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Itti Si Khushi 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gayatri comes to Aman’s room and he is taken aback to see her. she looks at the thread next and he holds it tightly but then lets go of it. she closes the door again without saying anything. She recalls how she had made him promise that he will never play cricket again. she looks at his room all worried. Aman is sad as he holds his bat. He puts it back in the bag.

Shagun says I felt so humiliated today. I felt like hiding somewhere. What will she think of me! how am I living. You dint have 4k in your account. She will go and tell everyone. They will make a mockery of me. he reasons that not everyone is rich. Our conditions are different. Things are not good at home. There comes a phase in life, you sometimes have money and sometimes you don’t. Shagun retorts that they have never have any money. Why this happens with us all the time? Look at them. they are living such a lavish life. They are doing good business and are even staying in a five star hotel. He gets angry as she always talks about money. She says it is important for life. He replies that if money is more important than husband and family then she made a very big mistake by marrying him. shagun looks at him in shock. She wipes her tears and opens her cupboard as they hear a knock.

Neha brings a sleepy Suraj inside. She puts him on the bed. Shagun thanks her. he was tired. Neha says he looks so cute when he sleeps. She tells Shagun that she shouldn’t have worn this saree. This colour doesn’t suit you. Sandeep says Shagun’s friend complimented her on the saree. Neha nods. Bhabhi is beautiful but the saree is ok ok. Shagun shows its design to her. they even told me to wear this on Akku’s engagement. Neha shakes her head. wear something else and return this saree. Shagun denies. your brother has especially bought it for me. it costs 8k. Neha is surprised. A saree of 8k? The money was wasted. He nods. I bought such an expensive saree. Maybe all this wouldn’t have happened if I had not brought this saree. He too offers to return it to the shopkeeper but Shagun doesn’t want to return it. neha reasons that 2 sarees can be bought in this much amount. Why don’t you want to return it? shagun replies that its a gift. There is a meaning behind gifts. I like this saree and its colour. Its our favourite colour. Neha smiles as they both look at each other sweetly. Sandeep wonders what about the humiliation that she had to face today. she says the saree is way more important than anything else. Your gift is very important for me. for him her happiness is really important. Neha turns to go. you can sort out our your own plus your fight is still pending. She winks at her Motu Bhaiya and they both end up laughing. They both apologize to each other and make up.

Next morning, Neeta wishes Akku a Happy Diwali and calls her bhabhi. Akku feels shy. The engagement will happen after 3 days. Neeta is happy that their doubts are clear. Akku is still a little tensed but Neeta talks all positive. We are coming to your house tonight. We will celebrate to the fullest. Akku nods. The whole house is so alive today. I will send you my saree’s pic. Tell me which set will look better with it. Neeta agrees. Everything will suit my bhabhi. They end the call. Akku is all smiles after wards.

Gayatri knocks at Aman’s door. she gives him silent treatment. She sits inside to talk to him. since past few days I can see that you have changed. Your mind is somewhere else. He declines. he is worried to see the ball outside. Gayatri says I have never said much to you about your father. You were quite young when he left us. I had seen him chasing the dreams which never fulfilled. He lost to life and only the incomplete dreams were left behind. Earlier I too had supported him in his dreams but I tried to stop him a lot when I came face to face with reality. But he wanted something else from his life altogether. His dreams were too big, just like Kartik. Neither could I understand his dreams nor could he make me understand. Aman puts a comforting hand over her shoulder. She has been worried since yester night. I feel as if you might start dreaming again just like your dad. I have handled the circumstances somehow but I am feeling scared that things can go out of control again. He feels bad to see her thus. He shakes his head. it isn’t like that. Everything is just like it was. I have made a promise to you and I will stick to fulfilling my responsibilities. Don’t worry, trust me. he puts his head in her lap and looks at the cricket ball. She too is in tears as she caresses his head. he thinks of Neha’s words.

Shagun’s mom calls Shagun. She tries to know what happened yesterday. Did you both fight over money again? I know things have been tough for you since Neha’s illness. Now that she is back you have double responsibility. Shagun suggests talking to her in the evening over dinner. Her mother doesn’t look so unconvinced as they end the call.

Neha is amazed to know that no one makes earthen house anymore now. Her family members try to tell her that grownups don’t do stuff like that but she stays put. I shouldn’t do things that make me happy just because I have grownup? No one is ready to go out to get some mud for her so she and Suraj team up for the task. Anand remarks that without earthen house Neha’s Diwali is just like it was for us in those 12 years. Sunita nods. The house feels so alive after so long. All the elders sit down to make preps. Neha and Suraj march toward the courtyard. Neha wants to make flower garland and rangoli too. You elders can do your boring work we don’t care. They march out shouting left right left.

Aman was going out to set the lights. He accidentally steps on the rangoli which Neeta was making. She wonders where his mind is. He sits down to help her. she can see that he looks worried. I am noticing you from last two days. It looks like you are thinking something. Are you worried regarding your engagement? He says I am not sure. Don’t know what’s happening to me these days. Being a sports person we always play any game thinking of giving our best shot. But nowadays I don’t know why I am thinking what if I lose. She gets confused. He is not able to figure out some things. Till yesterday I felt that whatever’s happening is right. It should happen this way only. But now I feel scared thinking what if I am doing it all wrong. She asks him straight away his engagement with Akku. He repeats Akku’s words. I become a different person in front of Neha and maybe she is right. Neeta asks Aman directly if he loves Neha. He looks at her in shock initially but then says I don’t know what love is. I have never felt it. he smiles as he thinks of Neha. I only know that when she is in front of me I keep smiling. I don’t know what it is in her. even I cannot take care of myself the way she does. She takes me back to the time when I was really happy and I used to see dreams. I become the old Aman (of12 years ago). I like all that. She is my good friend. Neeta observes him keenly and worriedly. He is distracted by some noise and stops talking. He gets up to fix the lights. She tells him to think one more time. I want to see you happy. he assures her that there is nothing to worry. He asks for Kartik and gets to know that he has gone to his friend’s house. She suggests him to go to Akku’s house to give sweets as she has to help their mom in kitchen. He leaves. She thinks finally Bhaiya has confessed what’s in his heart. Neeta can see that his brother has fallen for Neha. He himself has not realised it yet. Akku was right. But what do I tell her now?

Neha is making a house out of thermocol this year with Suraj’s help. He thinks about their crackers. She talks for bursting a few crackers which make less noise. Dogs get scared because of the bombs. He agrees with his Ninni Bua. She goes inside to bring stickers.

Aman comes there and notices Suraj who tells him about his Ninni Bua’s house with an ice cream parlour. Aman smiles. She always makes it. neha stops Aman when he walks towards her house. You cannot ruin it. he asks her why would he do that. She says you have done that a lot in the past. I had to make it twice always. I don’t trust you in this case. She tells Suraj how Aman and Motu Bhaiya used to burst this house using a bomb. He laughs thinking about it. she calls him arrogant. You haven’t said sorry to me till date. Suraj runs inside to ask his dad to bring bomb for him too so that he can put it inside the house. Neha looks at Aman pointedly. He stops smiling and apologizes to her. she looks at him mouth wide open and even pinches him. she laughs. Captain Aman Goyal said sorry to me for the first time in life. It is ok, you are forgiven. Come help me. She gets back to her work and he too sits beside her. a cute song plays as Aman keeps smiling as he looks at Neha. Aman continues to look at Neha with a big smile. She too is smiling but feels shy as he continues to look in her direction sweetly.

Precap: Aman cannot stop looking at Neha as she celebrates Diwali by bursting crackers. He tries to do something to her house and she runs towards him so as to stop him. he is shocked as she slips over something.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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