and this diwali is darkest diwali for her.

Kabeer recalls the whole incidents happened till now since Trisha is kidnapped and thinks whoever the mastermind is is playing a game with us, he must be knowing that we are tapping Amrita’s phone and will try to reach her via some other way. Abhay asks if they should inform everyone about Prem’s murder. He says no and says if kidnapper will know about this, he will not come to get ransom money.

Amrita reaches home devastated with money. Gaurav asks if she is alright. She tells goons attacked her while bringing money. Sonali asks her why did she risked her money and says she would have let go money. Amrita says Trisha’s life is important than her life and she cannot let money being stolen. She says if money is safe, Trisha is safe and will come back.

Kabeer’s officer informs him about Amrita being attacked. He asks how is she. She says she is okay. He calls Amrita and asks if she is fine. Amrita says these questions are not related to Trisha and asks him not to show his fake concern, asks him to call only if it is related to Trisha, else no.

Pratik is still with Neha. He switches on his mobile. She asks him why is he switching on at night. He says he is Sawika group’s CEO and may get many message, says Amrita is so egoistic that she did not call him at all. Neha thinks Amrita called and messaged him many times, but she deleted them, says soon she will get Amrita out of his life and become Swaika empire’s queen.

Amrita while arranging money writhes in pain due to injury. She imagines Trisha there who asks if she is feeling pain. Amrita says this pain is very less compared to the happiness that you will be with me. Trisha asks her to sleep now. She says she will not get sleep. Trisha on the other side reminisces her last diwali’s celebrations where Pratik likes her diwali dress and Gaurav/sonali praising her. She thinks she will wear whatever dress Amrita brings. Kidnapper’s goon gives her water bottle. Trisha says this is the last time she is troubling her. Goon smirks.

Kabeer explains his team about his plan and says we should keep an eye on Amrita so that we can see what kidnapper does.

Pratik gets a call from his secretary that someone sold his company’s shares in half price. Pratik asks to check who it is. Amrita says she will prepare Trisha’s favourite food. Servant asks her to rest. Amrita says how can she and says in some time, Trisha will be with her.

Precap: Kidnapper releases Trisha and kidnaps Amrita instead.

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